How To Freeze Bread So It Lasts Better Longer – Prepper Pantry Tips

How To Freeze Bread So It Lasts Better Longer Save Money on Groceries Prepper Pantry Tips Tricks Krusteaz Cornbread Mix Food shortages are a problem during the covid pandemic, how can you freeze bread so you will have the food you want when you need it? Think of your freezer as part of your Prepper Pantry and Food Storage Stockpile. What to do if you cannot find bread in the store? Shop your freezer! Stock up on packaged foods like canned bread, pilot bread, crackers, frozen bread dough, tortillas, bread and muffin mixes may be the foods you need to use and eat when you cannot buy bread. Tips to store bread in the freezer.
How to stock your Prepper Pantry? Dates on foods are use by, sell by, or best by dates, not expiration dates. Food is guaranteed to be the best quality until that date. Most canned foods and packaged foods are still safe to eat, good to eat, okay to eat long past the date. Inspect foods, anything “off” should be thrown away. Food storage is best rotated by the sell by date. Buy what you eat, store extra food, rotate and use your stored food, and replace it.



B&M Canned Bread
Pilot Bread
Serrated Bread Knife
Krusteaz Cornbread Mix
Campbell’s Ready Meals
Bear Creek Soup Mixes
Betty Crocker Muffin Mix
Glass Measuring Cup

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