How To Defeat The Globalists! Your Overlords Are Winning!

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Your overlords are winning Hey everybody it's Mike with Asymmetrical preparedness Today I want to talk about Just that The powers that be The people that are really in control of This world And How to defeat them Or if we can defeat them But before I get in the video Please hit that subscribe button ring The little notification Bell for all you Might actually get told when I put out Videos if they uh aren't you know Banning me at the time Hit that thumbs up share the videos Comment below join us on patreon links In the description below all that stuff Yada yada yada good stuff over there Um so let's get to the video As we know you might know A bunch of them the wef world economic Forum is meeting right now in dabos 2500 people with 5 000 armed security Yeah why do they need that kind of Security yeah we know why All right the power is the B the New World Order the whatever it may be the Globalists basically well let's use that Term the globalists Um they're winning Their agenda their Progressive agenda

Has been in play for a long time And they have been winning they've been Infiltrating our schools teaching or Indoctrinating our children via the Public indoctrination system Um they are in control of the medical Field uh Big Oil big corporations Everything They control everything every aspect of Our lives so can we win I don't think we can But there are some things we can do to Try because we can't just give up right No not in our DNA not in my DNA to give Up So what are some of the things we can do To potentially Uh be victorious as a free and Independent people Well I just said free and independent right So what kind of things can you do can I Do can we do As a community As a group of people to ensure our Freedoms and our Um individuality We can remove ourselves from the system As much as possible one of the ways I Like doing it is right here gardening Producing my own food And also right down there about five Minutes ago it was a pretty decent sized Black-tailed deer for around here black

Tail deer in western Washington don't Get big if you want to get bigger deer You got to go to Eastern Washington get The mule deer and the whitetails Um my primary Bug out location as Massive white-tailed deers uh Whitetail Deer uh mule deer elk moose All those things So the ability to produce Our own inputs Get our own water from the ground via Well from the sky where it falls and It's free But there's also other forms that we can Participate in to resist this agenda There's what's known as active Resistance and passive resistance Active resistance is when you take an Active role in resisting something It could be By your choices Money where your mouth is Where do you choose to spend your money What businesses small local businesses Co-ops Farms farmers markets stuff like That your friends your neighbors your Tribe Or do you go to Walmart Amazon Places like that Microsoft Apple All those big huge corporations Costco I'm not saying don't do those Things I'm just making a point I still shop at

Some of those places Because that's another way to look at it Is use their system To better equip ourselves To resist them in the big picture Use their own system against them Sure it's adding to their wealth and Their power and influence and all stuff Like that true so there's two ways to Look at it But buying local you know your neighbor Produces too much buying from them Those are some active resistance roles Also you know voting Um Um Protesting uh writing letters emails Phone calls getting active in the local Communities that you live in that's an Active role an active way to resist Another great way to actively resist is Building tribe right teaching others About this this is one the main reason Why I'm here on YouTube is to teach Others about preparedness to get more People on board with preparedness Because the more people are on board With preparedness the more people that Are uh able to move more and more Outside of the system than the better Off will be the more people the more Assets we will have at our disposal Um to maybe regain the whole freedom and Individuality thing

Then there's passive resistance also Passive resistance would be some things Like you know I'm not getting that Yeah That's a big way to control you This is all weaponized A lot of this is weaponized And not participating In things like that Is a big part of it not participating in Their agenda as far as allowing yourself To be divided the agenda of division I've talked about it many times before White versus black you know Christian Versus Muslim Um Man versus woman uh straight versus Whatever the appropriate term is Nowadays I'm not PC so I don't even know The appropriate term and all these Pronouns and stuff like that just don't Play along It's just an agenda to divide us Um What I see about the whole pronouns Um the changing genders and all the Stuff like that Um The way I look at it part of me okay I Don't like it For Morality morality aspect but from a Practical aspect who's doing it it's not The conservatives it's not the people That believe in Free Will and freedom And all this other stuff like that

Individual rights it's not the people With those solid moral Um beliefs and structure it's the Leftists it's the Liberals and stuff Like that so One way to look at it trying to keep Things positive is the more of them that Are doing things like that in the whole Like uh Um you know alternate sexuality things You know That are not you know whatever The more people that are leftists Liberals that are participating in that Means the fewer children they're having Thus we can continue with a male female Relationship traditional family values And we can outbreed them We can breed them out of existence so The more people on that side that are Participating in those kind of things And not having children to me is a good Thing because eventually the whole Progressive idea of progressive slow Versus Fast wins the race sometimes slow And steady yeah we can breed them out of Existence But the problem with that is there's a Lot of other stuff going on behind it Public indoctrination system us with Conservative moral Christian values send Our children Public Schools well we Don't we homeschool because we don't Want our children to be indoctrinated

But a lot of people do Thus we're still losing the battle So that's part of it also take your kids Out of the indoctrination system Homeschool them yeah it's more work Everybody's not cut out for it but There's a lot of different ways to do it There's homeschooling groups there's a Lot of different things that you can do There's a lot of ways that you can Passively resist Um what's going on do I think we will be Successful in the long run Um no I don't actually but setting Ourselves up for uh as far as being Prepared uh living being able to live Off grid produce our own calories and Stuff like that will enable us to and Protect our families and our tribes will Enable us to form communities and to be Like self-reliant self-sufficient Communities Um and outside the system uh if we're Rural enough we may be able to survive Long enough to get through it all I spoke to this recently I think the day Yesterday on uh patreon And uh talking about the moral High Ground if you want to check it out join Us on patreon also Get out and do this stuff don't just Watch YouTube and prepper videos for Entertainment value I know that a lot of You do but if you're still here at this

Point in the video you're probably Actually concerned about preparedness And what you can do about it so when You're out and about doing stuff like This you got to stay warm portable heat Fortress clothing Link in the Description below great stuff I'm not Going to talk about stuff that I don't Believe in 100 and so far so good pretty Soon I think we've been sick a lot Lately so once I regain my full health Um I'm gonna have my I'm going to stand Here in the yard in you know 30 degree Temperature and have my son spray me Down to the hose wearing nothing but This base layer top and bottoms and get Me soaked to the bone and then I'm just Gonna stand out here for a video to see How well it does in that situation Because every other situation I've tried These work amazing they are well worth The cost Um more expensive than some base layers Way less expensive than some high-end Base layers that I use used in the Military yeah I would take this any day Over something three times the cost so Check it out link I said links in the Description below Um and I'm not going to talk about Something I don't believe in 100 so Anyway Get outside the system as much as Possible be independent form tribes

Work on your security and defense which Means training we talk a lot about that On patreon and how to set up your Systems to be more effective so check it Out there Um And just be of strong moral character We can only do what we can do I love you guys have a wonderful day and Blessings to you and yours

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