Legendary Investor Peter Schiff’s Last Warning

The US Government is manufacturing fake GDP numbers along with all the other fake numbers it produces. Showing here that the US economy is in actual and deep recession. Unfortunately it is only going to get worse going forward.

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Legendary investor Peter Schiff has put Out another article and I'm going to be Walking through some of his conclusions There he's basically blasting the U.S Government for lying in its government Statistics and just covering up the Truth of this true state of the United States economy it is bad let's just put It that way before we jump into that and Go through uh Peter schiff's receipts And some of the others that kind of led Me to do some research down some Different Lanes we're going to put this On a super easy to understand levels but Kind of show you exactly what the US Government's doing with the GDP numbers To just basically just lie to everybody About everything it's ridiculous folks And they've been caught red-handed yet Again changing GDP numbers so that we're Not in recession all right folks this Video is brought to you by Genesis Gold Group fantastic folks uh over there Jonathan and his team they do a great Job helping people move out of stocks And Bonds in their retirement portfolios Over to physical gold coins that you own That go into a vault yes because it has To be held retirement account but it They're coins that you can take Distribution of you don't take cash out When you uh cash out you'd actually get Your coins sent to you through delivery Services you can find them down in the

Description down below and uh give them A chat so What is going on here GDP reports from Last year 2022 we got a negative GDP Print in the first quarter of uh of 2022 And the second quarter now what is a Recession well up until last year when Uh a certain political party was in Charge a recession was defined as two Negative GDP prints next to each other So if we have a negative GDP print first Quarter and second quarter like we did Last year that's a recession So we were in recession last year but Then of course they decided that they Want to change the definition of Recession and say well Um that's the definition of recession Unless there's a democrat in office then Then it's different then then there's uh There's other things we should look at Too so Panic mode in Washington DC then no Surprise whatsoever that suddenly in Third quarter and fourth quarter we get Positive GDP prints so third quarter Supposedly GDP went up by 3.2 percent And fourth quarter GDP went up by 2.9 Percent and that sounds like oh okay so We're coming out of the recession uh That's that's good But there are some assumptions made just Like every government report out there There are some assumptions they changed

Some numbers in the background so let's Look at those numbers with inflation Stripped out of those numbers Basically they're saying that the GDP Went up by 7.7 percent in the third Quarter Without factoring in inflation now this Is annualized so not like not like Everything grew by 7.7 percent uh in one Quarter but rather if you take third Quarter and spread it out for a whole Year so basically take a fourth of that But to make numbers Apples to Apples They like to annualize these numbers and Then fourth quarter without inflation Factored in it went up by 6.5 percent Annualized now there's two fundamental Problems with these numbers First number first problem is one that I've been harping on for years Let's say the government U.S government Decides to build a giant hole in the Ground they they contract you know a Million U.S workers to dig a hole in the Ground And then the next year they they pay you Know a million U.S workers to fill that Hole in okay Let's say it costs a trillion dollars The first year and a trillion dollars a Second year GDP will have gone up by one trillion Dollars or approximately uh Twice that so like four fourteen fifteen

Percent GDP would go up by 15 because They dug a hole and then they filled it Back in they just borrowed all this Money and then just dug a hole filled it Back in That would actually increase the GDP of The United States By about 15 percent So Some of you out there are like well then Why don't they do that And give everybody a job Um well that money gets to has to be Paid back theoretically at least Um so not not good for the economy okay Because there's no production going on There's no Um And that's exactly what's happening is The US government is borrowing Ridiculous amounts of money and then Just Handing it out they're giving it out to People through a number of government Programs and everything like that the The Deficit in 2022 was 1.38 trillion Dollars so if you want to put it in your Mind's eye they basically dug a hole Dumped money into it and then buried it Up and it cost 1.38 trillion dollars now In reality they gave that out to people They paid people to push papers from one You know pile to the other pile and lots

Of stuff going on they paid lots of Government workers who sit in their Homes and not actually do anything Because we see that whenever you Interact with any government agency and You're trying to get something done and All these workers are working from home And uh it's funny how the files never Get processed you know the IRS is like Years behind on processing tax returns Like you may find out that you were that You're finally under audit for like 2019. I mean that's that's where we are Right now it's ridiculous it's Ridiculous they haven't processed 2021 Tax returns like that they haven't they Haven't even started they haven't Processed any of them and so if you Think that uh oh I got away with Whatever I did on 2021 no they haven't Even looked at them yet so Let's just let's just split that into Quarters okay that's about That's about 345 billion dollars a quarter that the Government is just printing out of thin Air borrowing 345. so third quarter GDP Went up by 475 billion Lo and behold Pretty much all of that gain was just The federal government printing money And passing it around Digging the figurative hole in the Ground

