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Hey everybody it's Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness I'm back I'm out of YouTube censorship jail Finally Yeah I guess they changed their policy And made it retroactive Um from what I've heard now if you show Removal and or insertion of a magazine Into a firearm that counts as a strike And they're going back and retroactively Slamming everybody Which means content creators have been Around for 10 years doing videos Now I have to go back through 10 years Worth of content And watch all of it to make sure they Didn't do that or they're going to get Struck them down thrown in jail and then De-platformed So yeah that's where we're at in this World today It sucks I'm sick of it really been down Low about this channel And how to move forward I already I decided not that long ago to Get away from the fear which that's what I want to do no more fear no more stress Of having to put out a video every Single day Just Trying to de-stress a little bit Go back to basics Talk about things that will actually get

People prepared instead of regurgitating The news and becoming a News Channel or A political Channel or any of that stuff Because it's really not about any of That stuff what it's about is becoming Prepared I want everybody to become Prepared I don't care if they're white I Don't care if they're black Christian Muslim liberal conservative It doesn't matter What matters is that we get more people On board the preparedness Preparedness is a vital aspect of life And what we do The more people we can get on Bill on Board with preparedness That fewer threats will have out there When something big goes down Meaning writing looting burning stealing From others those kind of things you Know More those aren't Preppers that are out Doing that kind of stuff So the more people we get on board the Better I don't know if you guys noticed if I Was gone or not I hope you did Um I think there were some channels out There that were letting people know that I was in jail that I was shut down not Able to post comment nothing I couldn't Do anything on YouTube And that was like my first strike or Whatever so I went through I went back

Through a bunch of my videos and Um You know if they seemed like they were Going to be Um possibly receive another strike I Just pulled them down and I just um just Throwing them up on patreon so they're Still going to be there Um people on patreon can check them out Um why am I doing that I I don't feel That it's capitulating to censorship What I feel is that it's important for Me to stay viable on this platform it's Important for me to be able to talk to People get the word out about Preparedness and reaching more people And this platform is what does it people Talk about Rumble yeah I tried Rumble it Sucks I'll be honest it does it just There's no other option out there that Can compare to YouTube it just doesn't Exist at this point Could we do something about that and Make A platform like Rumble better sure if Everybody got on board but it didn't Seem like when I was fiddling around With it didn't seem like people were Really that on board Um and one thing I noticed about Rumble A pain in the rear to to upload videos Because Like patreon if you're uploading a video Directly to patreon not to YouTube and

Then listening it on patreon if you're Uploading it directly to patreon or to Rumble you have to stay on that screen On your phone computer or whatever you Can't minimize it do something else in Your phone if you click off of that Screen Done you got to start over which for me With my rural high-speed internet that Sucks Um and takes hours and hours and hours To upload 10 to 15 minute videos It sucks because I can't do anything Else on my phone if somebody calls me Boom upload gone Start over so that was one of the things I noticed but anyway I want to let you Guys know that I'm out of jail Um I'm going to try to Get my ish together and start putting Out some good content that is Non-fear-based and is relevant to us and Uh talking about topics and or how to do Things stuff like that that will Actually get you prepared for real not Just regurgitating fear not just Regurgitating the news not just you know There's a lot going on out there But most of it doesn't change the fact Of how we prepare how we prepare is What's important and the fact that we're Doing it is what's important not Worrying about the next big thing So I love you guys I thank you guys for

Being here I really appreciate all you Guys let's bring this channel back to Life and all the other prepper channels Out there if anybody's actually still Talking about actual preparedness that Is Sorry that may sound a little negative I Don't hate anybody I don't store up Controversy or problems or anything like That it's just It's really drained me lately All the BS I just want to be positive and uplifting And teach people real things so love you Guys have a wonderful day and blessings To you and yours

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