Beautiful day on the homestead! I love our life and am so thankful for our blessings!

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16 thoughts on “JOYS OF HOMESTEADING!

  1. That was great Sarah. We are just getting started this year.Well, we’ve always lived a country style life, we’ve raise many pigs for food and I grew next to my grandma with chickens and goats,horses. Actually the farming/homesteading roots run deep in our families. We decided that we weren’t satisfied with the fast paced world where people make living about materialistic things and that we want to start from this year forward to teach our children about about getting back to the basics. We as a family have had many firsts this year and we look forward to finding our forever homestead and building a life where we get this feeling you are feeling very often. What we have done so far gives me great satisfaction.
    Thanks again for sharing your little slice of heaven on earth.

  2. It’s such a blessing to experience the fruits of your labor. To pass down theses traits to your children & grandchildren. What a blessed life!

  3. Great video yall. Sometimes its hard to grow everything you want. But I think if your the only one preserving or processing it is so much harder. I get help sometimes and I stress sometimes. Its hard watching 2 kids and trying to can. They are all over the place.

  4. Love this. What is that smile? oh that is joy! labor of love. I actually really hate going to the grocery store. I feel so good when I spend a morning in the garden like you did today, then eating food from the garden….I feel so good. We only have a garden, but I do want chickens. I admire yall who have milking goats and cows and more. Inspiring. It’s a return to our land and ourselves. It’s beautiful!

  5. Sara thank you for sharing that. Your happiness shines through. I think while I milked that cow (that I could lol,not) but that the Lord thought of everything and provided us with a nutritious drink that could be made into so many things. The beauty around us, the serenity, yes even in the roosters song. Cows lowing in the field providing exercise when u need to catch them lol. I sit and watch leaves turn themselves over looking for that rain to drink. I listen to water flowing and waves hitting the land while fishing. You are blessed with so much around you and if you were to walk around with a huge smile, it would be truly understandable.

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