Highway Scale Stealth Camping

I stealth camped at a commercial vehicle inspection station and weigh scale along the side of the highway. There was ample tree cover and plenty of spots to set up camp for the night. The camping was acceptable considering the location. As always it’s not quite a camping trip without something going wrong.


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Hey everybody Welcome to camping with Steve I'm just getting dropped off here On the side of the road by one of those Highway scale commercial vehicle Inspection stations and there's a nice Little Spot up here that I can hide in Okay I got across that road just in the Nick of time Because there's a lot of traffic The scale is open today So there are people working there Peace officers Yeah just like that Got in and out of the way Perfect Riskiest part is over And in through here It's a little interchange median area And from here I can see [Applause] Inspection scale nice big open clearing In here But I'm not setting up in a clearing There's there's tire tracks here Some people come up here Probably to do Landscaping Maintenance Etc so I'm gonna get out of the way here Tuck myself in to these trees Oh Litter bugs uh People have been out here I'm gonna grab

That Tuck it away so I bring it on my way out Of here [Applause] This looks good actually The clearing is right behind us there And the inspection station's right over There We're gonna go up a little closer in a Bit once I've got settled here This is a really good spot as long as Nobody walks along there we're gonna be Safe and it's probably gonna snow Tonight so I'm not expecting too many People walking past first thing to Address though These are Himalayan blackberries they're Invasive and they're growing in here and They're very sharp exactly what'll put Your eye out even this deadline over Here is still very very sharp so all of These you can see It'll snag your Clothing in no time soon you can imagine What it'll do to your skin or your eyes So I'm going to tuck all these Vines out Of the way so in the dark you're not Going to pose a problem to me [Applause] Not close but I wasn't expecting this It's a big one there [Applause] Before we set up I'm just gonna crawl up The front here And I'm staying low today just because

Of all these Himalayan blackberries I Moved all the ones I could see that Should pose a problem but you never know So just come through here [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] So they got their little Shack there and A bunch of enforcement vehicles And I got my home right here for the night This looks good This looks good A couple hours of daylight left and I'll Explore because there's a bunch of Really good spots uh but this one I like Because it's got a front row seat to the Show [Applause] This spot here is definitely further Away And looks like people bring their Off-road vehicles up here sometimes And typically the people doing donuts in Their off-road vehicles don't care about Me [Applause] So many cool spots here Like I could set up a normal tent right in Here as long as nobody hiked through Might be just fine Some of these trees look a little sickly I think that one's done for

[Applause] What's in the kit It's always the question For today's Mission I've got first and Foremost I'll pull this out hairspray Because This is Bear Country All year long they don't seem to Hibernate here got my flashlight this is Just a LED thing Runs on double a batteries Or GoPro for a nighttime time lapse Got my external Battery pack so I can keep everything Charged up that I need to Along with Associated cables Extra battery for the main camera In case it rains or snows I was going to Bring a tarp but with all the trees in Here I figured on umbrella would Probably work if I can just you know put It above me using a tent tonight it's Like a one-person bivvy type thing made By gear top Um they're not sponsored but It's a pretty good tent except the camo Is questionable it's not a realistic Looking camel a tripod sitting chair a Sleeping mat I didn't know the ground Would be this soft Water fuel for the stove the isobutane Mix part of the meal of our broccoli Collapsing pot it's a sea to Summit some Macaroni shells

A small MSR butterfly folding stove you Know a couple of utensily things Um Sleeping bag it's a seat of summit as Well it's supposedly a comfort zone is Minus four degrees Celsius we're gonna Be pushing that boundary tonight I think Um lower limit minus 10 I find the better quality of sleeping Bags the less they exaggerate The temperature they're good until And that's all I got my preferred Stealth camping shelter is that Tennessee asymmetrical zip hammock Second best choice is a small baby tent Like this it's actually Tall enough that you can sit up in at One end so if you had to sit in there in The rain or the snow You'd be able to uh the hammock I like Because the fly will cover you so well You can actually sit there and cook out Of the rain and you stay completely dry [Applause] Why make a camel baby if you're gonna Put Neon String included in the kit [Applause] I'll leave the umbrella out Nice thing with this is it's got A door on both sides so I don't have to Worry about which one I'm setting up [Applause] Scale traffic is really stopped so

