How To Use 2 Liter Bottles For Long Term Food Storage


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This is a quick video to show you how quick and easy it is to use 2 liter bottles for cheap long term food storage in the most efficient way possible. 2 Liter bottles are free and easy to store. They are food grade and airtight so they are ideal for dry goods like beans and rice. All you have to do is keep them in a temperature controlled environment and out of the light.

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32 thoughts on “How To Use 2 Liter Bottles For Long Term Food Storage

  1. I am glad you brought this up. I had heard about this but I had never tried this until yesterday when I had a few left over. I was wondering if it would work, guess it will.

  2. I too use mason jars to hold the oxygen absorber’s  until I need them. Also I tend to use wider mouth juice bottles for the beans, just easier. I use a chopstick to clear the funnel. Lentils do well in soda bottles.

  3. We do this, and then dip the lid and part of the neck in hot wax to add to the “moisture/air proofing”
    Works for alcohol, so has to help with this.
    Just standard paraffin food grade wax from the local grocery store.

  4. Ok, this is a fantastic idea. We put water in our used sterilized soda bottles and will drink them first, but I think I will store food in them now. Great job, thanks and God bless you!

    1. The bottles still appear air tight and the food looks the same as it did the day I put it in there.  I have not opened any to eat yet.  It is my SHTF storage, but I think I will have to make an exception to give everyone an update.

  5. If you lift the funnel off of the bottle rim your beans and rice will flow smoother and quicker.

    If you deprive the container of oxygen with the oxygen absorbers you will not need to worry about weevils because the weevils cannot survive without oxygen. I mention this because there are a lot of comments about weevils etc.

    1. Carol yes mice can bite through almost anything except metal. Rats can chew through metal. I’ve seen it. I’m no expert on bugs. But I’m fairly sure they all need oxygen to survive.

  6. What do you do to prepare those bottles for storage? Clean them, sterilize them, dry them out?? Those are great size for barter. Even better if you use the 16 or 20 oz size…

    1. That’s exactly what I do. I wash them out with dish soap and then dry them. They have done well for me for years now. It’s actually time for me to add to my stockpile…especially with what’s going on in Syria!

  7. I know this vid is a few years old, but the ideas are still valid. I’ve been reusing soda bottles for many years, and not just for food storage. Another note on this subject is that you can reuse water bottles (such as gallon water jugs) to refill with drinking water. NOT used milk jugs! I have several friends who live where potable water isn’t part of their homesteads. No hook-ups to municipal water systems. They’ve built up a number of plastic water containers to safely store and use. Every month or so they go into town and refill the emptied jugs with fresh water, remembering to rotate. Also, having extra water on hand is a good idea because of any number of short-term emergencies–like a burst pipe or water shut-off suddenly, even in the city.

    1. I agree. Even if you don’t want to store food, just fill old bottles up with water because it will be really nice to have if you ever need it and costs nothing:)

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