It’s Getting Hot | WWIII Has Truly Begun

With WWIII right around the corner every geopolitical news story is really positioning us for the beginning of The great conflict.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we're going to be talking today About the financial world war that is Already underway World War III has not Yet started into a kinetic uh operation That's code for people shooting at each Other Um but what we do see is that the Financial world war is well underway now There are some places of course in Eastern Europe where people are indeed Shooting at each other and nations are Very much involved in what's going on With that but we don't see major Powers Major world powers in direct conflict Just now except for some drones getting Knocked out of the sky but we do see Vladimir Putin of course uh hopped on The internets and started mocking the United States and Europe for the bank Collapses we're going to be talking About that we're going to be talking About sanctions backfiring we're going To be talking about Pipelines we're Going to be talking about manufacturing How this all is really just setting us Up for the world war that is to come the Financial World War has begun and it is Almost certainly going to turn into a Shooting War around the world we've Talked about that a little bit but we're Going to talk about how this is really Setting up and how this is going to Directly impact the shooting War because

These things are positioning we're all Positioning for this coming war and you Need to be positioning yourself Individually as well as your nation Positioning Financially as well this video is Brought to you by Genesis gold our Friends over at Genesis gold Jonathan as Team do a fantastic job helping folks Move their retirement funds from stocks Bonds over into physical assets Gold Silver Platinum coins that are yours They're stamped they're yours they're Sitting in a vault and when you take a Distribution out of your retirement fund You're actually getting coins physical Coins not paper bills and stuff like That You can find them down in the Description down below and a bunch of You have already talked to them and they Have nothing but glowing reviews I'm Hearing from folks all right folks uh so Let's talk about what's going on here Putin has uh basically just said that That this financial storm is kind of one Of United States and the Western Powers His own making That we can't keep our banks operational Even though we are sanctioning other Countries we are Preaching to all sorts of people about What they ought to do what they ought Not to do but we can't keep our own

Banks afloat The greed the rampant speculation in the Western Nations is uh pretty much on Show for everyone to see the emperor has No clothes so to speak and he has a Point with that of course he's uh Not a great fellow himself and the the Banking systems in uh in in Russia and Stuff like that are a complete mess and Corrupt to the Core So I mean it's You know I mean the the Soviet Union Collapsed because of corruption and Failures of their banking systems and uh So if someone would know anything about Things collapsing he would certainly Know about that Um and I am certainly no friend Whatsoever of that country uh But you know Sometimes it takes your enemies to tell You things that you don't want to hear And the banking system in the United States Is one big Ponzi scheme it is fraud at The highest levels And Putin's point about the sanctions Backfiring or absolutely correct the Sanctions are not really hurting The targets that they're supposed to be Hitting in fact the sanctions have Backfired and really landed hard upon Europe Europe uh Europe's economy as a

Whole is actually shrinking where as Russia's economy has is projected to Actually grow You have to look at that and you go that Doesn't make any sense like isn't the Whole point of this to damage their Economy and not to damage our economy And yet that's exactly what's happened A lot of folks have been hit pretty hard And it's mostly people on this side of The Border in Europe as well as the United States and that's where the Sanctions have been hitting and hitting Hard and the banks themselves have Actually been taking hits when we see Assets being frozen Investments that are made in the Countries over there And of course when we see that that China is getting involved in this whole Situation as well And sanctions could be multiplied there Remember when you put sanctions on Another country what you're saying is All of our banks all of our people can't Do business with that place over there And so inherently sanctions are against Your own people they're restricting the Freedom of your Bankers your freedom of Your traders to do what's in their Financial best interest and those Banks And those businesses that already have Contracts that already have agreements Lined up and are counting on that

Revenue counting on those trade deals Counting on those resources moving back And forth are going to be hit pretty Hard by that And so we see this positioning here Where uh the Western powers are trying To choke Both Russia and China to a lesser extent To bring them to to Halt of course Iran Is in the mix there North Korea as well Sanctions have been placed against these Countries for a very long period of time And you know North Korea has been under Sanctions for 70 years and uh They're still there Iran's been under Sanctions for what 40 some years now and They're still there Um you know everyone keeps saying Sanctions work sanctions work sanctions Work and of course I have said on Repeated uh occasions where Where have they worked Give us give us some countries give us Some situations where sanctions have Actually worked and the answer to that Is Nowhere really I mean you can kind of Say well maybe Libya maybe Libya kind of Worked Of course as soon as Libya was like okay Well let's start talking and suddenly we Turn around stabbed him in the back and Uh It just that was awkward

