I WAS HIT WITH THE STINGING HEX (Homesteading from scratch)


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Genesis 1:29
Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”

20 thoughts on “I WAS HIT WITH THE STINGING HEX (Homesteading from scratch)

  1. When I was very young I was stung in my bed lol. It hurt bad enough (and shocked me) to send me crying to my mother and she put bicarb on it. Worked a treat. Pain gone, tears gone, all was instantly well 🙂

  2. YOU DIDN’T FAIL! I’m the widow of a criminal judge (27 yrs.) He would have agreed with your argument completely! You walked in with a handful of aces, you were playing against a handful of joker’s! That judge had to have some charge otherwise, he sets his court with a ” presidence” opening the flood gates. You got smacked in a battle. The war is at your homestead. Your focus has to be there. Don’t take your eye off the real war, the real stuff. You did us all proud. Your concerns need to be T and your place. Bless you.

    1. I agree that while Erin didn’t quite get the outcome she went in for she did come away with some positives. Erin has my utmost respect from me and we are all learning from her unfortunately and for some maybe it can be a blessing! Great comment Deborah Padgett about her with a handful of aces up against joker’s. Erin has really woke me up in some areas and I’m grateful to her & T!

  3. I canned up about 10 quarts of green beans so far. Eating fresh peas and my tomatoes are finally getting ripe. I have no cukes we had a very slow spring. Sounds like you’ve been very busy. Good job!

  4. I hope you have epi pens…. You could die from a reaction that serious! Be careful girl Not a fail though. Anything you learn from or can teach us with is a success!

  5. Regarding your legal issues – When you requested your Social Security #, you waived your God given rights and agreed to the terms of the State. Since the State ‘owns’ us and everything we call ‘property’, follow their rules or experience their tyranny. I agree with your thoughts on freedoms (whatever freedom is these days), but when you travel on their highways ‘naked’, beware of the Highwaymen and their powers to collect revenue for State.

  6. OHHHHHHH Erin. Please make sure you get an EpiPen). My allergy began years back when you had to take a tablet, tie off, and then inject. These pens are amazingly easier and will save you en route to the hospital. Reaction to the sting(s) get progressively worse, and if you are swarmed, it could be fatal. My father in law got swarmed when he was in the apple orchard and stung by over 100, mostly on his head. Luckily, the hospital was close enough and he was not allergic. Let’s face it – if your tongue/throat begins to swell, your breathing becomes impaired, and your heart is racing, you are in big trouble and will need an IV ASAP. You can get by with 1 pen vs. 2-3 recommended as you spend most of your time at the homestead. You can get the longer expiry dated pens from the pharmacy if you ask.Checked mine – October 2019, so I won’t get another until next spring.You two deserve a break or mini holiday to rest.
    Your journey has been hectic. Stay safe. Can you ask T to please share her apple butter recipe when things settle down? Kisses to Scotty.

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