Inauguration Day – Bear Report 20 JAN 21

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20 Jan 21
Inauguration Day 2021

Intro: Weekly Threat Matrix

Segment 1: FCC is Yo Daddy, FBI is Yo Mama
Segment 2: Most Peaceful Attempted Assassinations
Segment 3: Yay Economy! (zhing chou wi hang zi which is Chinese for “we win, sucka”)

Intro: Weekly Threat Matrix
How key states plan to secure their capitol buildings ahead of possible armed pro-Trump protests – CNN yes, CNN, I know… suck it up, buttercup…

Twitter Executive Caught Pushing Massive Censorship of Conservatives: “We’re Going to be Aggressive” | Twitter censoring Pro-Life Conservatives

Segment 1: FCC is Yo Daddy, FBI is Yo Mama

Daddy says don’t be speakin’ in code words n stuff
Ahead of Biden inauguration, FCC warns against using personal radios to ‘facilitate criminal acts’ | National |

FBI thinks you’re probably a “Domestic Terrorist” so go to your room…
FBI | Countering Violent Extremism | What are Known Violent Extremist Groups?

Segment 2: Most Peaceful Attempted Assassinations

US takes back its assertion that Capitol rioters wanted to ‘capture and assassinate’ officials – CNNPolitics yeah, more CNN… they pay for the top spots on Google…

Country Boy lost in DC has $12,000 worth of ammo in car (500 rnds 9mm)
Virginia man arrested at DC checkpoint says it was an ‘honest mistake’ (
Get your Body Armor before Kamala Biden and Joe Harris make it illegal
Adventure Frontier – Outdoor Gear, Emergency Supplies

Segment 3: Yay Economy! (or, zhing chou wi hang zi, which is Chinese for “we win, sucka”)

Analysis: China is winning the global economic recovery – CNN yes, MORE CNN, I want your head to explode with injustice and indignation…

China wants to be the coolest thing since sliced bread: sliced Chinese bread
Report: China to increase wheat imports | 2020-08-05 | World Grain (

Weaponized Wuhan Jina Flu dovetails perfectly with WEF Great Reset
The Great Reset | World Economic Forum (

The Bear Special Report (which has replaced the Bear Daily Brief) is Bear’s commentary and a curation of intel and regarding current events in our nation. We’re neither a news agency nor an intelligence agency; we’re facilitating the sharing of information amongst the Bear Nation.

This topic is quintessential to preparedness for all doomsday preppers, homesteaders, survivalists, militia, minuteman, city prepping, rural prepper, urban prepper, normal people, or looking to prepare for SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI or natural disaster. Whether your own personal SHTF is the 2020 elections, economic collapse, civil unrest, martial law, food crisis, civil war, food shortage, EMP or CME, black swan event, or whatever, a prepper needs to be prepared for this topic. Whether your an AWK news fan or Tim Pool fan we expect you’ll find something you’ll enjoy here.

Regardless if you’re a Viking Preparedness prepper, Canadian Prepper, into city prepping, or just normal people, you need to be ready for SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI, which is why we’re discussing this topic today. Common prepper concerns are bug out bag, bugging out in general, food storage, security, communications, emergency preparedness, homesteading, budget, gardening, bushcrafting, end times, Torah, get home bag, survival, EDC, and all the things we discuss at this channel. ***

Subscribe for weekly Brit Hadasha (New Testament) and No Roots No Fruit Torah Study (Old Testament) Shabbat Bible readings, updates on SHTF TEOTWAWKI WROL Survival Tips, Homestead Updates, Tribal Leadership, Gear Reviews, Gardening Tips, Real World Experience and a complete lack of third-party advertising and hypothetical BS! *** AWK News and Tim Pool talk a lot about this kind of stuff. While we don’t always agree with folks like LT at AWK News and Tim Pool, they definitely are good sources of information.

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