Welcome to the thrilling tale of my survival challenge on a deserted island! After enduring 100 hours without any food or water, I can confidently say that I emerged victorious. This was no easy feat – every minute was a battle for survival, but I was determined to push my limits and conquer the challenge. Throughout this epic journey, I encountered numerous obstacles that tested my strength, resilience and ingenuity. So, if you’re ready to hear about my incredible adventure and the secrets to my survival, read on!

I SURVIVED 100 Hours on a DESERTED ISLAND | NO FOOD NO WATER | Survival Challenge | Ep.1

Introduction ##

Have you ever wondered if you could survive on a deserted island without any food or water for 100 hours? Well, a person did it in a recent YouTube video that quickly went viral. The video shows a person stranded on a deserted island with no food or water, only surviving on coconuts, fish, and clams.

The person was able to find resources in litter and washed-up items like bottles and tins. The temperature on the island was 37 degrees Celsius (98 Fahrenheit), adding another layer of difficulty to the challenge.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the video and explore how the person managed to survive on the deserted island for 100 hours without any food or water.

Surviving on the Island ##

The video starts with the person stranded on the island, looking for resources to survive. They quickly discover coconuts and learn how to open them to access the water and flesh inside. They also catch fish using a makeshift fishing rod made from a stick and fishing line found in litter.

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Later in the video, they find clams on the beach and cook them over a homemade fire using sticks and dried leaves. They also find a bottle of Baileys and plan to have a party, taking advantage of the unexpected discovery.

The person does not just rely on natural resources, but also collects items such as plastic water bottles and aluminium cans that have washed up on the shore. They make a water filter from sand and charcoal in a plastic bottle, creating a way to access safe drinking water.

The Giant Iguana? ##

Midway through the video, the person finds a giant footprint on the beach and suspects a giant iguana may be on the island. They search for the creature but are unable to find it, leaving the potential danger looming throughout the rest of the challenge.

The Abrupt Ending ##

The video ends abruptly without any conclusion or explanation about how the person escaped the island. It is unclear if it was meant to be a cliffhanger for a follow-up episode or simply a production oversight.

Conclusion ##

The video of the person surviving on a deserted island without food or water for 100 hours was a challenging and entertaining watch. They utilised their ingenuity and resourcefulness to survive and encapsulated a sense of survival driven adventure. It is a testament to the human spirit when it comes to surviving. There are also questions about the feasibility of being able to survive on a deserted island under such circumstances.


  1. Is it possible to survive on a deserted island without food or water for 100 hours?
  2. How did the person in the video access safe drinking water?
  3. What did the person do when they found the bottle of Baileys on the island?
  4. How did the person manage to catch fish on the island without any equipment?
  5. Was the giant iguana on the island ever found or confirmed to be real?
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