Israel Bombs Iranian Factories & Military Bases | US National News & World Updates

Major airstrikes inside Iran after unrest in Israel. Multiple shootings in and around Jerusalem, Israel followed by explosions in Iran.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report it seems like a slow news day out There but a lot of stuff have actually Happened we're going to get into some Big things like this drone attack on Iran it has serious implications for the Whole region and indeed the whole world We're seeing That we have this big hen die off Because of this big fire up in Connecticut we have We have some serious civil liberties Under attack in the UK things that Happen that are coming out now Documentation has now been received that That some really nefarious things went Down in the UK you're going to want to Hear that if you're in the UK and if You're not in the UK you want to be Warned about the things that the Government there has been doing in Secret because you had better believe It's doing that elsewhere Um also we're going to be covering how The tanks head into uh Eastern Europe May not be all that they seem a bunch of Them are going to be stripped down De-armored tanks All right let's jump into it folks first Off of you may have heard about it Elsewhere Saturday afternoon there was a Major fire in Basra Connecticut a Hundred thousand egg-laying hens were Killed in a big fire took out one of the

Big coops a hundred thousand layers in That Coop it's a big Coop Now we've been seeing issues where They're culling a million or two million Chickens laying hens all at once in Central United States and that's a big deal a Hundred thousand is also notable but I Will say that it is not going to Significantly impact things as much as Those million hen callings though that That's what really did Us in Um when I when I kept talking about the You know the 50 million I was like That's a big number in the United States And you know people out there Preparedness channels and other like That's not a big deal we got plenty of Chickens Um that was a bad call folks Um a number of other channels some of The big channels uh said it's not a big Deal won't be a problem They were wrong you go to your egg shelf Right now at your store and you look at The price and then tell me if it's a Problem or not I find it to be a problem uh as I buy my Eggs if you're going to be buying laying Hens or chicks this this spring tell me If it's a problem or not All right that's that's how things work There's an inelastic supply people are Going to keep buying eggs they're still

Relatively cheap food wise so people are Going to keep buying them so that just Means the price is just going to have to Keep going up and up and up until people Stop buying them because there's not Enough eggs to go around That's both the United States and Happening in other countries too okay This is the big one here folks uh Israel apparently launched a major drone Attack a drone and missile attack on Iran it's a little Unclear exactly went down because Iran's Going out there and saying oh we shot Down all those drones no problem Oh yeah yeah one of them hit our arms Production warehouse but it just it just It just hit the roof and set a little Fire on the roof no big deal no big deal But we are hearing from other people That it is quite a big deal people on The ground reporting major explosions And we're going to get in kind of where That is and what's going on with that Israel is being rather mum about it Because of course they didn't do it but Israeli media is pointing at Mossad and Saying it was a successful raid against Ammunition and Munitions plants and and Oil plant and a Refinery and some Military bases in Iran this is pretty Bold this is as about as bold as we've Seen in a quite a while and if you look At a map you'll see that Israel and Iran

Are not like Next to each other So in order for missiles to hit Iran From Israel they had to come from Somewhere And if they came from Israel they had to Fly over a number of countries before They get there Otherwise you're going to be looking at Stuff launched by a submarine from the Persian Gulf potentially Logistically there are questions there That uh Kind of begging to be asked aren't they Because they weren't launched from Iraq We can Pretty safely say that So they could have been launched by Aircraft over Syria they've moved into Syrian airspace a number of times but That would mean firing over Iraq Which would really tick off Iraq now They could have been fired from Saudi Airspace but that has some serious Political implications there too if the If missiles were flown over Saudi Arabia With the Saudi Arabia's approval and Then fired from there over the Persian Gulf that's a big deal if submarines Launched from the Persian Gulf that's Less political but kind of a logistics Hazard I how they pulled that off is uh Is pretty significant drones being Launched by submarine or by stealth