Um they finally start kind of doing what We want to do and then we turn over and Just flip their country into complete Anarchy It's almost like we wanted to teach Everyone not to do that like don't ever Deal with the United States uh in in a Uh In a logical or coherent or friendly way Uh after once they Place sanctions on You they really just want you to destroy You and while the technology levels and The uh The the Damage Done to places like Yemen And Iran and North Korea and then just Go on to Cuba to you know all these Places Venezuela these places have been Crippled by the sanctions but It's never really turned into a Political win for the United States just Containment so to speak I mean Castro And his clan down there in Cuba I mean Have been sitting there for how long Under sanctions Hasn't stopped them at all has it and uh So Of course this time we're told the Sanctions are going to do something Different this time it's going to really Actually work this time but really all We see is that everybody in South America has Cuban cigars except for the United States and that's kind of just a A small picture of kind of how it works

Is that the country is placed in the Sanctions are the ones that do the most Damage to themselves and Yeah they do damage to the countries They're targeting of course uh Chief Example of this is we were unhappy with Uh people buying Russian uh natural gas And particularly Germany and we're Worried that Germany would uh start to Be nice to Russia and so we went in and We blew up that pipeline to make sure That Germany was dependent upon Norway And the United States and not on Russia And that's worked pretty well and there Apparently hasn't been any blowback from That whatsoever because the United States once again can do whatever we Want in the whole world and we can just Damage people and we can threaten you Know a whole nation of allies with uh With uh freezing to death in the winter Time and that's just fine nobody really Gets upset about that because hey you Know we're the good guys We're the good guys doing all the bad Stuff out there and calling other people The bad guys because You know Because Manufacturing let's talk about that um We've been talking about this for a While that China has been focusing in on Building up its manufacturing Capabilities so in the event of a war

They can rapidly deploy and build Whatever they need and the United States Has really fallen behind some of our Most advanced fighter jets and Ships and everything like that and Require components from countries That are hostile to us now Rare Earth Minerals are one of those things but Then also computer components and stuff Like that are actually designed and Built or actually designed in the United States and allies but But actually manufactured in other Countries that are hostile to us and That's kind of rather concerning and We're working on trying to secure the uh The uh Supply chains out there from that but we Are seeing that those things have not Yet been secured Rare Earth minerals These these rare earth metals are Are things that aren't really so rare in The world um you can mine them Everywhere else and people are like well We need to build our mining facilities And stuff like that it's like well we Had rare Earth mineral mining in the United States it's not really hard to Find the minerals it's it's really the Processing that's really nasty it's Really Um Environmentally unfriendly it's I mean When we start seeing like the pools of

Toxic sludge a lot of that's from Processing of rare earth minerals it Takes a lot of acids it takes a lot of Uh just really nice nasty stuff if you Look at the uh the refinery plants over In China that produce this stuff because They don't really care about the Environmental Protection whatsoever Um they they go out into the desert and They just do some really horrendous Nasty stuff to extract these minerals From the ore and not many countries in The world are really okay with those Processes taking place inside their Borders and that's why basically Everyone just let China process all this Stuff and poison their own people and Poison the people and the countries Surrounding them but Until Western countries are willing to Start doing that type of processing in In the in the countries we're not going To see really rare earth minerals Extraction happening And this just has us over a barrel Because a lot of these things are used In cell phones a lot of these things are Used in the bombs and the missiles that The United States needs to use and also The fighter jets and all that kind of Stuff like that the magnets in our Tesla Vehicles and all that kind of stuff These Rare Earth minerals are extremely Important to the the systems but it

Really comes at a high economic and Environmental price tag and that's Really where the rub is We see other countries that are hostile To us are rapidly building up their Infrastructure to produce Weaponry as Well as produce energy whereas the United States is stepping back from both Europe as stepping back from both and The situation is getting worse and worse And worse The sanctions are not helping enough as United States continues to shutter Manufacturing and start to cut its Energy production even in the face of High energy prices we are just not Keeping up with the rest of the world And we are falling behind in the world And our enemies know it the financial War is well underway and we're losing it So far we've fired the opening shots and They've blown up in our faces and mark My words this is putting us in a very Bad situation as we go into War World War II the United States came in with a Having already won the financial War we Had a tremendous manufacturing Capability that we walked into World War II with we had cornered Japan to the Point where it was strangling its oil Supplies And so we were in good place financially Entering into World War II we are in a Terrible financial situation entering

Into World War III Do what you can to get your yourself More strategically placed for this thing Because Um if our nation is not placed well Individually we can hopefully do a Little better Us owning physical gold physical silver Physical assets like food and and Supplies being able to do small-scale Manufacturing is going to help our Country at large uh whatever country you Belong to will help your country at Large in a little way all of us can just Become a little bit better off and we Can take a little bit of pressure off The system that we live in and when hard Times come and World War III breaks out Everyone's going to need to do their Part if we're going to survive what is To come All right folks if you found this video To be helpful or worth watching you Might want to check out another video From me right over here I'll see you Over there or I'll see you later Steve Poppler from the Poplar report out

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