In Depth Guide to Homesteading for Beginners – Part 1 What is Homesteading & how do you start?


In Depth Guide to Homesteading for Beginners – Part 1 What is Homesteading & how do you start?

Hey everyone! Welcome to our Beginners guide to homesteading series. In part 1 we will go over what we think homesteading is and how someone should go about it. This will be an ongoing in depth series that will come out every weekend. Thanks so much for your love and support and we hope y'all get good info out of this series.
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25 thoughts on “In Depth Guide to Homesteading for Beginners – Part 1 What is Homesteading & how do you start?

  1. If U buy a place that has a well,that’s good. If the place has water available that can b played for in a monthly bill to a company water system,beware. The company might charge a monthly availability + water usage = monthly bill.
    The availability n charge for gallon will b raised from time to time.
    It’s modern day piratcey.
    Best to have a well or haul it in.

    1. @The Segovias,in Tx. The problem is drought. My well went dry 3 times. Water catchment is an alternative. Even though we(as in me, u n ur significant other)think the same we have a different eco/independence approach/endurance about the situation.
      I’m an 0311(Marine Infantry).
      It’s been more than a year I cut off the water where I now live due to the availability charge.
      Now I buy water in bulk, n haul it in. A lot cheaper.
      I earn my money n manage it. I don’t believe in the political/eco system.
      It’s different for non-singles,I realize.

  2. I love you guys channel it awesome and very informative. One question is those boots. Do you wear them so you don’t get bit by snakes? I don’t know or just the style for the day? I like them. And tell me about home schooling I know you have a child.

    1. Hey Stephanie thanks so much! We where the boots mainly for comfortably and functionality when working outside. There very convenient 🙂 As for homeschooling we don’t have a kid right now. When we do start a family we might homeschool but it can be a lot of work as well. We have mixed feelings when it comes to homeschooling.

  3. Good video, Good info, Good opinions, Good insight. Start where you are and see what you like and do not like. What you want and what you can live without.

  4. Am so thankful for this timely video, am a fan of your work and currently packing up to go set up my own homestead.
    Appreciate all the insights.
    ❤❤ all the way from Kenya

  5. Great job. Telling people to just start. I have friends who used an old dog house built a platform for it. For a couple of chickens put a roosting bar in it. Works great.

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