How to Store Potatoes Long Term

If you’re like me and you grow potatoes at home then you need to know the best way to store them for long term use. I grow Yukon Gold nad Pontiac Red potatoes every year. Those are the 2 varieties that I like the best of the ones that I have tried.

I usually grow them in either 5 gallon grow bags or in 5 gallon food grade buckets. I have been buying 5 gallon pickle buckets from a Firehouse Subs franchise that is close to me. They usually sell them for around $3 and the money goes to a good cause so I don’t mind paying for them. The grow bags are just some cheap Chinese made bags that I buy off of Amazon.

I have had better success with the 5 gallon buckets so far. I’m not really sure why but I seem to get twice as many potatoes in the buckets compared to what I get in the bags. I know other people that do very well with the grow bags so it is probably something that I am doing causing the difference.

For the buckets, I drill some drainage holes in the bottom, add a layer of rocks or gravel, then a couple of inches of soil, the seed potatoes, cover them with soil and water. As the plants grow I add more soil to cover the plant. I repeat this process until I reach the top of the bucket or the grow bag.

I don’t need to drill holes in the grow bags as they will drain off excess water automatically. So other than that the process is the same.

I let the plants grow until they start to die off. Then I wait another week or two before I harvest the potatoes.

Once harvested it is time to store them. I only grow 30-50 pounds of potatoes so I don’t have to store them for an extremely long period of time but I do follow the same storage process as Tony mentions in this video from Simplify Gardening.

I let the potatoes cure for a few hours on the ground, then I move them into a box. I put straw on the bottom of the box, add a layer of potatoes, then more straw and more potatoes until the box is full. I close the box lid and place it in my basement for about a week.

Then I bring potatoes up to the kitchen as I am ready to use them.

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