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Ash falling in West Virginia, Financial Market Manipulations, UK Grocery stores rationing fruits and vegetables because of the food shortage.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

A lot of big news out there that we're Going to be covering a lot things Happened in the last day or so we've got A lot of folks out there talking about Dust that's uh or or powder or white Powder that has landed on West Virginia And the Panhandle a little bit of Pennsylvania some of the states Surrounding states and they're going What in the world is this stuff it's not Snow it's not melting and it smells Chemically we're going to get into that We're also seeing that some serious Market manipulations out there we'll Talk a little more about that in the Afternoon video but I'll give you a Little bit of a cliff notes version here We're going to be talking about the girl In Cambodia that died from bird flu and We're going to be talking about Um Apparently a day of hate Is uh what we're being told out there at Least by the police departments the very Reliable police departments of New York City and other major cities passing out Uh warnings to to folks in the Jewish Communities UK Growers Grocers sorry are limiting the amount of Fruit and vegetables that you're allowed To buy in the UK That's kind of concerning let's get into All these things

First off let's talk about the dust or The powder in West Virginia This these reports came out initially Even state of West Virginia is saying Like don't don't touch it don't don't Come in contact with it we don't know What it is uh but uh there's a whole Bunch of it well it turns out that uh Some of the weather people and stuff Like that started tracking it on radar And they found that it was basically a Lot of dust that had blown off in a dust Storm from down the southwest of the United States so this happens in other Places in the world a whole lot more I Mean there's giant dust clouds that come Off the Sahara that land all the way in Brazil right from Africa to Brazil for Those who need the geo geography Geography update there Um but the wind can just pick up a lot Of dust and then can dump it actually Quite far away and that's what happened It is kind of odd that it got so Concentrated and dumped in a Concentrated area but there are no Reports reports of any fires or any Other things like that people were Saying that it might be Ash in West Virginia but turns out it was dust from A dust storm out in the southwest of the United States so It should be harmless you shouldn't be Breathing it in it's not good that's

Really fine particulate but in such low Concentrations and for such a short Period of time it's not really going to Harm you unless you have like serious Asthma or something like that then you Might want to wear a mask if you still See a lot particulate in the air Uh moving on to Market manipulations Um so we had a interesting thing happen On Thursday and uh on Friday we're Getting reports out now kind of what Happened there and that is that somebody Took a very very large position in the Futures markets and basically manipulate The the market down almost one percent And then jacked it back up to where it Was and uh the question is is who did This was this a central on was this a a It could be a central bank but was this A regular Bank was this uh I mean it's Too much money it took about 5.2 billion dollars to move the market This much but they moved you know Trillions of dollars worth of assets up And down and uh there's some concerns About this being a potentially a foreign Actor that that orchestrated this or Are Banks on uh Wall Street playing a game a Dangerous game manipulating the entire Market up and down to uh to make money We're going to be talking about more About that this afternoon UK Grocers are Rationing fruit and vegetables they're Saying that they're blaming salad

Vegetables and staple fruits blaming Poor weather in Spain and and North Africa for these shortages Uh they could last months according to The UK government Tesco of course the Big grocery store in the UK Um the biggest Supermarket is confirming That they had temporarily capped the Number of packs of tomatoes peppers Cucumbers to three per customer Um and uh they're also starting to limit Lettuce as well this Asda is doing the Same thing another grocery store there Tomatoes peppers cucumbers and lettuce And Asda as well so we're getting Reports that there's stuff going on in The food you know is there a food Shortage well if the grocery stores are Rationing food then probably yes and if They're saying their shortages due to Weather in North Africa and poor weather In Spain We should be paying a little more Attention if you're in the United States Uh fresh fruit is and fresh vegetables Are not going to affect us directly but What else are they growing in those Areas what else are they growing in the Areas around there is that going to Impact Food Supplies in the world and as They try to get fruit fresh fruit and Vegetables to the UK and other Surrounding countries are they going to Start pulling some of that from other

Places that the United States buys from And such so it could definitely impact Us and finally the day of hate out there Apparently the New York police Department and other police departments Have started circulating notices and Warnings to Jewish synagogues to advise Them that that there's chatter online That today Saturday is going to be a day Of hate and that there could potentially Be attacks on Jewish community annuity Members this is coming Interestingly enough after some major Raids in the the West Bank by the Israeli military of course in the United States word is most of the rage come From Um against uh people of that ethnicity Is not not from You know people who wave American flags But so much as it is from a certain Religious community inside the United States that seems to be on the receiving End of the Israeli Defense Forces and I'm talking about of course the Islamic Community in the United States there is A lot of animosity that is and and I'm Not generalizing this to everybody in The community but there are elements Within the community that are very Hostile very hostile and of course Um the other the political party of New York city tends to be very hostile as Well so

Be aware of that if you are if you're a Synagogue goer or if you're related to Those communities in any way uh be extra Vigilant out there I don't know if this Is more than just some people spouting Off their mouths online or if this is Something out there but want to get that Warning out to you guys uh also uh if You have friends family members Um people in the neighborhood that are Of those descent just keep your eyes out And if you're a watchdog if you are a Sheepdog be ready to uh to make sure That people are safe around you all Right folks thanks so much for watching Keep your reports coming in I will see You guys later there's another video Right here you might want to check out Steve Poplar out

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