Here it Comes… Are You Ready? | Second Great Depression 2023

BLS labor report ( jobs report) just came out this morning and it is full of indicators that we are slipping back into a recession that will most likely turn into a depression due to the high inflation. What can you do to protect yourself from Financial Crisis?

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Are we at a Tipping Point right now with Regards to our economy in the Western Countries it might seem to be yes all Right folks welcome back to Poplar Preparedness so glad to have you with us Um are you ready for what's coming we Just got this report out this morning And the markets are responding to the Anticipated uh Bureau of Labor Statistics Um jobs report and uh for the most part It seems to be a rather positive uh Reaction to it but as we jump into the Numbers here and see what's actually Going on with the U.S economy the Answers are going to be a little Different definitely different if you Have an objective mind Bureau of Labor Statistics uh oftentimes Shortened down to BLS but I prefer to Shorten it down to BS because that's Basically what they do they have claimed Over 2 million extra jobs created in the Last year because of course they did Even their own numbers contradict those Numbers and yet that's still what Everyone's going off of as we dig into The numbers a little more you're going To see more and more discrepancies here And see where things really are so Supposedly we added 223 000 jobs and of course most people would Consider that and say well that's nice At 223 000 new people have jobs or

People who are looking for work now have Jobs but the answer is that's not Exactly what happened First off when you start diving it down Into this kind of segmentation where you Say well how many of those are full-time Jobs versus how many of them are just Part-time jobs and how many of these Jobs because they break it down are Actually going to people who already Have a job so they're taking on another Job so a full-time person is taking on a Part-time another part-time job or Someone who has a part-time job is Taking on a second part-time job Yeah What's it look like then well it looks Like this Full-time jobs down one thousand wait I Thought we were up 223 000 now Down one thousand Up 679 000 for part-time jobs Wait so we just added a whole bunch of Part-time jobs yep And people who have more than one job People have two or more jobs Up three hundred and seventy thousand So what you can see here is that we Didn't really just bring new people into The workforce what we did was we Brought in a few people who weren't Working part-time and what we did was Mostly we just

Had people who have multiple jobs Already taking on another job People who already have a full-time job Taking on a part-time job just to make Ends meet Does that sound like a good thing to you Or a bad thing to you let's go further And go into the numbers here So Wages per hour So the amount per hour you get overall On average across the United States Actually went down in December So people were making less per hour even Though the prices on everything went up Right So everyone's making less per hour and Then They worked overall Less hours So Here's a here's a riddle for you if you Have a full-time employee 40 hours a Week you fire that employee and you hire Two employees working 10 hours a week Okay 40 hours down to 20. and you pay The 20 uh that you pay the two Part-timers less per hour is that good For the economy or bad for the economy If you're the stock market if you're all These people kind of keeping all the Craziness going you'd say that's great We got more jobs Maybe maybe Walmart can fire more Full-time people and hire more part-time

People Because that's exactly what's happening Walmart is cutting people's hours moving People more into full uh into part-time Out of full time And moving people and reducing people's Benefits I mean we all know that Full-time jobs with benefits and Everything like that are much better Than part-time jobs their hourly wages Right With no 401ks no medical plans no Nothing right And that's exactly where we're going as The United States is that we're losing Full-time workers and we're gaining more People who have to work two or three or Four jobs just to make ends meet And that is not good for our economy so That's just kind of like the the BS That's coming from the BLS to us all Not to mention the fact that they Overstated Total wages and total uh jobs by over 2 Million so there's two ways of doing it You you project Um based on what the employers are Saying to you of how many employees they Have and you're kind of figuring things Out that way and you have to add some Estimates and you add some seasonality To that and that's where you come up With the jobs number The BLS also actually just goes out and

Surveys average Americans and says well Are you working how many jobs are you Working And you know what this number over here 2 million less than this number over Here There's a lot of seasonality and Estimates that go into that number right There and they keep adjusting it Downward when nobody's looking they Adjusted the December numbers down When no one is looking just today They keep adjusting things downward And we're not supposed to notice What we're looking at right now if you Look at the real numbers you see us Sliding into recession again I say again Because we were in recession earlier Last year Technically Like by the definition of the word we we Pulled back out a little bit sort of and Most that was just because the Government just spent a whole bunch of Money Bunch of other people's money really When it comes down to it just because The government prints lots of money and Spends it on all their weird Psychotic priorities Doesn't pull us out of recession The economic engine of the United States Is the businesses the small businesses The employees the people working for

Private entities The Federal Reserve printing extra money And the and the federal government Spending all that money like it's uh you Know Reverse Santa well that's not exactly Helpful to the economy and it's not good For the long-term situation either And they spent just enough money to kind Of Pop those numbers positive and we're Looking at those numbers Going back down again and we're seeing The the private economy just falling Apart and that's what we're we're seeing With the employment numbers It's not good folks There are massive layoffs coming Sooner or later the Market's going to Figure out what's going on and it's Going to adjust downward there goes a Whole bunch of people's retirements And we also are going to see that In the midst of all this People's businesses even if you have Your own small business you're not going To be able to get clients you're not Going to be able to get people willing To spend money Whether you're selling stuff or whether You're working with other businesses Everyone's going to tighten things up That's how it happens in recession and Depression and the trigger to bring us Out of recession

A lot of that's not going to be there This time We are at the Tipping Point and we're Tipping over the edge and when once we Go into recession it's going to just Spiral downwards worse and worse because There's not a whole bunch of free Capital that's waiting on the sidelines To rush in and and buy at the bottom and Move things upward again because the Capital that's sitting on the side that Money and that value that's sitting on The sidelines is losing its value due to Inflation now inflation is going to push The recession into a depression and That's the real danger of things Are you ready for these things Are you getting more prepared If you have a retirement account and you Want to move it out of stocks and bonds Into physical gold silver Platinum Because they do a whole lot better During downturns and If people bring uh start investing in Them more they could potentially go up Significantly your own physical bullion In a vault for your 401k or IRA Genesis Gold group can talk to you about how to Walk through all that Jonathan s team Are fantastic they've helped a whole Bunch of you guys I've heard from a Bunch of you about how well they've done For you and how they're doing a great Job

Answering your questions and taking care Of you if you want to talk to them They're down in the description down Below do you have food stockpiled Any money that you have right now that's The best thing to put it into stored Food if you can get energy independent That's a big deal too because prices are Just spiraling upwards on all that kind Of stuff too Friends are you moving to action or are You about to get run over We're at the Tipping Point and we're Looking over the edge And things are starting to shift Do what you can while you can alright Folks if you found this video useful or Helpful you might want to check out this Other video from me right here I'll see You over there Or I'll see you later Steve poppler out

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