Homesteading is the best way to live | North Idaho Homestead


Hey y'all, in this video I want to share with you my thoughts on why homesteading is the best way to live. Join me on my north idaho homestead. As always thank you all for the love and support

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6 thoughts on “Homesteading is the best way to live | North Idaho Homestead

  1. My favorite vegetable in the garden is between tomatoes and broccoli I really enjoy watching your Channel homesteading in Idaho I bought some land in the Northern Nevada I’m thinking about homesteading living off grid you take care have a great day thank you for sharing

  2. The celery looks great! I’m glad to know you can grow in N ID. I’m adding it to my garden next year. What was the name of the stuff you planted?

  3. Boom! Right on man! Hey down here in TX where I am, theres not many mosquitoes. I did have a scorpion crawl on the back of my neck the other night in bed and sting me on my hands. I actually think I would take a few stings from a scorpion over a bunch of mosquitoes, ha! What’s your shirt say, looks like something from the predator?

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