I Owe An Appology!

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I owe an apology If any of you guys know me out there I hope you understand that I'm a good Person An honest person And I really care about other people Hey everybody it's Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness So what is this about so about a week Ago we've been working on it throughout Emails for a little bit and I was Supposed to be on a live stream with Penny pinching prepper And I was a no-show Because honestly being legit with you Guys I totally just forgot I've been going through a lot stress Family stuff sicknesses Busy burnout from getting shut down here On this platform Lack of motivation stuff like that but That's no excuse Um he received some Flack on that Um live stream because people were Saying that he just threw my name out There so he could get more people to Show up Um trying to use it and that's not the Case it was my fault 100 so I apologize To him and I want anybody out there that Sees this to know that that was not him Trying to fish for more subscribers that Was my fault 100 and I've apologized to Him we've been talking in text and we

Will do a live stream sometime but check Out his channel his channel is all about Being budget minded that is very Important nowadays there How many of us have unlimited funds Probably none of us so budget-minded Prepping is so important I love talking About budget mining minded prepping like My raised beds for gardening I love Gardening one I'm looking at in front of Me was built out of Extra metal roofing Panels that I found behind the shed Another one of the ones that made of Logs that I drug out of the woods other Ones are made out of pallets that I Disassembled and made them out of Pallets some are made out of wood some Are containers but if you've ever seen My garden in my raised beds it's a bunch Of redneck do it yourself stuff so I Love the do-it-yourself approach another Reason why I love the do-it-yourself Approach and why you get to check out Penny penny pinching prepper uh Peter Pickled Peppa Peppa peck of peppers you Know that yeah okay is because Um when you do things yourself these DIY Projects these do-it-yourself projects Then you learn while you're doing it you Establish and you gain skills that's Very important so please check out his Channel a small Channel I think right Now I just looked at his channel 311 Subscribers we can get him to a thousand

We can get them over a thousand so Please go subscribe to him watch his Videos give him view time give him that Good click-through rate Um I really appreciate you guys it's all About building community and there's Good people out there in this community We need to support them I appreciate Your support here on this channel and I Just wanted to come on here and say this Because that's the kind of person I am And I feel it's very important uh to Clear up when you've wronged somebody Even if it was accidentally I did not Intend it whatsoever but we need to be Transparent we need to have each other's Backs and I failed I dropped the ball And let somebody good person in this Community down and so I want to let you Guys know about it I wanted to apologize And I wanted to get you guys to go check Out his channel I feel he has a lot of Good content I haven't been up to be Able being able to watch a lot of Content so I haven't watched a ton of Content but I have watched some and I Feel that there is value in his channel So go check it out please and um keep on Prepping and do these little things he's Got a lot of great advice a lot of Things you can do for very very Inexpensive that will get you more Prepared reality prepared not just all This hey you know the world's ending

Tomorrow and you need to buy this thing From me kind of thing no that's not what It's about real world actual Preparedness so please check out his Channel and I hope he and you guys Accept my sincere apology have a Wonderful day and blessings to you and Yours

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