Large Chemical Tank Ablaze & ANOTHER Train Derailment | US National News & World Reports

More train derailments all over and chemical fires dumping chemicals on people, pets, and water supplies all over the USA. Breaking news and more supply chain issues.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report uh we're getting news to you as Fast as we possibly can uh we're going To be talking about a large chemical Tank Ablaze another train derailment uh This brings us up to quite a few train Derailments just in the last couple Weeks we'll be kind of giving you an Overview of how many we're talking about Here also having a port fire a chemical Tank on fire and nobody seems to know What's in it German airports continuing To be under attack by cyber attacks and We're going to be talking about that Let's jump into these things I do want To just point out that this video is Brought to you by Genesis gold I do Appreciate what they do they help Support this channel so we can do all Sorts of stuff like break things like The Asbury Revival they They do a fantastic job helping people Get out of stocks and bonds which I am Quite suspicious of these days Personally that's not Financial advice You can make your own decisions but if You don't like your retirement sitting In stocks and bonds you think that's a Little too risky you want to get into Physical gold silver Platinum coins that You own you want to give Jonathan and His team a call down in the description Down below we did break the story of Asbury on Saturday we were actually on

The ground in Asbury Kentucky and uh as You may have heard Glenn Beck and Tucker Carlson over Wednesday Thursday started Covering that and that's just being able To see that these things are going to Have huge impacts culturally and on the Fabric of the United States as well as The world and so that's why I would jump On that right away I saw that that was Kind of going on I knew that was going To be a big story so we wanted to get You the best and of course if you want To get more in-depth info information on That go ahead over to my Bible Channel Bold Faith Bible you can find the links In the description or on the channel Page all right so there's another Derailment Outside Detroit Michigan six cars one of Which is uh full of hazardous material This is again operated by Norfolk Southern which of course is behind a Number of these things we have Derailment after derailment after Derailment now folks it's not that hard To derail a train it really isn't if you Know what you're doing it's pretty easy Now you got to know a little bit about What you're doing but uh quick Google Search is not really that may get you on The FBI Wanted list so you might want to Be careful about that but There's a lot of wrong ways to do it and They won't work things that may say make

Sense to you but uh won't actually work But uh this we're seeing that it appears That these trains may be being sabotaged And it's hard not to start putting the Dots together January 19th Adam Mills Ohio February 3rd East Palestine Ohio February 13th Houston Texas and on the Same day Inori South Carolina February 13th Derailment right and then Detroit Michigan on February 16th So we have derailment derailment Derailment we have uh fire in Kissimmee Big chemical fire down there and then we Have this chemical tank outside Tulsa Oklahoma Uh at katus katusa it's a port So it's a port on the Mississippi River That um That they use for shipping and that Port Has uh has a storage tank like one of Those big like oil or gasoline tanks the Big ones that was on fire and nobody Seemed to know what's in it and that's That's more concerning it started at 9 00 a.m and by the afternoon they nobody Still knew what was in the tank So how can you fight a fire if you don't Even know what you're fighting right They couldn't find records of what was In that tank and that's just downright Scary if you ask me

We're gonna have uh or a conversation Now about Germany and uh They just had a major Cyber attack Against their websites now this wasn't Against any airlines websites it was Against airports website seven different Airports having denial of service Attacks so lots and lots of hijacked Computers all over the Internet uh Sending spam to these servers until they Just quit they they can't they can't Distinguish humans who are actually Asking legitimate uh Um requests for pages from all these Spam requests out there and so they're Just being overloaded this of course Does seem quite nefarious it's not just Uh it's not you can't see a political Statement except for the fact that they Just gave hundreds of new tanks to Eastern Europe Now I say hundreds and you say well That's not quite right Well hundreds of leopard tanks Manufactured in Germany they're either Given the okay to go They're either Paying for or they are actually Um you know maybe someone else is paying For them but leopard tanks hundreds of Leopard tanks are headed to Eastern Europe and then suddenly all these cyber Attacks happen and this is the day after They had a critical uh Lufthansa had a Critical loss of their computer systems

They lost internet and they basically Their whole computer system went down Now it's being said that due to Construction a wire was cut but you know Have governments ever lied to us before You know is it possible that uh some of The construction workers were Intentionally doing that or somebody Snuck in and pretended to be a Construction worker and did that I don't Know but we are seeing when you start Seeing multiple things hit the same Systems you you you start to see a Little bit of intentionality behind that Sort of like the railroad derailments We're seeing one after the next after The next and we're seeing critical Infrastructure in the United States Magically Going Up in Smoke chemicals Raining down all over the place and is This a shot across our bowel as we see This chemical uh catastrophe in eastern Ohio that could be anywhere in the United States Trains go everywhere and a train could Derail near your home and that's just a Reminder that you need to be ready Uh you need to be able to get out of Your home pack up your cars and uh and Head out Because you may need to evacuate your Home I know none of us want to do that But you may need to evacuate your home If there's a chemical

Release near your home due to a train Wreck or a train derailment which is Completely accidental and has nothing to Do with BlackRock and their negligence Or intentional derailments happening out There I say that sarcastically of course Moving on to Romania and Moldova Both of these countries of course They're right next to each other right Up against the border of the Eastern European country we're not allowed to Talk about Reporting mystery uh balloon type Objects floating over their airspace They scrambled fighters to take a look At these things and so not just the United States not just China out there But also Moldova and Romania seeing These balloon type objects Um are we just suddenly looking for Balloon type objects and makes you ask The question why we weren't looking for Balloon type objects before why is there No process to determine is this a Harmful balloon or is this a friendly Balloon because that's one of those Processes that didn't really seem to be Going on over Lake Huron in Michigan When we scrambled F-15s and f-22s After two f-16s seemed to fail to knock Out this balloon out of the sky I don't even want to get into how Expensive that is but it turns out it

Looks like it was a 40 balloon put up by Some uh hobbyists They're like the U.S Air Force shot down Our balloon That was legally up there A 40 balloon and we spent well over a Million dollars shooting it down Um and we're gonna I'm gonna get into That in a whole nother conversation About how our entire military is built To deal with a certain kind of threat And when somebody attacks us in a Different way we're just completely Unprepared we were completely unprepared On 9 11. We just weren't ready for that we Weren't thinking about how we could be Hurt and we're not thinking that way Again And our enemies out there are changing Their tactics they can't they know they Can't go toe-to-toe with us in the air They know they can't go toe to to us uh In the sea they can't put out bigger Warships and more advanced warships than We can but you know what they can sink Ours They can do some things to us they can Get their craft aircraft over our Airspace and we can't seem to figure out What to do about it because our Technology is not built to deal with low Technology threats We're going to be talking about that a

Little more at length and uh it's it's Just downright scary how When you're protected by bureaucrats Because those are the ones making the Decisions on what equipment's being Purchased where it's being purchased From what are the specifications for us That's all bureaucrats making those Decisions not soldiers not active duty Military people who have been shot at Okay this is this is a whole different Branch of uh of military life where Silver Spoon West Point and Air Force Graduates are up and getting a nice nice Plush offices and all that kind of stuff Like that far from any kind of fighting And all they're worried about is landing An awesome Contracting job when they get Out of the air force or the Navy or Anyway uh if you guys have some reports You want to send in you can always email Them directly to me at Poplarpreparedness or you can Comment on any video and just use the Word update somewhere in your comment And give us some sort of geographical Location if it's relating to your stores Or anything like that thanks so much for Watching if you want to check out Another video there's one right here I'll see you over there or I'll see you Later Steve poppler out

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