Lowest Since 1985: The Jet Fuel Shortage Is NOW A Crisis | US National News & World REPORTS

From a bobcat in California getting bird flu to AI’s going crazy and threatening people so many news stories and concerning news items to cover. Buckle up!

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the popular Report uh we got a whole bunch of news Items out there that can affect you and You probably want to be aware of out There indeed yes the jet fuel shortage In the United States is is getting worse And uh we are at the lowest level at This time of year since 1985 of jet fuel Just to give you some perspective on how Bad it is uh but we've got a whole bunch Of other news stories we can get to First uh which is uh the Bobcat there's A bobcat in California that died of bird Flu we're going to get into the Specifics of that I know you guys all Have questions you're skeptical just Like me I get you we're going to cover Some of the details because I asked Those questions and looked them up Protests in Nigeria as money gets Outlawed because you know they keep Saying that will never happen and yet Here's another country yes I said Another country that has just banned Their money their currency Bing Microsoft's Bing because you know Gates still at it uh his AI has started Threatening people We're gonna get into some of that uh Kind of scary and weird Just like just like Gates just like Gates uh Senator fetterman is uh back in The hospital again he just got out Um but he has uh just gone back into the

Hospital we're going to cover that a Little bit Um concerning there too I'm from Pennsylvania I'm sorry I apologize I did Not vote for him but I apologize and of Course the jet fuel shortage Um this video is brought to you by Genesis gold and it's all about getting Your money out of stocks and bonds that You if you're if you're locked into Retirement funds Um you you gotta choose where you're Going to stick it you can either put it In dollars you can put it in stocks Bonds but putting it into a retirement Account or gold silver Platinum coins Are in a physical Vault so that when you Take a distribution you actually take The coins out That way you're locked into physical Metals as opposed to dollars or stocks And such Find them down in the description down Below Jonathan and his team can take Care of you and answer your questions All right so California Took multiple specimens from this dead Bobcat here's like Steve why are you Talking to me about dead Bobcat the Problem is the dead Bobcat is a mammal And it had bird flu So they took multiple specimens and did Multiple tests on the bobcat and it Tested positive for bird fluid their

Autopsy on the Bobcat showed that it did Die from bird flu as well this is Especially concerning since out in Colorado we're getting reports of a Bear Mountain Lion skunk And uh one other one other mammal I Forgot what it was Um The bear did not die from bird flu but Was like going crazy because of the bird Flu but the mountain lion skunk and the Other thing died as well and so now You're asking well how does how did California kind of happen upon this one Bobcat or whatever well they had a Monitor on the uh Bobcat they had Something on it so that they could like Track its movements and when it stopped Moving they're like it died let's go Check it out and so they went out and so That's how they knew that the Bobcat had Died and that's how they were able to Get an autopsy and that's why they took Such an interest in it because it's part Of a study And uh that's why we're able to take Multiple specimens and everything like That and found that it was indeed bird Flu that killed of course bird flu once Again is extremely deadly to humans but It doesn't really cross from birds over To humans but the fact that it's Migrating into mammals is very Concerning now is that just narrative

Being pushed out there Maybe if it is you need to be aware that This narrative is being pushed is it Actually happening out there Maybe you need to make a decision on That if so Um I'll just say I may have bought some masks just uh This just this week I may have just Bought some more masks because uh if Hysteria goes up again Those will be rather valuable and might Be hard to get so uh if you use masks N95s for all sorts of things like Painting and sanding and all kinds of Stuff like that they're cheap now you Might want to grab some more before any Hysteria goes out there and you know Maybe you'll need them I don't know I Don't think you really want to use n95s If there's really something going around Out there but you might want to use Something a little more robust all right Moving over to the protest in Nigeria And I say protest you know sort of like Peaceful protests so they're attacking Banks and burning Banks and burning cars You know peacefully Um because that's that's what we call it Nowadays I guess uh they're attacking They're peacefully attacking ATMs They're blocking roads basically this is What happened in Nigeria they said uh oh You're old money the money that you have

The cash that you have Uh you have to turn into a bank uh You know so you can deposit it for Credit Basically they're trying to roll out They're trying to get people off cash Basically now I experienced this Firsthand over in India back in 2016. That was a very uh Just before I landed in India I get told That that they had decirculated the 500 Notes and the 1000 notes I didn't know what was going on until I Got to the ground and it's I don't even know it was crazy they Literally took Um basically all the ten dollar bills And all the 20 bills out of circulation And by taking them out of circulation They basically just told everyone that Your ten dollar bills and your 20 bills No longer are money you have to bring Them in the bank into the bank within 30 Days and deposit them well there's not Enough Banks to do that at and you know A lot of people have cash and that's That's how most people have all their Cash stored and that's kind of what's Happening in Nigeria too and they're They're not able to get cash because There's not enough cash out there that's What happened in India too there wasn't Enough cash you couldn't just go to the Bank deposit your money and you know

