IMPORTANT Info | Food Shortage Updates | Empty Shelves Report February 1

Boots on the ground food shortage updates from viewers regarding Walmart, Aldi, and grocery stores in their communities. Empty shelves reports seeing how things are going.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we got a lot of reports coming Out from you guys updates if you guys Have updates that you want to share with Us you can email them directly to me at Poplarprepairness or you can Pop them down in the comments of any Video use the word updates somewhere in There and give some sort of geographical Location before you jump into that I Want to point out what someone did point Out here that Brenda was pointing out That we have crickets already in Canadian food so even though we were Reporting that that was going down in Europe that just been approved crickets Ground up crickets added to food was Already happening in Canada so if you Have shellfish allergies or allergies That could be triggered by eating Crickets you might want to be aware of That as well start watching those labels On your products if you just are morally Against eating crickets or if you're Religiously against eating crickets you Might want to be checking those labels a Little more closely as well as as we get More and more bugs added to our food I Know some with religious convictions About some of those things will have a Harder time as well as those with Allergies let's jump into your reports John 3 16 said in New England the price Of a regular package of Poland Spring

Water is now 669. not too long ago you Used to be able to get three packages For ten dollars That's up a lot right Debbie in Birmingham UK yesterday Virtually no eggs Eggs low inventory for two full weeks Price is still affordable carton of 15 Small eggs is one pound 70 and I believe That the pound is still about parity to The US dollar so that actually is quite Nice we're gonna have to come visit you In Birmingham UK Edifying gravity says here in North Florida baking powder is impossible to Find between myself and family and Friends we've checked every store within An hour's Drive including very rural Dollar Generals and it's not available I Haven't heard of that being an issue but I haven't been checking myself I will Check that but anyone else out there Having trouble getting baking powder let Us know in the comments Aradia says Australia's inflation rate hits 7.8 Percent in the last quarter in 2022. Those are government numbers too the Highest in 32 years the last time we hit This level in Australia we experienced a Recession in 1990. I should let you know what kind of uh Situation we're in right now Linda says I got two of those canned hams at Aldi They're almost a dollar higher at

Walmart we have plenty of chicken still No eggs at Aldi's uh bread is still low Um yeah so about a year ago I was really Stacking up those canned hams because uh They're actually quite tasty Uh they're not like spam they're they Taste my cam but they're in a can and You can bake them and they they taste Just like a ham the the texture is a Little off from from getting fresh ham Frozen ham or whatever and baking it Yourself but those canned hams are Actually really useful for stacking Still no eggs crazy I'm gonna I'm just gonna spell this out Put some letters in here Ashlynn I'm Going to say it as it's missing a couple Letters but that's what it kind of looks Like Ashland 12 17 says Arizona We have maybe two kinds of generic Walmart pastas to choose from the rest Are name brands ground chicken has been Really difficult to find mostly Impossible and chicken breasts are Expensive cannot find a tri tip Stakes Anywhere Idahoan instant potatoes the small bags Went from one dollar at the end of 2021 To a buck 44 today But you know there's only like four Percent inflation according to the Government so uh Brian epipens or Automatic injections of epinephrine have Been and are currently in a shortage

Who can imagine that there be a shortage With governments ordering them to stick You know all that stuff into people's Food that could cause an allergic Reaction Doctors are currently extending the Extending the extending and extending The expiration dates by at least a year So if you have epipens that are expiring You want to keep a hold of those Apparently and they're saying that that You should keep a hold of them uh Michael and this is uh in the UK we've Just been informed we are no longer Allowed to sell eggs at the farm gate or Give them away This just continues to be this war Against backyard poultry I would keep Getting told that the animals are dirty And dangerous if you are familiar with Ice Age farmer who has Ministers had disappeared We we know that that that there's this War against people being self-sufficient People against having Gardens the Government is against you having eggs Coming from your backyard because it's Dangerous you shouldn't be able to do That and you certainly shouldn't be Giving them out to people when they Should be buying from the corporate food Processing plants Friends crazy days Renee Washington State no eggs at Costco and fresh fresh