Either everybody's running the scale Right now or they are closed for the day They keep sporadic hours so that people Never quite know when they're open and In that case I just might be good until Tomorrow morning other than the elements [Applause] Time for the controversial stealth test I'm not going out that way towards the Scales just the way I came in where There's the clearing I don't expect Anybody out there And that's what we got set up here And yeah [Applause] This could be interesting Ah that's awesome No problems there [Applause] Yeah okay That looks pretty good Actually yeah that scale looks Completely closed now Uh from like 15 to 20 feet away I can't See a thing Look at this Oh yeah oh these blackberries Grab it where there's no thorns And just it around somewhere and pray that Doesn't fling back and get me in the eye Yeah I never felt safer The employee at the scale I think just Got into his car

And let's just make sure he leaves [Applause] There he goes I'm freaking clear That'll work [Applause] [Applause] Yeah Nice little break in the weather and uh I'm feeling pretty cozy pretty stealthy Shelter is set up I don't have to be that quiet the scales Are closed so Cheers everybody According to the radar there's a lot More precipitation coming tonight and There's no way around that it looks like Mostly snow or sleet right now but Honestly I don't know what would be Worse rain or snow uh fortunate for us We've got the umbrella Foreign [Applause] A little too quiet it's not normal for These Adventures this time it's raining Not snow so back under my umbrella tree [Applause] This umbrella is a surprisingly eloquent Solution to a very stealthy problem and I'm thinking a little bit bigger and Camo so much easier to set up than a Tarp packs up real quick shake it off And it's dry and I don't need a huge Area usually I can Put actually a weight on the bottom of

This and that should stop it from flying Away so easily it's really cooling off So I'm gonna get The self-inflating air mattress to start Self-inflating And a sleeping bag to start lofting up [Applause] There's more activity at the weigh scale A couple vehicles have pulled up I don't Know if another shift is starting or if It's just people pulled over for a rest Or something but just want me to find Out [Applause] There's definitely activity there and The lights are on in the shack I don't Think they were on before And there's a couple of vehicles pulled Up right by the weigh scale so we might Get some more traffic coming through Here tonight Which uh Is interesting because stealth camping When everything is going smoothly It's really not that exciting [Applause] Looks like a fire truck in some other Just responder type vehicles and there's Flashlights going on so I'm gonna Stay a little stealthy It's like a whole fire truck convention Or something I'm just gonna lay low

[Applause] I don't want to sound like my overly Paranoid self here as usual but it seems Like they're gearing up to do some type Of a training thing I've seen Flashlights out there and they're Getting gear out of the back of their Trucks so I'm gonna wander to the road Right beside you know I can yeah just Get some stuff out of there I'm gonna Just Go for a walk I don't know if I'm supposed to be in There but let's just not push our luck Beats me what's going on but there is a Lot of people flashlights [Applause] Thank you All right they just seem to be Inspecting their trucks or weighing them Or something the way they were dressed Up all in their gear I thought they'd be Coming up here training or testing out Their gear or something because it's a It's a good wooded area and it's pretty Dark so they had their flashlights out And it's well lit down there so Nothing to worry about at all nothing to Worry about [Applause] I'm just trying to stealth Camp here This is exactly why You don't Like campfires when you're stealth

Camping On a side note a big shout out to all The First Responders and firefighters You guys do a great job keeping us all Safe and working these late hours that Nobody else wants to uh You're making Society possible thanks Guys They've been going for over an hour now They seem to be just practicing backing Up maneuvering the large vehicles and The fire engines and rescue vehicles So I gotta wander further away And cook dinner because I should do that Anyways in Bear Country we don't want to Cook where we eat and although Bears Aren't Super Active this time of year It's not impossible to see them out it's Uh getting to be almost spring so Expect anything I think I got what I need Time to go far away from here or I can Turn on a light and we can cook [Applause] Yeah they're gonna be at it for a while I think Cook up a simple simple stealth meal uh There's this Deluxe Rich and creamy both rich and creamy Shells and cheddar is this Annie's brand Uh it's down to 70 percent organic Ingredients now so that's good uh It's gonna break off some bits of Broccoli and dump it in while I'm