Military ships and the Persian Gulf Would be a big news and if they're using Military bases of allies that's a big Deal too what what was hit Uh seems to be pretty clear that there's This in isfahani There's a Munitions and drone production Plant that was hit Iran's saying yeah Just a little roof fire and Israel Saying it's more than a roof fire we Took that thing out and uh major Explosions social media has some uh Videos and stuff like that of explosions So it looks like I'm gonna I'm gonna say I kind of think the Israelis are Probably a little more on this because The people they're trying to impress Have satellites that can see it whereas The Iranians have a tendency to Just try to keep their people on order So it looks like that Munitions plant Was heavily damaged if not destroyed We also have a Basically Israel saying four major hits On the Munitions plant additional Military two additional military bases In hamadan And Karena crazier We're seeing social media reports that Those two military bases have explosions Uh there too we also have the Potentially a drone that hit or Something that hit an oil refinery as Well that that was seen on social media

A big explosion there and fire that says Was out of control at that time so Implications of this a direct attack on Iran you can expect probably that the The Iranian-backed militias in Syria are and Potentially Lebanon are going to launch Stuff over the border into Israel they Also May provoke the uh their backers in West Bank to launch missiles into Israel so that's a big deal because it's Going to cause escalations we've seen Before that even though things may be Shot down by the Iron Dome uh defense System in Israel They have a tendency to to hit back even Though no one was hurt or no one's Killed they'll go back and do air Strikes in West Bank or they'll go Across the border into Lebanon or Syria To hit back hard The um the Hezbollah and Hamas they have Been building up weapons arsenals milit And missile batteries and stockpiling Missiles for another big go at Israel And it looks like the time may be near For that this is spiraling and I think That the very conservative government in Israel that just came in office kind of In some ways kind of wants this they Seem to be instigating things a little Bit now they're in a hard place and I'm Not gonna not this is this is not me Judging either side of things I have my

Opinions on things but and you have your Opinions on things but let's just look At this thing seriously we we see that Iran doesn't seem to be necessarily Wanting to escalate things they kind of Like the status quo a little more Whereas Israel is very unhappy with the Way the status quo is moving because Iran is continuing to refine more and More uranium for nuclear weapons and They're continuing to stockpile Munitions and arms on the Israeli border So Israel with a very conservative Government and a willingness to act Are looking to be more aggressive and Wanting to increase the safety long term Of their area so it seems like the Israeli government has more of incentive To keep things moving forward and Escalating in order to to permanently Deal with some of these security issues That they have going around them so Including potentially taking out nuclear Forces and nuclear power plants and Production sites within Iran but for Them to just go out there and just start Hitting Iran a really hard would kind of Shock the world and kind of make them Look like the bullies and so they kind Of need Iran to kind of fight back some In order to kind of justify the further Strikes and everything like that so Expect to see that escalate going Forward probably politically the end and

And just foreign policy wise that's kind Of what we're expecting and what uh you Probably would see other people saying Is probably going to happen there too Iran's go-to response to these type of Air strikes has been to attack tankers In the Persian Gulf as well as off Yemen And also to potentially shoot missiles Into Israel directly from like I said Syria Lebanon or the West Bank that's Kind of how Iran tends to respond to These expect to see some things like That with the shadow War like this Sometimes both sides just kind of don't Mention that they did something so Tankers explode and everyone kind of Goes a tanker exploded wonder what Happened there when everybody in the Government knows exactly what happened Iran blew that tanker up and then Israel Goes and blows up an Iranian tanker and Everybody knows that but nobody wants to Say it and so in the news media another Tanker exploded and No you know there's suspicions but Nobody's claiming responsibility and no One's pointing the finger either because They both are kind of motivated to keep It hush hush and just hit back at each Other so uh moving over to UK like I said they had an issue there Uh back when we had uh the cough going Around Apparently

This is coming from The Daily Mail which is a pretty big UK Site and I'm not sure if they actually Have a newspaper themselves I think they Do but I'm not sure about that they uh They were in contact with big brother Watch who was able a civil liberties Watchdog organization that was able to Get their hands onto documents proving That the UK Army That's right the UK Army was used to Surveil and spy on politicians and Journalists who disagreed with uh with The the response to the cough And that information was taken And given to the British cabinet The UK parliamentary cabinet was given Access to the surveillance and the Spying on journalists and politicians That objected to or questioned The response to the cough This is what we say they were doing that And everyone goes that's a conspiracy That's conspiracy theory and here we now Have the documents proving that's Exactly what they did they used the Military military assets that are Supposed to be directed at foreign Adversaries turned in on politicians and Journalists within the UK and if you Think that wasn't happening in the United States with the uh With the agencies and Military assets And everything like that you have

