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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report this is a weekend news update we Begin tonight with the release of the Footage on Friday night that we told you About last Saturday the police in Memphis Tennessee were concerned that a Media agency had gotten their hands on The footage and were planning on Releasing it early It has now been released officially On Friday at 6 PM Rioting began in all the typical cities That you probably would expect New York City Atlanta Seattle Dallas DC Philadelphia Boston and others Downtown core areas were again the Target of rioting by BLM and antifa Which is an organized organization They began rioting Per planned And guess this brings to the the Forefront once again don't be in cities Where it is legal to Riot and Destroy Things and attack people but yet illegal To defend yourself Get away from the cities as best you can Writing began Friday night and expected To continue throughout the weekend The attack was five African-American Police officers who were beating Tire Nichols and African-American who then Later died from the beating All five of the officers have been tried

With murder and have been relieved of Their positions Over to Jerusalem Israel Eight have been killed ten wounded in a Jerusalem synagogue attack A Palestinian terrorist opened fire as They were leaving the synagogue Friday Night An apparent retribution for the West Bank raid on Thursday that killed nine People in the West Bank in a separate Attack a man and his son were shot and Killed near the Wailing Wall or the Western Wall in Jerusalem More shootings have occurred and Continue to occur in gun-free California Three dead and four wounded in a party Near Beverly Hills And we're getting reports out that Ron DeSantis is reportedly quietly Approaching potential staff for a Presidential run this is the firmest Commitment we've seen so far that Ron DeSantis is moving forward with a Presidential bid No other word on any other Folks getting into the race just now Donald Trump has already declared his Candidacy Ron DeSantis seems to be Making the motions towards uh moving Forward with the candidacy And unclear yet as to whether President Biden will run again or Any other Democratic Challengers

2022 was a record year for food stamps Highest level ever Not only the most people receiving food Stamps but the most being spent per Person on food stamps as well From 2019 we're 60 billion dollars were Spent on food stamps to 2022 where 120 Billion dollars were spent This is just from the federal government Oftentimes there are matching programs From the states In three years the program doubled in Size And more people than ever before are Also receiving those food stamps that Just kind of reflects on where we are For the financial sector I mean we see A lot of reports that things are not bad Out there but yet then we see record Number of people on food stamps and Record outlays of food stamps which is It is the economy good or is the economy Bad I think we all kind of know the answer To that question U.S and Israel just concluded their Largest joint military operation In the history of the partnership Between Israel and the United States Juniper Oak was the name of the exercise Over 140 aircraft 8 000 troops and Multiple warships participated in a set Of War games a lot of this is a photo op But of course it is practice for the

Military's doing joint operations and Coordinating with each other and Integrating themselves to uh to see how They can fight alongside of each other What kind of systems need to be Integrated but a lot of it like I said Is a photo op they take a lot of Pictures and then of course they release Those which tends to be a strategic Message to threats in the area and it's Hard to not see that they are aiming Straight at Iran with that Iran has now Reportedly have enough uranium for Multiple nuclear weapons No word yet on any weapons being Assembled or or then moving forward that Program they still adamantly deny that They are that they have a nuclear Weapons program But everybody kind of thinks that they Do India power plants have been unable In the past year to restock their coal Deposits March and April last year they had Rolling blackouts because their coal Fire plants ran out of coal As they've desperately tried to restock Over this coming year this past year They have now gotten to the point where They are about the same place they are Today as they were last year That does not bode well for us as we go Into March and April in India They may have rolling blackouts once

Again they just the demand for coal and The electricity has been so high that They have they just don't have enough Rail cars they cannot get it from the Mines fast enough to the power plants And that's uh that's what we're seeing Going on there that could have Catastrophic consequences for that Economy there India has surpassed China Now as the most populous country so if You keep saying that China is the most Populous country you're now actually Wrong India is so that's kind of big News out there you know Pluto may not be A planet but India is the most populous Country All right CNN interestingly enough has Just reported the worst ratings in nine Years On the other hand alternative media like This Channel and others on YouTube have Had the best ratings in nine years maybe They could try telling the truth and Actually reporting on the news But uh that's probably not going to Happen so appreciate you guys support For not only channels like mine but Other channels out there a lot of us Work very hard to bring you as best Information as we can and we know you Guys appreciate it and we appreciate you Guys a ton as well The Paul Pelosi video of the hammer Attack has come out the police officer's

Body camp has come out and it is Confusing to say the least Paul Pelosi did answer the door and was Not restrained at the time he was Without pants and was holding a drink in His hands He was not in contact with the assailant But then he turned away from the door And walked back away from the police Officer towards the assailant which Just doesn't jive with Anything really it What is it but it does turn out that That he was attacked with a hammer so by The assailant so what is going on with That there are lots of theories out There a lot of things swirling about That is kind of what's going on in the World out there if you guys have any Other tips that you want to share along You can always pass those Along by email Them directly to me at Poplarpreparedness if you want To give store reports of empty shelves Product products missing or news stories Please don't just send me a link because Uh I can't click on links because that's The way you get viruses so give me a Description I can Google it myself if You point me in the right direction of News stories so appreciate that Appreciate you guys all thanks so much For watching if you have time for Another video there's another one on the

Screen right here from me I'll see you Over there or I'll see you later Steve Poppler out

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