Gradually, Then Suddenly | Collapse Indicators All Around Us

What we fear seems to be inevitable. Nations around the world are on edge.. the food shortages are increasing. Financial markets are throwing off warning signs. WWIII seems to be unfolding as we watch the news.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

How do you go bankrupt Gradually then suddenly that was Ernest Hemingway and his insight into how Things collapse particularly someone's Finances but we're talking about Something bigger we're talking about the Global economy and particularly the Pax Americana or the Peace of America Because the United States is sole Superpower status we've been able to Avert any kind of large-scale world war Since World War II But that seems to be coming to an end While we averted the Cold War from Turning into a hot War it looks like the Rising power over in the East is not Going to go by peacefully the transfer Of power from the United States being a Single polar superpower to a multi-polar Equals Is not going to be very peaceful when This kind of transition happens it Usually is a large-scale war And while we keep saying we're on the Brink of we're on the brink of we're on The brink of and it could happen Suddenly that's kind of the nature of The beast when you look at World War II It was like inevitable looking back at It but at the same time it was like When's it going to start Many people don't think about this but September 1st 1939 German tanks rolled across the Polish

Border and the UK and France declared War That was over two years before the United States got involved in the war Over two years So it's kind of like seeing like this This disconnect between Well we're still at peace But yet we keep hearing bad things are Happening out there and then it just it Took that Pearl Harbor attack before the United States suddenly said we need to Do something about this and then if you Go back even further there was so much Leading up to even the invasion of Poland there is so much leading up to That and you go back to World War One Same kind of thing everyone thinks about Archduke Ferdinand got uh shot in Sarajevo right And that triggered World War One But what about two years earlier In 1912 In October October 8th Montenegro And launched an attack on the Ottoman Empire which is modern day Turkey sort Of Bulgaria and Serbia joined the fight Weight Serbia aren't they the guys that Assassinated Archduke Ferdinand and the First First First war

There And then they had a second war over the Balkans the first Balkan War the second Balkan war and then arguably as they Some people will call it the third Balkan War as World War III because Basically the third Balkan War just Pulled everyone into it But it was already going they were Already invading each other and fighting And everything like that starting in 1912. But everyone kind of said oh well it's It's not gonna be the big one it's not Going to be no it's it'll be okay it'll Be okay we're not really on the edge of The precipice and then suddenly in 1914 Everything collapsed in a matter of less Than a month so June 28th Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated July 28th Basically all uh a large large number of The powers started jumping in Um so the alliance is formed and they They issued the ultimatum to Serbia uh Which on July 28th they basically Rejected and that's that's how fast it Went one month went from peace to war First Balkan War second Balkan War if You're paying attention you say this Isn't resolved and there's more and more People and more and more people out at Stake here of course Italy invaded North Africa before the Balkan Wars even Started so I mean there's always this

Lead up to it and there's this sense of Inevitability to it all when you look Back over history and when you look back Over history Coming back to the present day you're Going to see that the conflict between The United States And and the the Brick countries is just Inevitable We just saw this first shot go across The bow uh over in Italy They they lost internet connection For five hours a massive Cyber attack Allegedly Um Reuters is out there saying well There's a massive Cyber attack but it Was unrelated to the fact that 75 Percent of Italy lost internet for five Hours Right right okay so what did the Cyber Attack do what was this ransomware that Attacked servers And you're saying it didn't correspond With the thing that happened at the same Time That had the effect of Friends This was a sophisticated Cyber attack Not by cyber criminals This is a state level attack There's all this Weaponry being slated To go to Eastern Europe and I'm going to Be talking about that this afternoon at The two o'clock video

At length what's what's what's going on Because uh more things have been Authorized to go And all these Weaponry is heading to Eastern Europe And suddenly Italy has a massive Cyber Attack And we also have other things happening Around the world that is just the Escalation is happening and we're taking Step after step after Step At what point Does this all collapse Because friends I remember distinctly When I started hearing about this thing Happening over in Dragon country this Some people getting sick and stuff I started tracking in December And nobody had heard about it I started Kind of paying attention to it and then When I started seeing what they were Doing over there in response to in January obviously like this is a big Deal They're saying the contagion rate was Just off the charts that that even Though they're wearing protection and Everything like that just everybody was Getting it people in full Um kit inside the hospitals we're Getting it Um that kind of tells you that this Thing is not really something that's Going to be stoppable and when we start Seeing some cases in the U.S it was just

