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Foreign For economic collapse Hey everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness And no I'm not going Fear based where it's all going to Collapse now but there's some common Sense things that you can do to prepare Yourself and to better equip yourself to Survive in economic collapse The way I look at it is it's it's Inevitable I mean it's gonna happen Because our debt inflation Um just everything going on I mean it's Just the devaluation of the dollar the Fact there's a fiat currency in the First place there's just so much to it So I do believe that we're headed for an Economic collapse Not saying that out of fear it's just Facts or facts and that's what I feel so What are some things that you can do to Better prepare yourself to weather an Economic collapse There's a lot of things you can do So I got a little beard hair in my mouth Um one of the first things is subscribe To this channel hit that thumbs up share The videos comment below and check out Our patreon that will definitely save You freaking economic collapse Seriously though Leaving Money in the Bank I don't feel Is a good idea I think we personally do

I'll tell you what we do I'm not going To tell you what to do what we do is we Keep enough money in the bank to pay our Bills and just do the normal things like That we withdraw everything else We Hide it in different locations caches Buried hidden other locations you know Not all your eggs in one basket So keep it safe make sure you don't lose It and if you do bury it don't bury it Where the critters like moles and stuff Like that can get into it and eat it all Up because that would really suck Um but anyway Um you can also do other things like Turn it into tangible goods But if you do it in tangible goods then You got to make sure that if you need The cash you either can barter or trade Those tangible goods for what you need Or that you can turn those tangible Goods back into Cash quickly so that you Can use it for what you need Um silver is really good for that some People like gold I personally don't like Gold because it's not that divisible That's my main thing about gold it costs A lot of money to buy it I know you can Get little small the smallest divisible Amount it's still quite a bit of money When we're talking gold but that's a Personal preference there's also Freedom Seeds you know the pews those kind of

Things though that's a good investment I Believe Um But what are some other ways and other Things that you can do to prepare for Economic collapse One of the biggest things I feel is Important and like I said I'm telling You My opinion and what we do get yourselves 100 percent absolutely debt free That's a really good way to go about it For everything just in life I don't like Debt at all Um Biblically speaking It's not a good thing and it's just if You are if you have debt then somebody's Over you controlling you has some level Of control over your life and I don't Like that I don't like I like I want to Control my life I love my free will and I don't want it Uh you know impeded by anybody else so Debt free is very important Um Other things are is to avoid economic Collapse and things that come with it a Lot of things come with it are inflation We're seeing that right we're seeing Shortages and stuff like that so getting Your preps squared away obviously There's a prepping Channel food storage That will help mitigate those effects

And if there is an economic collapse and You can't go get food at the grocery Store anymore we know that that would Probably snowball into large event and a Large event what are you going to need You're going to need food water all the Standard prepping things that we talk About and all the other channels talk About on a regular basis it's very Important So one of the best ways that I feel to Avoid to avoid Um economic collapse or any long-term Event is self-sustainability Getting outside the system as much as Possible We all know that the system is very Fragile It's an onto my on-demand Supply system Grocery stores don't have the store room In the back anymore they just what they Have on the shelves is pretty much it And trucks come in well when those Trucks stop coming in those shelves Start going empty we know about that About two or three days most grocery Stores would probably be wiped out So having the ability to produce your Own food Talked many times on this channel other People have talked about it also that Food storage water storage all this Stuff's great you need it but That is an emergency backup plan

Because once you start using those Supplies You start that stopwatch on your life Because Unless you have the ability to replenish The things that you have and the things That you're using then You will run out Then what do you do There's a lot of things that you can do To attain that self-reliance it's Self-sustainability I've shown all my garden my big Garden 24 raised beds a bunch of in-ground Areas a bunch of containers Um speaking of containers Um I'm not gonna I don't need any other Topsoil this year because I'm not Building any more raised beds I caught a Lot it's a lot to keep up with Um the things I'm going to be doing this Year for my self-sustainability and yes This does apply to the topic is adding Drip lines to all my raised beds it's Going to be a big project but I'm going To do I'm going to bury the lines out to The out to each raised bed have them Come up and over and in the raised beds So that I don't have to be here every Single day if I want to take a trip or I Want to go to my primary Bug out Location for a week or something like That or whatever then I'm squared away And have it on some kind of mechanical

Timer I know they have them for my water So they would just water for so many Hours a day That's a good setup but what I do need Topsoil for this year back to the Topsoil topic is for my containers Because I don't want to leave I don't Leave topsoil in my containers because They're just plastic totes and I don't Want the chemicals from the plastic Totes leeching into the soil by keeping It in there year after year so I use the Soil on my totes for one season and then I dump them the raised beds to help Level my raised beds as they settle So I need new topsoil for my containers All the containers pretty much just grow Potatoes so that's a good thing nice Loose soil Um So I will need that Raising your own animals is very Important we all know about chickens Goats sheep cows Pheasants turkeys ducks a lot of Different animals that you can raise Some you can raise indoors so even if You're an apartment you may be able to Depending on the laws restrictions all That stuff like that if you're living in An apartment you probably are under Under stuff like that where you may not Be able to but think about things like Um animals that are can be construed as

Pets but also could be food if you Decide to go that route and that's what You eat like rabbits Those Flemish Giants the big meat Rabbits if you have you know you might Be able to get away with three or four Of those Um you know check out what your Restrictions are and do the best you can Even an apartment you can grow some food Indoors you can grow it on your little Veranda that you have or whatever your Situation is there is stuff that you can Do so growing your own food raising your Own food is important but what else is There there is also foraging Out in nature all around me there's food Here in the Pacific Northwest You you almost can't starve if you know How to forage Um people talk about food shortages and Stuff like that people will be starving To death well There's food everywhere go get it learn To forage that's a very important skill No matter where you live there are at Least some things that you can forage For food even if you live in the desert There's still some things you can learn About Along with foraging hunting We all know everybody talks about the Fact that In a long-term event hunting won't be

Sustainable for very long because Everybody will hunt thus the animal Population will decrease severely Um I my plan is for the hunting portion Of what I'm going to be doing is I would Suggest and I will be going after large Game first because everybody else will So that will go first then I will Transition to small game Because small game replenishes quicker Is there's more of it out there maybe It's just my plan Also along with the hunting you got Trapping and you have snaring Very important skills to learn how to do Another thing that I like about trapping And snaring is the fact that hunting you Need to go out there physically and you Got to sit somewhere or walk somewhere Or do it you gotta be there right on Site doing it which takes time away from Other duties trapping and snaring Doesn't you can set up a trap line a Snare line whatever you want to call it You know all over the place wherever you Want depending on your location Um And that doesn't Take all of your time you don't have to Be there for that you don't have to sit There you can be doing other things so It's a really good thing to do so To avoid economic collapse I would keep money out of the bank I

Would get tangible goods I would get out Of debt I would grow my own food I would Raise my own animals I would learn to Hunt trap snare and forage as well as I Almost forgot fish fish is a great Source because fishing would probably Last the fish in the oceans the rivers The Lakes would probably last longer Than the large game in the small game Would be in an extended event so think About fishing if you're in a location Where there's fishing here Pacific Northwest I'm right Really close to Puget Sound area the Ocean it's probably never going to run Out of fish Unless it's a really long-term event and People go crazy about it but anyway These are some things that I feel are Very important and they will help you For real Weather and economic collapse Not about fear it's about being Practical doing things that really Matter I love you guys I want you guys To be prepared I want you guys to Weather this storm have a wonderful day And blessings to you and yours

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