I Am Done! It Is Time For A Change! #2023

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It's all collapsing Everything's about to fall apart Buy these now Do this to survive shtf Hey everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness Are you sick and tired of hearing that I am I'm really getting burned out on all the Fear porn all the fear-based Prepping and stuff like that I've I've Done it I'll admit it yes I have Um trying to appeal to people because That seems like people everybody wants To hear well this video is not about That what is this video about this video Is all about getting out and enjoying Life you can prep and enjoy life there's So much to prepping that you can do That is enjoyable and to make it a Lifestyle to involve the whole family Tribe Etc there's so much to prepping that can Be fun so we're going to talk about that But first please subscribe hit that Thumbs up share the videos comment below You know all those kind of things check Us on a patreon also links in the Description below and Get out and do Get out and live life I'm so tired Worried worrying Um or being concerned about I don't Really worry because I'm prepared but

Being concerned about what World War III You know Civil War 2.0 Um all the calamities shortages and Stuff like that you know yes it is Happening should we prepare for it yes But I found myself stressing way too Much about it so Taking a shift and changing the way I Approach prepping Um I have said in the past to make it Fun and I guess I was failing at that I Really I was I'll admit when I'm wrong I Was failing at it We need to get out more into stuff like This we need to get out into the Mountains and have fun There's so much you can do while you're Doing it also we're going to talk about That also some great ideas to help you Be much better prepared and still enjoy The journey because that's what it's About right if you can't enjoy life What's the point and because if you are Going to be getting out in this stuff And doing more active stuff outside in The cold weather in the winter stuff Like that check out Fortress clothing Links in the description below keep Yourself warm base layer negative 5 to 65 degrees seriously it is awesome I've Been testing it out now for about a Month Um well actually about three weeks three And a half weeks and it performs amazing

In every situation I put it in so check It out I highly recommend it if you're Going to be out in the stuff forget About all the layers do I still have my Layering systems yes of course why not Why because I still have them because I Didn't know about this stuff before then But am I going to keep them of course I'm going to keep I'm not going to throw Them away but this is a game changer Right here Fortress clothing Game Changer check out all their stuff all Right so that will help you get yourself Ready to get out in the stuff and have Fun all right so what are some things That you can do to get out and have fun Make prepping fun there is a lot to Prepping correct Yes there is It can range a wide range I'm just going To throw some stuff out there off the Top of my head hiking backpacking Camping fishing hunting Um over Landing uh four-wheeling Um Wilderness survival Bushcraft going out And building shelters Um exploration geocaching repelling rock Climbing mountain climbing I mean oh my Gosh you name it there is if it's in the Outdoors There is some parallel or some Advantage Um to being prepared Some great ideas that I've come up with

Recently is I want we want to get out More we want to get out and explore our Area more just to get it know it better And to really see the sights and build Those memories because I'm sick and Tired of being stressed we found Ourselves sitting at home way too often And so we decided we're going to get out And live life and have fun and be Energetic and really just build those Memories that our family will cherish Throughout the years so with that said Getting say for example getting out of The Olympic Mountains for us more often Great okay it's fun but what can you do To better be prepared By doing that Along with the hiking and camping the Fishing all the other stuff all the fun Activities yes mountain biking Um trail running All that stuff that'll get you more fit Active lifestyle your mental state will Improve your physical state will improve And you'll be much more capable and You'll be having fun doing it but what Are some things you can do along the way Okay well while you're out and about Exploring your area you can be Identifying Bug Out locations you can be identifying Food sources if you know about foraging You can identify water sources and Bug Out routes and the better you know your

Area and the surrounding areas The more well-equipped you will be if You have to if you're forced from your Bug in location your home your primary Residence and you're forced to get out Then you will know Primary routes to where you think know Where am I going but you'll also know Alternate routes tertiary routes back Roads side Trails all this kind of stuff Like that So and Not just identifying Bug Out locations And routes but what can you do to be More prepared if you're in that Situation you can set up caches you can Set up caches in the wilderness in the Woods in wherever it is wherever you are I then make sure you identify my map so You don't forget where they are or you Know Mark a tree Um in a certain way that nobody's going To be able to hide that from you unless The tree gets cut down that's why you Want to Mark the map coordinates Um For those caches Um and you could be like you could have It cryptic in a little notebook like C1 Cache one and then just a bunch of Digits don't have them separated so they Look like GPS coordinates maybe some Maybe even throw in Um a code thing like add a first digit

Or add a letter and add a lot add Another digit maybe even in the dead Center at another digit or a letter or Something like that so it throws people Off so they can't figure out that it not Easily at least that it's GPS Coordinates so if that notebook falls in The wrong hands or something like that People can't find your stashes so that's A good way of going about it But yeah setting yourself up these Little caches and really just getting Out and enjoying life I mean I'm so sick And tired of all the stress all the Concern worry whatever you want to call It around prepping I I guess I'm just Getting the point in life where I just It's We need to remember the importance of Getting out and having fun getting away From the screens Um except for watching this Channel and Every other prepper channel uh yes Please do that please build the Community but get out with your family With friends with neighbors with your Tribe and go have fun it doesn't have to Be a prepper Meetup it can be like okay Everybody with four wheel drive vehicles All right let's go up in let's go to This location and go camping for the Weekend and it doesn't have to be Training you know training even though You're still doing it you're still

Testing your gear by testing your Vehicle testing or to what you brought Um did you bring enough did you not did You bring too much Um your work the way it's intended to Work does it um did you bring enough Food or enough water all those kind of Things and are you it gets you used to Living out in that environment also and The camaraderie of hanging out with Friends around a campfire and just how Having fun and I'll tell you what some People were like well it would suck to Go um camping in the weather I'm in It might but I'll tell you what Friendships and deep bonds are really Formed With adverse conditions and challenges If you're faced with challenges and Adverse conditions that's how you really Build those deep bonds of connection Between people between individuals so I Don't know I hope you guys notice the Renewed Energy in me now that I decided It's about To stop just stop all the crap and have Fun so you might be saying some seeing Some good changes on this video I'm Looking into I really want to get Although it's a lot of money a drone so I can go up and show footage of us Hiking getting out and doing stuff Um but I will be showing more footage Very shortly of us actually getting out

And doing things so that's going to be a Lot more fun So I'm really jazzed about that I'm Really looking forward to that kind of a New direction for the channel Um although you know we'll still cover You know prepping and the basics and Stuff like that it's very important I Just really want to get away from Worrying about everything all the time You know the egg shortages the fuel Shortages the Um supply chain issues the war over There I'd you know All I can do is what I can do and the Best thing for me mentally physically is Spiritually is to reconnect not Necessarily reconnect but just build Those bonds with my family and my tribe So that's just that's the direction I Want to go I hope you guys like it I Hope that you guys you know stick around Join us on our journey this is still About prepping of course you know that's Important to me Um But I'm also to the point in Preparedness where I don't have to Concentrate on certain things anymore I Can get out I'm free to do more stuff Because I am prepared so build the basic Level of preparedness and then get out There and enjoy life I mean worrying About stuff in the the agenda of

Division you know of being angry at this Person being angry at that person you Know politics religion Um you know all the stuff is just It's stressful And I'm just done with it I'm sick and Tired of the agenda of division so I'm Just not going to play it anymore I'm Not going to play into their system I'm Not going to play into their uh you know Their game I'm just gonna we're gonna Get out we're gonna enjoy life we're Gonna have fun so please join us have a Wonderful day and blessings to you and Yours

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