ICF Mountain Homestead: Million Dollar View?


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After 6 weeks of rainy weather we finally had a break with some sunshine so we could get the big Cat loader back to the mountain and backfill the basement. We also needed to get the driveway shaped and ready for gravel to stop it from washing out after so much rain. Finally we finish clearing the North ridge for that million dollar view!

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22 thoughts on “ICF Mountain Homestead: Million Dollar View?

  1. Some are busy murdering our trees for a view and some are busy replanting or replacing our trees. Watch out for mud slides when knocking vegetation out

  2. Watching your build is excellent. I miss the preppier videos, the ones about food preservation,the animal and gardening ones. Your doing a great job . Thanks

  3. I’m loving it and what a great view. May ask if you are going to plant fruit or nut trees or even maybe some fruit bushes? love and blessings always from Scotland πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. In NC, there are so many pine trees that we look at them like they are weeds. The trees that they took down at this site are less than nothing compared with what remains not only on this site, but in the state as a whole.

  4. This is so amazing!!! Yall are doing such a great job! You are going to need retention walls – not hard to do but erosion will defeat you without them..

  5. A dream coming to pass right before your eyes know your excitement is sooooooo high loved all you wrote may each come to pass in JESUS name it is a beautiful home sooo far

  6. I think you all have a great plan. I’ve been watching you for approximately 2 yrs now. Fabulous job. I am not a builder or an architect but would love to see the terracing with some retaining walls. Much love and continued blessings and success.

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