Another thing coming that happened in The United States that happened in Canada And and they can cover it up with shell Games oh well the United States doesn't Spy on American citizens uh we we spy on UK citizens and then we give all that Information over to the UK and the UK They spy on American citizens then they Give all that information to the United States I'm friends I don't care how you play a shell game With that that means you're spying on Them okay and that's exactly what they Do they do this little game where they Spy on each other's citizens for each Other and they pass along hey could you Could you look into this so and so and The foreign agency spies On that that Citizen and then gives that Government uh the dossier Um the docket on that person and we're Seeing that this happens consistently And when we had this blow up they Dropped all priesthences and they just Said let's do it ourselves well let's do It ourselves I know I know we're not Supposed to do that I know we're Supposed to get the United States CIA to Spy on our politicians and our Journalists but hey this is an emergency Let's just do it ourselves let's just Have the Army do it Friends if that doesn't scare your socks

Off You're not paying attention because When you realize this That the government doesn't exist to Protect you the government exists to Protect itself and its power And you become the enemy Eastern Europe a whole bunch of Countries came forward and said that They will move and Send tanks to Eastern Europe that's right the United States committed 31 Yep M1 Abram tanks but what they didn't Mention was that this is going to be Export quality M1 avram tanks so that Means no depleted uranium armor now One of the main thing that that's going For the uh Uh Iman Abram tanks is two things the Depleted uranium armor that really is Very effective at stopping tank grounds And the second thing is the depleted Uranium tank rounds that are fired at Other tanks and you had better believe That neither one of those depleted Uranium objects is going to Eastern Europe because if it's captured then it Can be reverse engineered by adversaries And so when we sold tanks M1 Abram tanks To Saudi Arabia back in the day during The Gulf War and be lead up to the Gulf War we did the same thing to them we Gave them just steel armor which is

Ridiculously ineffective because the Tank wasn't designed for that and that's Not how it was designed and so this is What's going to Eastern Europe is Severely underpowered severely Um less capable Tanks Moving on to Dragon country the United States Japan And Netherlands have come to an Agreement on UltraViolet Lithium Lithiography machines I don't make computer chips but Apparently in order to make current Modern computer ships you need to use Ultraviolet lithography To do something with lasers and in Ultraviolet And to put the uh the you know all the Circuits down onto the Silicon in order To make it super tight and all or Something Yeah in order to make them you need These machines and they're really only Made in the Netherlands and so the United States Netherlands and Japan have Come to con to an agreement that they Will ban the sale and export of these Two dragon country we're going to just Cut out Dragon country's capability of Making computer chips completely Friends that means that Dragon countries

Going to realize that the only source of These machines is going to be off their Coast and a little island called Taiwan And they're going to be motivated all The more to take that this is going to Be seen as a very aggressive Step of containment and a undermining of Their economy It's going to be hard to be to see that Else in any other way This is economic Warfare against Dragon Country and it's going to be seen as Extremely insulting as well as damaging To their economy It's uh You know we used to have free trade and The the world is moving in a direction That this is getting very very serious Economic Wars turn into Actual Wars this is how history goes When you start going down the the road Of doing economic damage to each other Intentionally and everyone's detangling The uh econ the economies pulling the Economies apart American and Western Companies are trying to get out of Dragon country as fast as they can right Now and we're seeing that the economies Are starting to separate and detangle That makes the possibility of a military Conflict more and more real because when You're doing trade with each other you Don't want to start shooting at each

Other because it's going to just lose Everybody a whole lot of money but once You've detangled your economies Significantly enough you're like yeah we Can have a war with those guys and you Know it's not going to impact the Economy too much I mean that sounds a little crude but That's basically how things work the More integrated your economies are the Harder it is to go to war with somebody You really need a big bad reason in Order to start shooting at each other But once you've started pulling those Economies apart Then you're just kind of looking for a Reason and that's kind of where we are Going with things right now not only With Bear Country but also with dragon Country over there so keep your eyes on That Please do keep your reports coming if You found this video useful or helpful You might want to check out this other Video from me right here I'll see you Over there or I'll see you later Steve Poplar out

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