And then fourth quarter it went up I Only 408 billion dollars which is just Slightly above the federal government Hole in the ground analogy so basically We're not even talking about inflation Yet here the U.S economy is basically Only growing as fast as the federal Government is borrowing money and Printing and and passing it out that's As fast which is really sad because like Literally if the federal government were To just borrow you know 345 billion Dollars and literally pass it out it Should grow the economy significantly Faster So whatever they're doing is extremely Extremely ineffective or rather what's Really happening is the private part of The economy is rapidly declining in Production while the US government is Increasing slowly Slowly as comparatively I mean 345 Billion dollars a quarter of deficit Spending charging on the credit cards Now let's go into that inflation number They assumed for third quarter that Inflation was at 4.5 percent Annualized annualized so Do you think that things have gone up in Value in in price by 4.5 percent over The last year Fourth quarter they they estimated down To 3.6 percent so inflation's right About four percent isn't it

That's what you experience when you go To the grocery store I mean gas has only gone up about four Percent since uh president Trump was in Office right I mean That's that's regard that's about right Isn't it It's gone up a little more than that Hasn't it and uh everything has gone up More than that hasn't it So these inflation numbers are Ridiculously low our best stab at it Shadow statistics uh puts it around 16 And I think that's still rather Conservative so let's just let's just Change those numbers shall we if if We're at 16 percent inflation which is I Think a little more in keeping with what We see at the store a lot of our foods Have doubled in price Then Really what should be looking at is uh Third quarter should be a negative print Of nine percent decline in the U.S Economy and that's even with the federal Government printing 345 billion dollars Worth of debt A negative nine percent print And then Let's go here and and an update fourth Quarter here And we should be looking at a negative Print Uh sorry uh doing the math real fast

Here So 10 13 more Negative 10 print For fourth quarter So our economy is rapidly declining in The United States meanwhile the Government is sitting here looking Us in The eyes and saying oh things are good Things are great you know we're growing We're growing faster than inflation it's Fantastic everyone's happy which would Probably explain why all the tech Companies are laying people off like Nobody's business and everybody has this Foreboding sense of fear and Everyone seems to be having trouble Paying basic bills and paying for food We've been in a recession a severe Recession over the past year The numbers don't lie folks and actually If you strip out the government spending I'm going to say something that's going To shock the socks off you if you Haven't been if you haven't been looking At the numbers yourself The private part of the economy so Businesses corporations all that Have actually produced less money when You strip out even if you just use Regular inflation numbers regular Government inflation numbers the private Part of the economy has not grown since 2008. Whoa

Not grown since 2008 we've we have a lot More people in the country because you Know we don't know how many because they Just kind of walk in and we don't count Them and because why would we count the People coming into our country right Um we have a lot more people in the United States and yet the amount of Money and value that uh that the private Part of the economy creates has not Increased since 2008 Yikes and now it's rapidly Contracting It's rapidly dropping and that's the Situation we are in right now if you've Been told that everything's fine Everything's peachy everything will be Better next year everything will be Getting better and better and better Until they are living in a bubble you Look around your neighborhoods you look Around at the people you know and you Know that it is a tight labor market out There it's hard for people to get actual Jobs that pay anything And the people that are getting these Low wage jobs are struggling to no end To make ends meet because prices are Rapidly increasing and wages are not Keeping up friends Don't believe the government lies out There know that things are rough know That things are going to get rougher so Keep your financial hats on straight To keep your debts in order don't let

Them get away from you don't believe That you know next month or next year is Going to be better so I can rack up some Debt this year you just got to tighten Your belt down to your budget you know Keep your budget tight and make sure That you're not overspending beyond what You can and because this is probably Going to drag on assuming that nothing Bad happens this is going to drag on and Continue to be a rough ride all right Folks that's the truth that's the truth That's the numbers Um hopefully they're easy enough to Understand and you can kind of see what The government's been doing they've been Faking the inflation numbers in order to Make the GDP numbers go up so that we Can we're not technically in recession All right folks if you found this video Useful or helpful you might want to Check out this other video right here For me I'll see you over there or I'll See you later Steve Poplar out

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