Like You just draw the line out see the thing Is most people don't have the time don't Have the the the the Knowledge the general scope of things to To draw the dots out because most most Of the time it's not really useful to Draw out the dots They just kind of go along with the flow Because they'll find out when everyone Else finds out I remember I was at the Grocery store Buying everything I needed and uh And It was it was a week week and a half Later that the orders came down And everyone lost their minds I remember Actually when I was at the store loading Up my car I was like Why isn't anyone else here doing this Like this is and I got to the checkout And then there a couple people were like Looking at me like a little weird and I Was just like I was not nearly as Prepared back then as I as I am now but I was like I need to buy a couple months Of food because I don't know if I'm going to go back to The store And because I saw what was happening Over there in Dragon country I'd connected the dots and a week and a Half later everyone lost their minds I I I remember talking to my parents and I

Said I'm at the store doing what Everyone will be doing next week or the Week after friends I I don't have a crystal ball to tell You what week or what month will go from Peace to World War But I think things are lining up that it Will move from peace to World War very Quickly and here's the thing It's not going to take weeks for the Troops to get from one end of the planet To the other Well the weapons we have today Take minutes to hours to travel Vast different distances Civilians Far Behind Enemy behind the Front lines are Are part of the battle And our targets our legitimate Targets In today's thing if you're near a Military base even though you may be in The continental United States you are a Target Maybe not a intentional one but you are At threat you're in danger By your proximity to these targets the United States military is much more Susceptible to attack Then people give it credit for Uh the development of hypersonic weapons These weapons can cross from outside the Air identification Zone in Canada to Over our launch sites over our nuclear Missile sites the ones that may have

Just been scanned by low altitude Lidar That the geography mapping that is Extremely extremely accurate that can Detect any kind of bumps can go through Vegetation Needs to be done at low altitude by Something slow moving like A balloon that's we use balloons to map Out Mayan ruins underneath the jungle Canopy down in uh Down in Central America that's what They're doing and uh suddenly a blimp Comes floating across you know and People are like well they could do all That stuff from satellite no they can't You can't do that stuff you can't do That mapping from up from that high up You had to come down really low and you Have to go really slow across the ground In order to get that type of mapping And you need that extra extra Detailed mapping if you're going to have Hypersonic missiles skimming the Earth Uh you don't want them running into Anything As they come down from Canada like kind Of from where that Exactly where that balloon tracked from Actually Those missiles would be able to get over Our nuclear sites in uh last time I Calculated the northern missile sites Could be over uh have the Hypersonic

Missiles over them in 12 to 15 minutes And they don't have to be nuclear Weapons all they have to do is just Loiter over top of our missile sites and This is the this is the situation where We live in where we can go from peace Shopping like there's no tomorrow and Just getting your Grub Hub and getting Your your deliveries from Aldi and Walmart and and Whole Foods to hours Later the world has changed and we're Not talking about some of the ships in One of the military bases being attacked But maybe all of the military bases Being attacked simultaneously that's That's how opening Salvo of world war Today will look massive Cyber attack Takes down the Grid at the same time we Have a massive swarm of uh missiles Coming in that take out our nuclear Facilities That's what World War III could look Like it could be over in 60 minutes We could either have won or lost In a matter of an hour And if we do a Counter-Strike but then Again you ask the question can anyone Really win Well the people that were up against Seem to think that they can win And that puts us in a lot of danger Because when you're on the team that Knows that it can't win And you're up against someone who thinks

They can Um someone who's innovating someone Who's designing new weapons in order to Win and we're just trying to not lose Friends uh it's like it's like we're on The wrong dodgeball team okay we're on The the tug of war team and we're Getting pulled towards the edge and the Balance of power in the world is Shifting The United States has squandered its Wealth On luxuries And graft And and and giving money away to Everybody on the planet And refusing to defend itself We defend everyone on the planet but we Don't want to defend ourselves We have some very real threats on the Horizon And How how will this collapse happen how Will Global Peace collapse Slowly gradually And then suddenly Friends that's why we say be ready Because your trip to the grocery store Could be your last Um you don't know what's going to happen Next week The week after when craziness hits the Grocery stores when everybody runs those Stores you probably don't want to be

There When the cough cough hit I didn't go to the store I was already Friends are you ready Because I don't know maybe you got another six Months maybe maybe you got another year I don't know Maybe you got A week Maybe you got a couple days There's a lot going on in the world There's a lot of things moving but the Inevitability of the crisis is written Out in large letters as plain as day to Anyone who will connect the dots Friends [Music] We're just going to have to survive the New normal whatever this new normal is Going to be like We're gonna have to survive it some Won't survive it that's that's the Nature of the Beast you know people pass Away in hospitals every day from from You know coincidences and such but You know there's there's an shcf Happening every day for individuals People are having crises all around us Every day but societies have these major Crises People got through the Great Depression They had to adapt and change their

Lifestyle significantly to do so and we Will probably have to adapt and change Our lifestyles significantly to get Through what's coming as well all right Folks if you found this video useful or Helpful you might want to check out this Other video from me right here I'll see You over there or I'll see you later Steve Poplar out

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