ICF Mountain Homestead: Why We Are Using Stucco Over Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)


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We have decided to use stucco on the basement walls to provide for a permanent waterproof exterior cladding. First we have to grind the brick ledge smooth and prep the surfaces so the fiberglass mesh will stick to the foam.

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Our Fifth Year Homesteading (2020)

Building An Off Grid ICF Mountain Home

In 2015, following a series of events that included job loss and a 7.8 earthquake that shook us out of our complacency, we decided to leave the rat race and live a more grounded lifestyle. For the first two years we taught ourselves skills such as canning, preserving, raising livestock, and off-grid cooking while living in the comfort of our suburban home. Then in 2017, we sold everything and moved off-grid to a 1960's 600-sq ft trailer in the most rural part of Appalachia we could find. Follow us as we build a home in one of the last remaining wild places in North Carolina.

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18 thoughts on “ICF Mountain Homestead: Why We Are Using Stucco Over Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

  1. LOL. Growing a lawn is like growing a beard. I can relate. For me, it’s mostly weeds and bugs with the occasional sprout in between. And the lawn doesn’t look so great either.

  2. I’m kinda of curious how this works out, from what I have seen you’re still supposed to use a house wrap or drainage plane behind the stucco, but I have seen people stucco straight over the foam. I have researched it endlessly and havent came up with a confirmation that stucco straight onto the foam is a good idea

  3. And the finishing starts. Sometimes I think there is so much more work at this stage, but I also think it comes with much more satisfaction.
    So glad your grass is coming in now too. I can totally picture that property as it will be in a couple of years. Y’all are doing a great job at being patient! Hang in there! It really is coming together. Feels like forever, but it will so be worth it. You’ve worked so hard for this; sacrificed so much for this; and endured/persevered super well for all of this and it is coming together.
    I’m so excited for y’all!

  4. My Grandma’s house was 100% chicken wire with stucco. It was close to 200 years old. No leaks. You just need to maintain it and keep it painted. She lives in southern Missouri with no a/c, lots of heat and humidity and wood stove heat only for most of the winter. Good quality stucco applied correctly is a great choice.

  5. You all have really come a long way. I would love to live out like that. I would settle for a She Shed just to get out of town….Lol. I know you all will be so happy to get it all done and I for one will be so happy for you all.

  6. Cool, we used the corbel/brick ledge on the inside of our basement wall to support top hung open web main floor trusses… very simple to setup and add a sill for trusses. Very strong(2000lb/linear ft) and solid…

  7. Evening from New Zealand… the build is REALLY coming along and looks terrific – amazing work so far and super quick!!. The house appears to be built to a really high standard. Have truly enjoyed watching your journey thus far (been tuning in for a long time now) and appreciate you sharing all your trials, challenges and wins over the years. Inspirational! Stay safe during these very challenging times and I look forward to watching this and your many future projects.

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