Largest US Power Grid is Collapsing

The PJM Interconnect that serves 6.5 million customers and regularly supports surrounding grids with excess power generation is quickly falling behind rising energy demands.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we got uh we've got some big news Out there this is not something that is Happening instantly but this is Something that's that's progressing Forward uh this is an inevitable train Wreck on our hands just as inevitable as The wheel bearings going out on a train The pjm interconnect now this uh Services 6.5 million Americans going From Kentucky uh parts of Ohio Pennsylvania Virginia Ohio uh all of Ohio sorry New Jersey all the way up to Kind of like the New York border that Whole section of the East Coast Interconnect is called the pjm Interconnect and that's part of what Kind of failed uh when the Duke Energy Kind of like lost their control of Things down south they they desperately Needed power and pjm usually has been Their go-to to get extra power pjm could Not spin up their generators fast enough And were not able to bring enough power Plants online in order to avert some Major power outages all across the Duke Energy areas so the pjm interconnect That's the one we're talking about it is It is shutting down power plants faster Than it's building them now That's not something that's happening Yesterday or today that's something That's ongoing but we are seeing power Plant after power plant getting shut

Down a lot of times for environmental Reasons there's environmental pressure And then the power plants that are Opening to replace them that are clean Energy and everything like that just Don't have the capacity and we're not Even going to be talking about the Capabilities that the green energy Platforms do not have whereas we can Spin up a uh a natural gas power plant Or a coal-fired power plant and get that Thing cranking juice out whenever we Need it in the dead of night we can get Natural gas giving us power we can get Coal fire power plants giving us power At midnight you can't do that with solar Wind when the wind's blowing you get it When it's too cold you don't get it when There's snow on the solar panels you Don't get it in winter time you get a Lot less solar energy because the sun's Not out quite as much But those things we kind of know The projections are given the power Plants that are slated to come online And the power plants are slated to come Offline in the next uh seven years By 2030 21 percent Of the PGM interconnects generation Capacity will be gone Whoa So over the next seven years We're going to have to learn how to use Less power now pjm exports a lot of

Electricity to New England Exports power down to Duke Energy Pjm doesn't just service these 6.5 Million Americans it exports regularly This power It supports New York it supports uh New England those Transit transmission lines That go up that way are extremely Important All that And this power producing segment of the United States is going to decrease over The next seven years by 21 power Generation that's going to be a huge Blow folks and this is kind of Replicating all across the grid Are we going to be replacing any major Transmission lines out there not very Many and yet most of them are decades Past their projected service life When are we going to replace those We have Transformers that are well past Their service life And then let's stir this one in there Electric cars aren't we all supposed to Be driving electric cars in the next Couple years Wait a minute how can the energy Generating capacity of the United States Drop while everyone suddenly starts Driving electric cars You see a problem with that I think anyone who's using basic old School math sees a problem with that now

If you're using common core or woke math Maybe you don't see a problem with that You see the word issue we're going to Limit the amount of electricity that People have In order to save the planet and then you Go well that makes sense of course we're Going to do that that's a good idea and When it comes down to well you're going To have a lot less electricity Suddenly People aren't as on board are they we're Going to be talking about what's Happening in South Africa because it's Pretty catastrophic we're going to be Getting there but before we do this Video is brought to you by Genesis Gold Group as there's a lot of things Happening out there that are Destabilizing things having physical Gold physical silver is an energy Storage ultimately that's what Everything is that we put away we put Away food it's storing energy but silver Gold that has been mined has taken a lot Of energy to get it out of the ground so Actually having physical gold physical Silver in your retirement plan might be A great option as we have the energy Crisis coming forward You can find them down in the Description down below give Jonathan's Team a call if you want to talk to them So what's going on South Africa South

Africa is a little further down the down The pike than where we are right now Right now Many areas in South Africa are on a Stage seven Load shedding uh Stage right Now that's stage seven of eight they're Gonna have to invent some new stages Soon because they're getting to the Point And and how bad is that Most South Africans are actually getting Shut off three times a day for three Hours a pop They're losing power for nine hours a Day Their total grid is 30 000 megawatts Generally speaking They are cutting 7 000 megawatts Out of 30 they're cutting seven That's how bad it is Half their generating capacity is Available now Yeah So all that extra buffer in case there Is more demand needed Only half their total generation Is actually available they have all of Their functioning power plants operating Full Tilt They're not maintenancing them properly Because they need to have them operating

Right now And delayed maintenance and full Operation tends to lead to more Catastrophic problems do you see how the Death spiral goes You say temporarily in order to solve This temporary problem of not having Enough generators you're like let's run All of our generators as fast as we can For as long as we can Which leads to more of those generators Breaking and requiring not just Maintenance but actual repairs And they're down for a longer which puts More strain on the system which means we Need to keep running the generators Full Tilt as much as possible which leads to More of them breaking South Africa is a death spiral when it Comes to generators There's generators and then there's Distribution of electricity Distribution of electricity is a problem Too but it's not nearly as bad in South Africa as they're generating capacity And so when we see in the United States And we see in Europe that they keep Attacking the generators Oh well that's dirty that's disgusting Give me an electric car but don't Actually produce my electricity on a Coal-fired power plant We see issues over in India with coal Fire power plants we see issues all

Around the world China has been building More and more coal-fired power plants Why because it's cheap And they need power they're building Nuclear Powers uh power plants power Stations all over the place they're Investing in energy because they realize Energy is key to manufacturing it's key To Industry a lot of businesses in South Africa right now are being forced to buy Backup powered generators not just Emergency generators but backup Generators that kick in And can actually run the facilities When not if when the power goes out Friends that's the direction we're going In it's projected that the United States Will need to increase by 2030 we'll need To increase generation capacity by 15 Percent to account for the new electric Vehicles coming online Instead places like pjm are going to be Decreasing their generating capacity by 21 that's at 30 percent shortfall That sure sounds like we're heading Towards where South Africa is unless Things change unless policies change Unless incentives change to the power Companies we are going to be having more And more power outages we're first going To see them when an extreme weather Event happens like what just happened uh Over the Christmas time area where we Had

Uh very cold weather and it started Triggering power outages Because they weren't able to get enough Generators online normally there's Plenty of generators go around oh well We have plenty oh those don't work well We'll just use these over here Well that power plant get back online Just now well we got plenty of spare Capacity over here well here's the fact Folks we have less and less spare Capacity every year New York's been Shutting down power plants right on left And they've been replacing them with Nothing That's right they've been replacing them With nothing New England has been Shutting down power plants you know for Green and they've been replacing them With what Nothing Or they've been taking two power plants Offline and effectively replacing them With one power plant it's once again It's Common Core math it makes sense if You're indoctrinated and you're Listening to the propaganda but if you Look at the numbers you'd say that Doesn't make sense we are committing National Suicide without power we can't Have successful businesses if we can't Have successful businesses we don't have An economy if we don't have an economy We're never going to be able to build

The power plants that we actually need To have friends Pay attention to this make sure you have Backup power but Think about think about it I know it's More expensive to go that route but Having your own independent power supply Uh at your home might just be the way to Go people in South Africa right now are Probably wishing that they were more Self-sufficient when it came to energy Like I said it's more expensive to Install solar a full solar system but When everyone else is getting their Power shut off right and left You might be pretty happy that you made That investment All right folks if you found this video Useful or helpful you might want to Check out this other video from me right Over here let me know what you guys Think down in the comments I'll see you Over there or I'll see you guys later Steve Poplar out

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