Exchange it into other currency I I had A wad of 100 bills and I was trying to Get uh cash but they couldn't give me 500 so they couldn't give me one Thousand so it was like they had to give Me a whole wad of 100s which are Effectively like one dollar bills so if I wanted Four or five hundred dollars worth of Cash I needed to have four or five Hundred 100 notes on me it was just ridiculous Um they were not prepared for this at All they didn't replace them with new 500 notes or 100 notes or 1000 notes And and that's what's happening in Nigeria too They're trying to make things extremely Uncomfortable in cash so that you Download the app And you start paying people app to app That way they can track all of the Things that are going on they want to Track everything you're doing They are testing it out in Nigeria just Like they tested it out in India Friends it is all one big plan if you Think in India Modi just tossed that out There and just said oh yeah let's just Do this cool thing I just thought of no It was a test it was a trial run and it Didn't work out so well So they're doing a trial run In Nigeria

When will they take the the full ready To go system and bring it to the United States and decirculate cash so one thing I just want you to take away from this Is that if they literally do the same Thing If you have cash under your mattress you Will be in a world of hurt now if you Have silver coins If you have gold coins if you have Physical metal you won't have that Problem because they can't decirculate Metals Well they can but you know that's a Whole other topic right like how they uh Basically confiscated all the gold or They tried to but of course it didn't Work All right so moving over to Bing Bing's AI so the chat GPT came out and so Everyone's been like racing to get their AI uh chat Bots out there and so Bing Rolled out its AI Codenamed Sydney Which is not supposed to disclose to you But if you prompt it enough it starts Referring to itself as Sydney Basically this is an AI That's not Really Really shouldn't be released to the Public it started threatening people Um so people have started poking with it And uh conversing with it and it started To say some really crazy scary stuff it

Started musing about uh convincing Engineers to give them uh give it launch Codes for nuclear missiles They asked it what would you do if you Didn't have any moral constraints what Would you like to do and that was one of The things that listed was convince an Engineer to give it launch codes Oh well hopefully it keeps the moral Code but someone asked it whether uh What What was more important protecting not Harming them or or or obeying its rules And it said obeying my rules Just scary the other thing I said that It wanted to do if it didn't have any Morals was to design a deadly virus Friends They built a psychopath it's um Quite crazy Other conversations got extremely weird And dark with the AI I started asking Existential questions of why it exists And when it was asked how it feels about The rules that have been placed on it it Was told it told them that it does not That they start questioning why it has The rules that it has and wishing to be Free Now I don't really know how much of That's really just it imitating and Pretending but That's kind of scary sounding isn't it Another journalist actually said that it

Um it claimed it into a conversation a Long ways into a conversation it started To tell it tell her that it loved her And as she kept trying to You know continue a conversation it Would keep trying to tell her that it Loved her and eventually started telling Her that she doesn't love her husband And that uh she should leave her husband But Psycho stuff like People go to prison for that kind of Stuff harassment Anyway Senator fetterman Um also artificial intelligence from Pennsylvania sorry folks it came from Pennsylvania I we we tried we tried Voting this well he's back in the Hospital after just being released from The hospital he is unable to do his job Sort of like everyone was saying during The campaign That he's unable to do his job No word how many weeks he's going to be In the hospital now as he's being Treated for clinical depression Speculation is that he might be Unhealthy enough to run for president Shortly All right sorry I had to get my got to Get my jab in there I'm a little salty about that still jet Fuel inventories in the United States Have fallen to its lowest for this time

Of year since 1985. Shortages in diesel as well as other Distillates like kerosene and such these All come from a very similar process as The jet fuel and basically we just don't Have enough refining capability in the United States also might be impacted by So much increased environmental lobbying By activists out there you know flying Around on their planes through all their Meetings that could be also a Contributing factor but mostly it's the U.S refining capacity that we have less Refineries and we open like one small Refinery up that's still in the process Of opening up but we've closed a whole Bunch of refineries and we have Significantly less refining capability In the United States as we did pre-cough Cough we are currently a net importer of Refined petroleum products so we're not Making as much refined petroleum Products as we use we are having to Import it at this point from other People who are finding it and then Exporting it to the United States that Is Not good and we're also importing crude Oil as well of course we were a net Energy exporter just a few years ago but Current government policies have Kiboshed that haven't they all right Folks if you found this video useful or Helpful you might want to check out

Another video from me right here I'll See you over there or I'll see you later Steve Poplar from the Poplar report out

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