How is Corporate Media Missing This ?


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40F below normal temperatures with record doubling snowfalls expected and already occurring across N. America. USA passes new legislation focused on "Space Weather" and protecting electrical infrastructure and the USDA already indicating this years harvest totals are incorrect and the agency will adjust next year.

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August Derecho Costliest Thunderstorm Event
August Midwest Derecho Was Costliest to Hit the U.S. in 4 Decades, NOAA Says
Renewables Reckoning: Wind & Solar Deliver Power Pricing & Supply Calamity
Australia Closes Coal-Fired Power Plants: Hospitals Forced to Cut Power Use & Power Prices Rocket
Power Prices Soar Whenever Hot Weather Combines with Wind & Solar Output Collapses
Heavy snow prompts warnings in Alberta, plunging into more record cold
Minnesota Weather: Record-Setting Snow Storm Drops Several Inches Across State
Epsilon approaches Bermuda as a category 1 hurricane
A record-breaking cold for many! Snow possible far south in Texas with a damaging ice storm across the Plains
North Atlantic low will spread towards western Europe, the cold front will push into Ireland and the UK

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38 thoughts on “How is Corporate Media Missing This ?

  1. Had the thermostat for my gas heater go south yesterday and can’t get it fixed until Tuesday. Thank God for having a gas stove that can take over in a pinch.

    1. Go to the hardware store and by a new thermostat. The simple type have 2 wires (usually one red and one white ) running from the heater. The provided wiring diagram will lead the way! You can do this john.

    2. @john wall A couple of quick ??? 1Did you recently change your furnace filter? 2 have you checked the circuit breaker? 3 Does the thermostat also run an air conditioning unit?

  2. I’m ready for the snow/cold = got my seasoned firewood in September =D
    Wonder how much of those 10 million acres was GMO crops? 😉
    Thank You David, Many Blessings

  3. The low in Caribbean takes up residence during that cold snap. Think your missing the other half of the picture. Look at whole picture to see how weirid the weather pattern is.

    1. It’s way more then that these days. Mainstream is nothing but indoctrination and brainwashing at this point. We’re dealing with psychopathic lunatics folks we all better accept that fact.

    2. @Out In The Wild You see that deal about Twitter blowing up Trump for saying Coyotes bring kids across the boarder? The idiots are forgetting symbolic language! One of them was a elected official and the other was that anti-gun kid named Hogg? I think?

    1. Untill the target percentage is reached with the vaccine, thos who dont submit will be hated because we will be keeping everyone from ” living their life.”.

    2. Money can disappear in an instant. I have an online trading account. I was going to look at some stocks. The site was offline. It’ll probably be back up in awhile, but what happens when a day comes and it doesn’t? Not just my money, but everybody else’s as well.
      Buying stuff with a credit/debit card? Want to buy an airline ticket? Nope. Want to buy food? Your card has been declined for this purchase. In business? Your card is no longer valid for this type of business.

    3. @Wearethe Remnants They already have, “Obama phones” have been given to most folks who get food stamps and gov assistance. Free cell phone and free basic monthly service.

  4. Here west of Iowa city it was 75* on Thursday. Friday was 41* it’s been raining for 3 days. Most of the corn is still in the feilds. Most all the soybeans are harvested.

  5. Hmm, I remember a local report that came out in Iowa that 20mil acres were lost. Most of it being cattle feed/ethinal corn. I’d expect feed prices for cattle to skyrocket.

  6. Out here yonder in So Cal, on the out skirts of L A County, it suddenly became dark, overcast , coltish, and misty, every morning now,, in addition, it seems the sun does not rise until 8 am.

  7. Once again, I say it is dangerous to focus solely on ‘cold’! It is the combined impacts of low solar activity, increased cosmic energy, weakening magnetic fields, and other less understood astro-physical phenomena, that will drive extreme ‘weather’ for you and I, which will impact our food, water, and living environments. Depending on where you live in relation to changed weather patterns fueled by oscillating jet streams, you may see colder, snowier winters, or you could experience multi-decade drought, You could experience recurring flooding rains, freak wind storms, or more active tropical systems. And if the well correlated uptick in volcanic and seismic activity occurs, those things will compound the impacts!

  8. Grand Solar Minimum Science Saviors : Adapt2030, Ben Davidson Doug Voit, Valentina Zharkova, RolfWitszche and John Casey & many others in the 100,000s of thousands getting you prepared. Thank you.

  9. It’s way more then that these days. Mainstream is nothing but Indoctrination and Brainwashing at this point. We’re dealing with psychopathic lunatics folks we all better accept that fact.

  10. I live in Alberta, I wasn’t aware there was record cold. This is not out of our ordinary. We had a hot September, which is more strange then this tiny cold snap in October.
    I still fully believe that food shortages are coming down the line. Out government is corrupt as hell!

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