June 1st THIS Becomes Illegal – How To Stock Up Before the Ban

Stocking up on necessary first aid items is becoming harder and harder but we do have some affordable solutions still.
-Jase Medical (Antibiotics)
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-Heartland Vet Supply Zithro shorturl.at/dvBF2
-Or AlliVet Zithro shorturl.at/juAT1
-Potassium Iodide

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report this video is going to be a Little more practical but it is a big Item that's coming up that affects a lot Of you guys Um I know a lot of you have kind of gone This direction as I've have I and uh it Is a door that is closing on January 1st 2023 Um basically any uh antibiotic that's For animals will need to be prescribed By a veterinarian now if you have fish And all that and you and you want to Make sure you have antibiotics for the Fish I have uh I have a fair bit of Antibiotics for my fish Um inside the United States you need to Be aware that um basically any capsule That has certain markings on it has to Be up to the same standards of that Capsule that's on any uh bottle anywhere So if you were to crack open one of These things and you were to and look at The uh the capsule in there and you see That that capsule is the same as in like A Something that would be for humans you Would know that that must be legally up To the same standard as the the one That's that you get at the pharmacy or Something like that and so a lot of People Um have found it useful to stock up for Their fish on these type of things

Making sure that they're getting from Companies that have the same capsules as Uh the the prescription Um Things out there and so some of us have Made sure that we were stocked up on A whole bunch of that so once you get Into it you kind of know that there's a There's a spectrum of of antibiotics That are out there that are used to Treat different things in your fish and And in your uh uh you know crumb Stealers and everything like that so Being a little educated on that but As I pointed out previously recently Some some new new things have been Happening in there this is actually not The cheapest way to go anymore So even though that door is closing Which is a very handy door to have Because you could just go out this and Buy these without any kind of problem Whatsoever you can order them online They just come right to your house and That's just you're just done with it you Just make sure you Store them properly store them in a cool Place make sure they don't get too cold Don't get too hot and and then they're Generally good make sure you don't get The uh there's a couple Um Tetracytoline it's something like that That one will degrade into something

That can be dangerous but basically all The others if they degrade they just get Weaker so those are good for storage and Uh they they keep for quite a while Years before they start degrading a Little bit and then you just make sure You have to up the dosage and that kind Of thing just kind of have a book that Kind of tracks that or understands the Degradation of that so you can up the uh The dosage or whatever but like I said That's not the cheapest way to do it Anymore anyway Um I I just went online and re-crunched The numbers I crunch these uh about six Months ago a year ago and I crunched it And found that Jace medical what they Prescribe is actually cheaper than Buying the corresponding fish Um stuff and this stuff is prescribed For human beings So you get your own spectrum of Uh Stuff For you this is actually prescribed by a Doctor And one of the other big benefits that Comes with doing it this way is now I do Have a caveat on here for you there's Going to be one of these that uh that You're going to need to uh stock up on I'm going to recommend you get more uh Before that uh deadline comes in June 1st but you get

Uh you get to um Not just correspond you get to have a Consultation with a doctor if you have Any any questions about how to use uh These Um you can talk to a doctor about you Know this is the symptoms this is what's Going on should I use this or this or That and uh you know should I be using This Um and a doctor will actually free Consultation online we'll answer your Questions about that so this ends up Being 250 if you use the coupon code that I Have down there 250 for this set the Cheapest I could find out there and I Bargain hunted for the corresponding um Uh fish ones and I the lowest I could Get was 268. Without a doctor consultation Um Jace medical also comes with a Emergency antibiotic guide this is Actually kind of Handy to kind of get Pointed in the right direction but you Really should have like a book or Several books that um that talk about How to use Um these these items and how to treat Different ailments and stuff like that But we've seen issues with our hospital System out there I don't have to Appreciate you guys you're you're the Choir you already understand that I will

Say this though basically in this pack You get Six [Applause] Zee throw Tablets you're probably familiar with These as uh Z packs that is something That I would recommend getting some more Of because it's actually relatively Cheap and it's one of the most versatile Um Versatile Antibiotics and you can get the fish Ones for your fish they're called aqua Zequa zitro Aqua Z throw and these are Basically the same as in those z-packs And you can actually get these quite Cheap out there [Applause] Six z-throw tablets you're looking at About 15 bucks which is a full course Which is just short of a full course of Z-throw Actually sixes is a full course so if You get this this thing's 30 And um So it works out to be about fifteen Dollars per per six pack so you I would Recommend stocking up some of that Before the January 1st I can't tell you Where to get that just Google Aqua zeath throw or fish antibiotics Z-throw the rest of them you're going to Get a pretty good Full Spectrum by

