LIVE From Asbury Revival – Report & What I’m Seeing

Breaking news and report from Asbury University Revival 2023. An honest and real report of what is happening in this place.

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Hey everyone uh we're out here outside Hughes Hall at Asbury University and I Just want to kind of give you some of The kind of feel what's going on there Try to shoot a little bit inside there But uh it's uh midnight and on Saturday And they're still going strong in there And there's nowhere in there to shoot That would not be disturbing people People in prayer people on worship Um everywhere even in the very back even Up in the balcony people are just just Pouring out their hearts to the Lord and This is day four of what's been going on Here I just kind of want to share some Of the things I kind of noticed and Picked up on Just a lot of dedicated seats to college Students asking that that this be a Place for college students to be Connecting with the Lord and you know It's not just a free-for-all a lot of Organization and definitely thing I mean Basically in the crowd depending on the Time when we got here it was jam-packed We couldn't even get into the foyer when Perry got into the foyer we're packed up Against the doors just behind me and not Not even able to see in just hearing They had speakers set up on the outside And 90 95 at different times of of the Crowd of students not necessarily here At Asbury but maybe from other schools As well

Dozens and dozens of of counselors up in The front and they they just stayed busy I mean they're just praying with people Constantly As as they became available just more People came up front to pray with them And to talk with people and lots of Hugging lots of crying just people just Dealing with God and Evidence of that just constantly through Everything a lot of talk about Consecration and a lot of preparation of Getting their hearts right a lot of talk About God's work tomorrow and there's Just this this sense of the continual Work of God outpouring like I said the Whole Hall just jam-packed Mostly students like I said some some People from the outside as well But they did make the decision to to Send the students out into the churches Where they're where they're attending to To take to take this energy and take the Fire out to the churches and that's Something that's really uh Um just you can just see that servant Heart that Ministry of heart for for the Men for the uh what's going on here it's Not about Elevating any person or any group here Or even the campus itself but rather Um showing that that this is all about Jesus and about the churches that God is Working through

They had A number of invitations but they were Not like twisting your arm invitations And yet people were coming forward they Were just very honest like Hey we're Going to have a few invitations here We're gonna have an invitation for this Imitation for that invitation for that And as they did those invitations Um they just laid it out there they're Just this is what this is for if you if You are called to do this if you're not Called to do this if this is not you Then be praying for other people that Are there for salvation for rededication Or or commitment and and for healing Particularly focusing up it seems and That's just my read on it from way in The back uh spiritual healing and Emotional healing But uh they were talking about some some Healings as well I I don't know about That being in the back and not being up In the front and the counselors were Going to try to chat with one or two Counselors or something like that just To kind of see what what they're seeing Out there but just overall just orderly We came in as they're preaching the word And it was jam-packed one of the things I noticed was as they're singing and in Worship Um even though it was like a rock Concert at the same time I noticed that

When they started speaking when they're Reading or preaching it actually the Seats filled up even more like people Were taking breaks during the worship Sessions As crazy as that sounds I mean you know Some people would say well it's just the Music that's drawn people but that that Just didn't seem the case they were Hungry for truth they're hungry for the Word of God and hungry uh they're just This huge excitement around the Invitations it seemed like Um everyone was just like on the edge of Their seats to praying for others and Seeing what God was going to do in their Midst Um as as cameraman Tyler uh was kind of Sharing he said you know this there Really wasn't anything like Uh special about the service it was just Well a lot longer than regular service And the excitement level was bigger but When it really came down to what they Were doing up in the front not nothing Really special and uh it was it was God Was doing something in the midst of the People not so much any tactics or any Kind of thing that we're kind of seeing There um This is four days in and one things I Just kind of noticed was just the Absence of PowerPoint video no special Effects no lighting just just decently

Lit and uh front of the house and and Just people just singing their hearts Out with uh what they knew the words That they already knew Um other things I just kind of want to Point out was just uh the the the Seamlessness where they handed off kind Of what was going on in front whether Musicians Um or speaking from one person to the Next and it would just you didn't see a Personality that was leading or anything Like that it wasn't about any one person Just about uh about what was happening And what God is doing in their midst Those are kind of a lot of the the Things that I just saw and just kind of Want to point out to you just an amazing Thing here that God's doing it seems Like and uh just that that genuine Excitement about what what God has Continuing to do and lives being changed Tons and tons of one-on-one Conversations tons and tons of of Conversations and groups and prayer That's just kind of what we're seeing Out there so I want to let you guys all Know that and I'll see you guys later

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