Chicken was 38 dollars for a pack of Eight Um Sarah Lower South Island of New Zealand warnings of CO2 shortages here I Know I know with all the with all the All the CO2 going up in the atmosphere You think there won't be a shortage of CO2 but yet for going into Foods drinks And all that kind of stuff warnings of CO2 shortages here and limits on some Sausages and some Brands not available Crackers and biscuits which are are United States cookies right definite Gaps limits on toilet paper and paper Tissues with gaps there too eggs are Very short because now caging hens is Illegal Um so they you can't have the big Factories with cage tens a good thing But there is a demand on the free range So uh so it's limited Supply Cold and flu medications definite gaps Prices continue to Skyrocket here and I'm thinking rice noodle coffee rice Noodles And coffee will uh We'll be uh seeing bigger gaps soon Yeah I don't know about the uh Banning of chickens and cages I I don't Know how I feel about on one hand I'm Generally kind of the if it's efficient Way to produce food I'm kind of against Banning it but at The same time when you see uh and if

You've watched any of the videos or Anything like that or learned about how A lot of these Farms really produce These eggs it is terrible for the Chickens and it's got to be terrible for People buying those eggs too so I If only we could find a more efficient Way of producing humanely Eggs that that's that's what I'm Thinking I I don't know if Government Edict is the best way to go but maybe Maybe in this case it's it's where we Need to go without I don't know let me Know what you guys think should we ban These uh these these Farms where they Jam a hundred thousand chickens in cages Uh and and make them live their lives Out in those those cages just laying Eggs that doesn't seem very Humane to me But uh I know you probably don't like it Either but is that the way they should Do it just ban it at the government Level salty prepper in Alaska says it's Not just Tractor Supply my hands barely Laid this summer on the layer feed I got From Walmart noticed it but didn't think Too much of it until now I am pretty Sure my birds have been sterilized not An egg in months Friends Um chickens need a whole bunch of Vitamins in order to lay eggs so if your Feed is not giving those vitamins there Are ways to add in those vitamins and so

Might want to check that I haven't heard Other people having problems with a Walmart brand chicken feed if anyone Else here is having problems with Walmart chicken feed with their chickens Please let us know about that too we Will get that out to everybody else if If that is the case choose the word Update in a comment or you can email it Directly to me at poplarpreparedness Uh Sarah says no eggs at my work and Very low still on baby formula and baby Food and low on cold medicine there is a Lot of chicken but it is very expensive That's what we're seeing in a lot of Places right uh Sensa Sensei J says Warehouse Club prices Increased on 25 pound bags of rice From 10.78 two weeks ago yesterday the Price was up two whole dollars up to 12.78 18.5 percent increase rice prices Are going up I did a video about that Just a couple days ago Thailand we're Seeing prices uh jumping in for rice and They're a major exporter we're probably Going to see rice price increases Significantly in the near future Sandy Says a corn syrup in Southern Indiana Has been gone from everywhere since Christmas and before and when Indiana Runs out of corn syrup you know there Are problems that is crazy Um

If you need that for recipes and stuff Like that I haven't heard about corn Syrup being out but then again I don't Even know where to find that in my Grocery store so is anyone else seeing Corn syrup being out as well let us know And in Northeast Ohio a dozen eggs 479 Purina dry cat food shelves almost empty Progressive soups on special two for Four dollars 18 months ago those soups Were on sale for one dollar a can we got A lot of price increases out there we Got a lot of shortages out there please Let us know what you guys are seeing out There once again you can email Poplarprepairness or pop them Down the comments down below uh with the Word update and a geographical location Attached to that thanks so much for Watching if you found this video useful Or helpful you want to check out another Video there's one right here please make Sure you are subscribed and you haven't Been unsubscribed as well I will see you Later Steve Poplar out

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