I Got a New Warrior German Shepherd! Heres Why Preppers Need Dogs


What are the benefits of preppers owning dogs? Are German Shepherds the best prepping dogs? OH AND!!!!WE GOT A NEW DOG, and its a SUPERDOG!

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38 thoughts on “I Got a New Warrior German Shepherd! Heres Why Preppers Need Dogs

    1. Too many eggs can be bad for a Dog. 1-2 eggs a week is very good, but more is Not, they will loose their hair, and they keep at it, they can get very sick

    1. @4 hours ago That would be an excellent choice. Nobody would mess with you with one of those big bad boys around. Stay away from huskies. biggest crybabies and noisiest breed in the world.

    1. Save your money — a really good dog (with European working-dog breeding) will cost you. Expect $5K for a top quality puppy. But you will never regret getting a dog of that quality.

    2. As long as you correctly exercide a dog, it can live in an apartment. My pitbull (high energy breed) service dog and I live in a 850 sq foot apartment and he is perfectly happy and well fit because I correctly exercise him.

  1. One con about dogs being a early warning system is that they can give away your position if you’re trying to be stealthy or don’t want to be found. Can they be trained to warn you without barking?

    1. Yes, just train the command “hush” when they begin barking as a puppy. But praise them for alerting you. Within a year our girl would growl instead of barking. If she does break out with a bark, “Hush” will immediately silence her. Don’t forget to praise them for alerting.

    2. I heard a story of a marine platoon in Vietnam. They were dug in for the night, of one of the marines had a dog (that was of course trained extensively). The story goes that they all fell asleep, the dog started growling softly as it heard footsteps in the distance, it alerted it’s handler, and he quietly woke the rest of the platoon. As they cocked their rifles it scared off the enemy.

  2. Silence train the new pup, get him to play and be vocal each night at certain time, encourage the barking and vocalizing, then after a week introduce no barking, growls, or vocalizing at all or movement. When he is barking or vocalizing all of a sudden say Stop but firmly, not loud but firm and hit mute on tv or radio so no other background noises, so tell everyone to freeze and not talk when don’t this when you say stop, the pup will stop right away from hearing you be firm all of a sudden while playing with him, so after he stops say good boy, after he will want to move or walk or keep playing so after you say stop he needs to stand or sit in spot and be silent. So tell him no if he barks or wants to move tell him sit, using the basics like Stop, Listen and Ok as release or gold boy or girl. You can do it with snap of fingers too or even a certain look or sound, you get the gist of it and I’m sure your buddies in video who train will agree.
    God Speed Brother

  3. I have always said to have dogs – especially with a Lone Wolf/Gray Man … or family with small children. Little dogs (instant yappers) and big dogs (red team, green team) for defense and offense. Better to have than a human prepper group. More appreciative than humans, and more loyal. Eat less than a human – give more performance 24/7/365 than a human for guarding, protecting, … Can also use for ambushing, outflanking, pack hunting and taking down prey food for the pack. Dogs can pull toy wagons with gear, as well as having their own dog ruck carries. In SHTF, domestic dogs, stray dogs, … and if feral dogs will accept pack teaming and semi-domestication … you can have a true working relationship and make sure that you are the alpha-dog to them. Humane society dogs (getting out of dog jail) are most loyal (knowing they could get a future needle, or put back into doggie jail). With human training, and personal dog whispering – the dogs training you !!!, you learn how to use your hands, face and eyes (dogs are face, nose and eyes oriented for directions) for command directions. Having a dog pack of compatible canines that work with the human, and work with each other, you have a marvellous beyond-worth sur-thrival.

    And use special, short, unique (not recognized) single word single or double-consonant commands, that the dogs are trained to have instant reponse. Police dogs are raised and trained in Czech – and only obey Czech command words. Dogs are trained to go for the elbow (and no other area) – grab and yank down to the ground. If you have pack teams, then they should be first trained for the elbow, then with support teams, go for the other elbow, legs, and a final dog on the chest, teeth in the face, and a hard grab to the throat for total submission of the perp. Much like a wolf pack, lion pack on a prey species.

    Have Marshall (and Baxter) well trained. Having had beagles train me as a small child in dog language and body posturing … I can approach most (sane) dogs (even pits and mastiffs) and they instinctively know a dog-person and -whisperer – and will be ricky-tic with attention and focus on you as a companion and leader. Even to the point of having dogs come up to you – and demand attention, playing, and taking a walk with them. A full training is having all the agility tests, high climbs, ladders, stairs, rafters, tunnels, potential tree climbing, defense, offense, learning to hunt alongside a rifle, pulling a sled, toboggan, wagon, pulling a person to safety from water, ice river, fire, highway, and conduct squad tactics (ambush, out-flanking, crawl, hide and seek, search and rescue), potential animal attention – skunks, crocodiles, rattlesnakes, …), being animal friendly to livestock, while being defensive to feral critters (wild game), …. Having them fire and chemical trained – for explosives, troxic chemicals, and dangerous situations provides everybody with greater protection. Having personal water safety, swimming, jumping-diving, going through fire, going through flood, .. and making out of the box thinking for safety and survival of the dog and the alpha human. Having a dog pack operate much like a military squad with pivot man (point), with side enfilades of searchers, and rear guard actions gives a full compliment of operations. Having a single or multiple domestic dog team pulling small vehicles also gives greater mobility for all movements.

    Would never be without having a proper dog pack in a SHTF situation – even if you have to build one in disaster times from individual dogs on the street.

  4. Yeah …. it’s an extra mouth to feed but totally worth it … when all is quiet, they’ll hear people coming from miles away unlike our ears. One thing is for sure … they have to be trained to be silent when need be, under all conditions.

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