Lessons From The Kibera Slums of Kenya on SHTF & Life

Meeting the amazing people of the Kibera Slums I felt compelled to give you some reflections on what I learned and what challenged me deeply.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report this video is going to be talking About some of my Reflections on visiting The kibera slums here in Nairobi Kenya They are the largest it's the largest Slums in Africa by some countings it's Definitely one of the largest slums uh In in all of Africa which is saying Quite a bit we did two days worth of Trainings in uh on the outskirts of the Slums uh we did not go super far into Them it can get rather dangerous but Just How do you live in a situation where There is no running water how do you Live in a situation where there is no Sewage there is just the poverty is off The charts how do you have hope uh in That type of situation because I know a Lot of people here think a lot about Shtf grid down situations Um while not all of you are thinking Along those lines you can also be Thinking along lines of how do you deal With tragedy how do you deal with with Things happening in your community that Just devastate you and Dev are just Devastating how do you handle all this Stuff being thrown at you because we're All there or we all could be there in The near future uh whether it's a Personal thing that that goes off the Rails or whether it is something in your Neighborhood your city

Or your nation at Large The people of the kibera slums Or kibera slums Were joyful the people that we worked With now they were part of the church There there was about 100 plus uh people that that attended That we were working with the the kind Of the leaders a lot of them are young People a lot of them were students Whether in College High School Um or the equivalence thereof they were Trying to do their best to kind of get Out of the slums and and to get on their Feet like I said no running water no Sewage and this was on the outskirts of The slums where they could at least go And get buckets of fresh water without Too far of a walk once you start going Into the slums more it's just walking Paths uh it's just walking paths along Ditches that that that sewage and Everything else kind of travels through Uh very unhygienic and very difficult Situation for anyone to live in and this Is the only option that they have There's not enough people there's not Enough space for all the people talking With the Ministry leader there who Um he was kind of working his way to get Out of the the slums and he he actually Was starting to succeed in doing that But then this news story came across That he he was actually reporting on on

A number of really brutal murders that Had happened that shocked even the Nation hearing about these in the slums Children that were tortured and killed As by The Gangs there and you know Someone at the the news station that he Was working with that said you know Isn't that your You know where you came from what what As a Christian are you doing to kind of Fix that And that that that I don't know how Off-handed the comment or how pointed or Or whatever it was but Um this gentleman he At that moment he dedicated his life to To making life better in the slums to Making to Bringing light into that Darkness and I think that we all kind of Aspire to being those people that when There's great darkness that we bring Light into it that we bring joy that we Help people who are desperate and and Without hope and It's a beautiful thing To see people doing that Even in the heartbreaking situation uh The seeing the situation that these People are in but yet Seeing the hope that's coming And the Hope in this case coming through They're doing like arts training they're Doing Bible studies but then they're Also doing like dance and uh teaching

Them like practical skills on art design Working with computers doing some of These things that they're they're in and The place that they're doing these Trainings in Um are basically just a flower sack bags Were the walls and that that was the Walls of this uh uh this of this room That we were in uh that was in the slums And and the walls hammered together uh Pieces of scrap metal and pieces of Trees and just When you see that people just getting by On things how they How what they need is not so much stuff But what they need is Hope and they need People who are interested in helping Them help themselves and not just people Who are going to come by and do Something just to make their consciences Clear And there's too much of that where People give stuff in order to make Themselves feel better And they don't actually enter into the Pain and enter into the uh the situation To try to understand and try to help and Try to encourage because oftentimes what We need more than anything else is Hope And when difficult times come and and I Believe in the United States that the Times that are difficult now are going To get far far more difficult When we look at places in other

Countries Kenya at large and especially In these uh rougher areas we look around The world Americans have it unbelievably Good and I know we just Americans and the people in the UK and People in Australia like to complain About how bad things are but really Things are really really good but things Can change dramatically radically the Germans before World War One things were Pretty good When you look at what world wars did to Different societies it's it's Unbelievable the the Carnage The the Absolute change in circumstances and the Change of cultures Uh we have not had that in a large scale In the United States for generations and We are we're due we're due for a major Adjustment a crisis that demands that we All put up or shut up that we have to Overcome It's a it's a test that comes every Generation or four where there's an Existential crisis for civilizations That they either succeed and continue or They fail and Fade Into the the Sands And time of history and I I don't think that we have The character The strength And the work ethic to get through the Times that are coming or much of the United States does not much of the

Western world has grown so soft that the Question is is could we ever be tough And strong again or Is the purple-haired mob really What the United States is All About 75 Of Draft age males in the United States are Unfit for Um For being conscripted 75 percent can't be conscripted at this Point That's That's shocking folks and we're not just Talking about overweightness we're Talking about health issues we're Talking about psychological issues we're Talking about criminality we're talking About Lots of different factors that are Coming into this that make it so that The vast majority of military draftable Age males in the United States can't be Drafted And that's just one more data point that We see Can we rise to the challenge that's About to come before us we need hope we Need courage and we need a change of Character There is an honesty of conversation that Needs to be able to take place there is A need for a genuine care for our fellow Man and women and those who are downcast

We need to be able to speak truth in Order to protect others rather than stay Silent and simply protect ourselves We need to have some conversations in The United States and we haven't had Them we have our Echo Chambers where we All say stuff to each other but we as a Nation haven't sat down and had an adult Conversation about a lot of things and Time is coming where we're going to have To make some resolutions on some of These things because Probably something from the outside is Going to force us too Well we have the stick-to-itiveness the The strength the courage to like the Kids in the kibera slums to claw their Way out Or are we going to disappear into the Sands of History That's something that remains to be seen But We each have to do the gut check Each of us are going to contribute to The success or the failure Of our future civilization And I know stack those rice and beans But also when the time comes are you Going to be ready to help people to Build communities that matter That are going to be able to deal with The realities and not the figments the Psychological disorders that people have Out there

All right folks if you found this video To be you know helpful Um thoughtful you might want to check Out another video right over here I'll See you guys a little bit later Um right now Steve Poplar out

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