Homesteading and powerlifting my 2 favorite things


Hey y'all welcome back to another video! Come along as we share with you our day of some powerlifting and a whole update on the berry garden

M & K

20 thoughts on “Homesteading and powerlifting my 2 favorite things

  1. sir i think everything is all good things
    raymond miles and charles snow
    react to environmental uncertainty

    They both offer 4 main strategies

  2. sir i love the video
    I think you will not feel at home in the office
    moreover living in apartments in Manhattan
    so working in the orchid flower garden a few hours 5 hours a day will make you feel good
    then return home by subway 1 hour every day

  3. Berries, liftin’, homesteading, chickens, eggs, tunes, powerful-viking-hottie as a wife, sun is shining, Idaho, clean air, Merica. What’s not to love Matt?! LOL
    I thought that blue-berry was a small plum. Now I have berry jealousy.
    Happy for you two, and glad pup is coming home soon.

  4. Great video! I really want to live this lifestyle. I got a question though. Do you or your wife have jobs or any form of income other than the homestead? I’m wondering how hard it is to have a homestead with no other source of income other than selling the things you grow on the homestead. I recently subscribed to this channel and am blown away by the content. I love seeing stuff like this. Keep up the good work!

  5. Even simple work requires two things, goals and strategies
    there is a strong relationship between the two,
    goals are results
    while strategy is a way to get the final result
    goals are part of the strategy not the other way around

    goals & strategic are closely related to five things
    environmental complex
    company complexity
    budget availability
    resource allocation
    the higher the five things, the more complicated the strategy is formulated, that is heavy work because the capital owner will oppose

  6. Great stuff, glad to hear your pooch is coming home soon. Powerlifting is a hobby of mine too, have you given some thought in getting a squat rack for your homestead so you don’t need to go to an off site gym?

  7. Blackberries are my favorite. Maybe I’ve never had a really ripe fresh off the vine raspberry but I never understood why people go crazy for ‘em

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