It’s The End of The World As The Billionaires Made It

Do the rich know something about impending economic, social, climate or political events that regular people don’t? Are they making preparations for an apocalyptic event just because they have a ton of money? Or are they just playing a game of one upsmanship with each other – my bunker is bigger than yours! Oh yeah well I have a dozen Navy Seals as my security team and you don’t. And the game is on!

Reading this article put a lot of questions in my mind. Do they really think something bad is going to happen or are they just buying new toys?

Read the article and decide for yourself.

Here’s a link to the original article that Rudy is talking about in his video: Super Rich Preppers Apocalypse Planning

I personally think if you take an objective look at current events in the world today:

Political mayhem globally – wars, threats of wars, economic sanctions

Weather events globally – flooding, droughts, more powerful storms

Societal changes – some of these are closely related to the political upheaval, some are just normal changes that societies go through as they mature.

Food Crisis – some due to weather events, some due to governmental policies, some due to poor planning

There are plenty of other things to look at but I think those are the biggest issues we all face today. Any of these on their own can be troubling. Dealing with all of them at once can be overwhelming.

As a prepper I prioritize by things that I can control, things I have some control and then things I have no control over. So from that viewpoint  Irecommend that everyone that likes to eat stock up their pantry first. Look at items that you normally use, check the expiration dates to see how long they will last in your pantry and then slowly build your pantry. This will help you save money if prices keep rising like they are right now, it will help limit the number of trips to the grocery store (which will save gas money) and it gives you a cushion in case of storms, power outages or government lockdowns.

Once you have built a one year supply of shelf stable food that you normally eat then you can look at adding long term storage like dehydrated and freeze dried foods. These foods tend to be expensive but they can be a great way to supplement and extend the life of your pantry.

Beyond the pantry you should look at gardening and livestock if you have the space. If space is limited then take a look at things like growing in 5 gallon buckets, the Aerogarden to grow indoors or vertical gardening. If you can have livestock then look at chickens. They can provide eggs as well as meat plus they are a fun animal to just watch.

I also consider water to be in the food category. What are you going to do if the water quits coming out of the faucet? For folks that have a well this is a power problem. They can fall back to a generator to get water. But for people in the cities that isn’t an option. To be safe, both groups should have water storage – bottled water, water bobs, rainwater collection, etc. They should also have a way to filter the water – from something as simple as a LifeStraw up to a Berkey water filter for larger quantities.

Also, make sure to properly rotate your food and water stocks.

On the weather side all you can really do is try to make sure that your house is as protected as it can be from falling tree limbs and trees. Unless you live in a house on stilts then you can’t really protect yourself from flooding. Investigate the common weather events in your area and do the best you can to protect yourself from them.

Also, consider building a greenhouse if you have the space for it. This can help protect your garden from weather events.

As for Political and Societal events – the best you can do is get as far from the big cities as you can. This can be hard to do if you are still of working age but more jobs do allow remote work these days. Just be aware that not all rural areas have high speed internet so that needs to be facotred in to your decision making process.

Do what you can to protect yourself and your loved ones without living in fear!


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