Getting that from Jace Medical They do have a coupon code right now Through if you add Poplar 10 onto order It does take ten dollars off of it That's about where it's been kind of Recently so that's a that's a great deal With that that's the direction I've gone If you use the code I will get a little bit of of a kickback But it doesn't raise the price on you Actually it lowers the price if you use The code If you use their code it's only five Dollars off you use this code it's ten Dollars off for you so Um and of course always if you feel real Icky about that or something like that You can always just not put the code in Um that's that's completely up to you Um no one's forcing anyone to do Anything how how nice is that right one Other thing I would suggest kind of Stocking up on and this is completely Something irrelevant but potassium Iodide if you are concerned about Nuclear war and uh or or if you're live Near a nuclear reactor or something like That and you want to uh kind of make Sure you have potassium iodide you can Get potassium iodide that is of vitamin Supplements you just need to be real Careful about making sure you get the Right dosage and then you can just put This on your shelf and if you ever need

It you have it this is not a miracle Drug but if if you do get exposed to Radioactive iodine it will keep your Body from your thyroid from absorbing That into your body but I recommend just Kind of looking over what you have Already We saw people Not in the United States but we saw People in Germany getting turned away From the from the hospitals because they Didn't submit to getting up You know And we got awfully close here in the United States as seeing a very similar Thing where they were going to start Requiring people to get it in order to Get medical treatment and so We're also seeing shortages out there Some of these are in shortage as it is Out there And you'll see that as you're going Through the website special as we get Closer to the June 1st deadline we're Going to be seeing more of this Disappearing more quickly unless you can Get a veterinarian to kind of write you A prescription for your fish or for your Birds or whatever that's going to be a Problem and if you have backyard flocks Of chickens or other animals that need Antibiotics You want to stock up now too because This is the kind of stuff that that

You're not going to be able to get Without a prescription in the near Future at least in the United States you Can get this in Canada as well it ends Up being 340. minus the ten dollars so it's 330 In Canada you can get that as well up There now I will caveat here and say that you Can't get this in every state you can't Get Jace in every state but I think you Can get these in every state so Just kind of be ahead of the curve I Don't know what's coming down the pike I Don't know all I know is that the Medical systems in the United States and Canada And everywhere around the world seem to Be getting worse and worse and worse and The supply chain is a lot worse too Because remember most of these are Produced in one country the base Uh The base of these is actually mostly Made in China and then it can be Packaged in several places sometimes They send the the feed to the United States for to be capsulated here Sometimes it's capsulated in China Sometimes it's capsulated in India so we See different Origins but the factories That actually make the base antibiotics Most of them are exclusively in China Now there's a couple of runs in the

United States that that actually uh make Some feedstock but those are limited Most of it is coming from over there and If we get into a conflict with them how Long do you think these are going to Last so I'm stocked up I recommend stocking up January June 1st you're going to lose This option of stocking up and I Strongly recommend at least getting Z Packs which is zithril Out there because that's gonna it gives You a broad spectrum but these are Targeted at different kinds of Infections and everything like that so Be aware of that and of course they do Zero delete squat on viruses so do that Make sure you get some doctors input out There get get a book written by a doctor Get books written by doctors and and Kind of unders understand kind of what's Going on there don't take some YouTubers An accountant's a word on these things I'm learning as best I can about these Things but Jace kind of puts you in the Right direction you can get you get a Consultation with a doctor there you can Ask questions you can get educated a Little bit on that as well as you can Then ask them questions going down the Road if you if you have any concerns or You don't know how to use something or Whatever obviously if uh if everything's Working just fine just go to the doctor

And get treated if you can't get to the Doctor if doctors aren't open anymore if Hospitals aren't open anymore and you Have to treat your own family members Make sure you're getting the dosages Right and make sure you understand kind Of the side effects of some of these Different ones most of them are pretty Benign side effects but you know someone Can have an allergic reaction to some of These so be aware of that be aware of Your allergies and be aware of all the Things that go along with those things All right folks if you have some Questions I'll try to answer them but Once again accountant here some of you Other guys will be able to answer each Other and also you might want to look Into natural antibiotics there are Particularly There's a lot of work that's been done With uh With garlic so raw garlic be aware that You can't process it you can't cook it Because if you do that it loses its Natural antibiotics so Um think you can use that for certain Things and that is uh you know allegedly A pretty powerful antibiotic there's Some other natural antibiotics out there That you can either grow or you can you Can purchase the the in herbal form and Stuff like that so check out those Things as well and that's definitely a

Line of research you should do because You know if everything kind of collapses These things are going to run out sooner Or later having the knowledge of how to Make your own natural antibiotics is uh Is an important thing out there too all Right folks if you found this video Useful or helpful you might want to Check out this other video right here I'll see you over there or I'll see you Later Steve poppler out and you can find The link down in the description down Below for uh Jace if you want to check It out and I'll try to pop a link down Below Um to uh see throw if I can find it God bless y'all

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