Boiling it That's it actually a meatless meal for Once I don't know not quite uh vegan and Not quite organic Run some very wet Moss here so nothing Should explode or tip over Catch on fire Any of that stuff All right There we go Couldn't be easier Break off some broccolis Pieces of them I don't like the shaft of The broccoli I just like the flower Parts This is a really good meal for this type Of thing because you don't have to add Butter or milk Boil it up and then dump in this Probably very unhealthy mix of cheese And this thing even has a little Strainer so One less thing to bring A Tempe I'll just gonna Walk away from this and let it boil and Dump this in [Applause] This looks awful looks like cheese whiz [Music] Um Once I've started a controversy there I don't care for cheese whiz but some do It doesn't look bad How processed is this gonna taste

Not bad honestly uh a bit salty You know I take this over most of those Freeze-dried meals that's for sure Shortly after this I'll get tucked in [Applause] They're still at it but it's really Starting to snow and it's getting chilly So I'm gonna crawl into the tent to Tonk Her down [Applause] Peace and quiet relatively uh there's Still the highway right there of course And I should have done a better job Trying to stay dry it was snowing more Than I realized I was in the dark for Most of the time Um and that's like number one thing that You got to do in a serious survival Situation but stealthy times call for Stealthy measures and uh I should be Okay tonight any colder than this and I Wouldn't have wanted to be as damp as I Am right now but it wasn't too bad Better that it was snow than rain to be Honest because rain uh would really soak Into the clothes the snow a lot of it Just brushed right off so that's my two Cents on that issue I've got Um the stuff I need in here I've got my Bear spray but some water for the Morning there and I'm gonna see if I can Set the GoPro up for tonight outside the Outside the door oh yeah that lens is

Fogging up pretty good okay all settled In for the night yes I'm using my Backpack as a pillow uh there's some Cushy Parts on it that are actually Working pretty good and I have to keep It in here to stay dry so uh it's not Going to be fun packing the stuff up in The cold and in the snow tomorrow but We'll see how that goes um I'll have to Dry it out again really quickly because I'm on a tight turn around as far as Filming schedules go so Um see you guys in the morning uh I hope I stay warm tonight [Applause] [Applause] Good morning I feel that was a record Low for Sleep Um it was pretty warm but I just had Trouble being comfortable last night so Um looks like my camera's got some Fog inside the lens here somewhere so Um got a little wet last night I think Well we're gonna start tearing stuff Down and Get the day going I'm gonna do as much As I can in here before I go outside Seems like we're back to that time of Year where every single time I go Camping on a nice day the next morning's Like this And that season in Canada goes until June I have to give a shout out to the folks

That have donated to the NADA beer Foundation Um thank you guys so much It uh Really uh Was it delicious not a beer so uh Oh wow that's cold on the hands Okay So gloves next time uh it's funny Um I got used to being out at Pacific Northwest and although I know This is slightly below freezing maybe Minus two Celsius so maybe 30 degrees Fahrenheit Um I just haven't acclimatize this year To the cold temperatures But these jeans They're like fleece lined jeans Underneath of that it's long johns I got Layers layers layers that is the natural Enemy of the Pacific Northwest is a Necessary layers almost to the point of Ridiculousness All right Everything goes back in the bag I was Going to carry out the fly separately Because it was really covered in Freezing rain but that's how I lose Things so I'll have to make a point of pulling This all out to Dry it before the next camping Adventure It requires it [Applause]

[Music] [Applause] Get this out of here this has been here For a while Budweiser Okay Well Sure transformed into a winter Wonderland here I can see that [Applause] See if I can remember my way back And wait for my pickup So thanks to everybody for watching I gotta try to keep up a good filming Pace here I got help to for pickups and Drop-offs So I'm not sure Obviously you know this weather wasn't Expected and it's going to get a little Colder but Uh over the next bit we're gonna Really put the push on filming To get more on schedule and caught up so Thank you to my long-suffering Subscribers and people following the Channel uh it really means a lot the Kind comments uh everything else Uh really makes a difference so Cheers everybody we'll see on the next One [Applause] Dare I say it The Perfect Crime That's a bit of a walk [Applause]

All right see you guys later

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