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The bond markets and investment banks have been pulling out of the markets recently and regular investors as well as those with retirements should pay attention to what is going on.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the popular Report I got a number of emails from you Guys out there asking me what my Thoughts were on the stock market Um it's been going up for the last month Month and a half and just yesterday two Percent down straight down uh if you're Kind of paying attention to that too We're going to be getting the minutes From the uh Federal Reserve meeting back In uh January well February technically Uh very early February and so we're Going to be getting these minutes of Kind of their conversations that they Had in the background that's going to be Released publicly and uh there's a lot Of kind of feelings that we're going to Get some nasty surprises in that so There's a lot of people on edge if you Look at the volatility index in the in The stock market it's up significantly Basically saying people are paying a lot More for insurance premiums on a crash We're seeing bonds out there which Usually kind of lead the market bonds Are considered the smart money that's Where that's where bankers and uh a lot Of the more sophisticated investors are Involved with whereas the less Sophisticated investors tend to be in The stock market so the bond Market's Been crashing And that really kind of points to the Fact that uh that we're setting up for a

Potential big leg down I'm going to give you some information I'm going to give you some things to Think about I'm going to connect some Dots for you when it comes to the stock Market if you have retirement funds in The stock market right now Um you're going to want to hear what I Have to say now if you want to move out Of stocks and bonds into something more Stable like gold silver or platinum Physical coins you want to talk to Jonathan and his team over at Genesis Gold you can find them down in the Description down below if you give them A call you can ask them questions They'll uh they'll kind of give you an Idea of kind of they're not trying to Push you they want to make sure that You're where you need to be with Security for your retirement funds Um so Bonds are down And I keep saying this and uh as an Accountant Um I've seen this I've looked through Market crashes and Stuff like that for my own personal use And interest because I'm a nerd and When the market stock market starts Crashing oftentimes the bond market Crashes too the bond market can actually Be kind of a little more ugly than even The stock market when it happens because

There's just no one buying bonds at that Time so bonds of course are just loans To companies and nobody wants to nobody Knows what companies are going to Disappear from existence in the next few Months during a crash so they don't want To buy up these uh this debt That may never be paid back it's super Risky and suddenly everyone realizes how Risky bonds are because while the United States hasn't defaulted in a long time It has in the past people keep Forgetting that but companies default Um all the time it happens almost daily Nowadays so Bonds are always kind of sold to retail Investors and to people with retirement Funds they're told bonds are super safe You should diversify into bonds and Stocks stocks to get make a whole bunch Of money and bonds to kind of like be Safe but when they both crash it's not Safe And and I think I haven't made any uh I haven't hidden the fact that I am a Bear Um I I believe that the stock market is Tremendously overvalued and so that's The perspective I'm going to give you Why it's set up for a crash And you can hear me and then you can go Back over to MarketWatch and and all the Uh Wall Street journals and all the all The bloombergs out there they're going

To be telling you oh well it's going to Be great forever and ever the stocks are Just going to go up and up and up until Until we re build our Tower to Heaven Basically But I'm not really on board with that I Don't think this time is different I Think this time the only time it's the Only difference now is it's worse than It's ever been before Individual retail investors poured 1.5 Billion dollars per day into the market In January That's how much money was just pouring In okay Why didn't the stock market go up more Than that that's a lot of money It's simple because the banks and the The you know institutional investors the Smart investors Um that represent companies and Represent large uh funds they were Pulling out of the market as all the the Retail investors all the mama pops all The Um meme Traders out there were dumping Their money into stocks and bonds the Banks and everyone else was selling to Them they were selling out of their Positions and saying let's cut our Losses let's get out because it's going To get ugly we see it's coming So when you have all the dumb people Not to say people are dumb but but they

Don't have access to as much information They just get to see the propaganda like Kramer and all that kind of stuff Whereas the banks are looking at they're Seeing defaults happening they're seeing Defaults happening on car loans they're Seeing individual investors defaulting On home mortgages they're seeing Defaults Rising on credit cards And they're saying that's not a healthy Sign that means our economy is turning Over we're seeing it in our numbers that The economy is turning over but the Stock market hasn't really started to Reflect that we need to get out of the Stock market before it crashes So we have the smart investors and bonds Pulling out we see the smart investors In the stock market pulling out And then we see the retail investors Chasing things like okay let's see let's See how smart the retail investors are Are they chasing good high quality Stocks no they're chasing them meme Stocks like Basically insolvent companies like AMC Which is for the movie theaters I mean Who here has been to a movie theater Recently we used to do that all the time Back in the day right nobody goes to Movie theaters anymore Bed Bath and Beyond Um they're like closing down locations And they're going into bankruptcy why

Are is there why is there stock like way Up why are people buying their stock are They insane So we see some of these tech companies That don't make any money uh and these Meme stocks going up 20 30 100 percent In a matter of days That's not healthy that's speculation That's people walking into the casino And putting their chips down okay that's Not people going oh this is a good Bargain to buy a share of this company Because it's a healthy strong company It's going to weather the incoming storm No it's people like trying to pick up Pennies in front of the steamroller Earnings per share for companies dropped Dramatically all the projections for 2023 are down Companies are bracing for recession They're increasing their layoffs they're Shutting down stores The economy is not healthy out there I Mean you live in this economy too is This economy booming and is it healthy Or is There a lot going on that is unhealthy Are you hearing about people who have Been laid off are you hearing about People who are struggling Are you hearing about the food pantries That don't have enough food to give out Because there's so many more people There's three four times as many people

Showing up the food pantries The snap programs the supplemental Nutrition Assistance programs are being Overwhelmed with new applications The United States economy and Western Economies is not doing well and yet the Stock market has only come down just a Little bit It is the stock market is still higher As compared to GDP Then it has been Ever except for like earlier in this Cycle right it's still higher When you when you take the cost of all The businesses where the cost of the Stock market right and you compare that To GDP which is how much our country Produces so the cost of buying all the Companies versus the how much all those Companies combined are producing This ratio is higher than it was in the Internet stock boom People are pouring money into the stock Market not because it's they're buying Something of value but rather because They just believe that more people will Come and throw money at it too and it's Going to go higher there's going to be a Bigger sucker that's going to come along And buy it from they don't actually see The stocks and the companies that They're buying as a good bargain they're Just thinking Some morons going to come By and buy from at a higher price

Friends That's not healthy thinking that's not Investing that's gambling that is Nothing short of just being in a casino Am I a little bit worried about the Stock market yeah now If you move into gold silver Platinum if You have more advanced strategies to Basically profit off of a market crash If you know what you're doing this can Be a great opportunity for you because While everyone else is denying reality You can be like the institutions you can Be like the banks where you're selling And getting ready for the crash The most basic uh opportunity for that Is where you sell all your stocks and Wait for the crash so that you can buy In at the bottom But will it ever stop going down is Another question if the economy tanks Will those stocks will those companies Actually be worth anything I don't know But that's the most basic thing to do is Get into Cash hold cash while you wait For the the bottom come in I think a Little bit better of a strategy is Shifting over to Precious Metals Whether that's into good uh mining Stocks good uh streaming I particularly like metal streaming Companies that's that's what I like Because it's a lot less risky than Mining stocks so I like streaming

Companies precious metal streaming uh It's it's like there are banks for the Mining companies so they diversify their Holdings and they loan money to a whole Bunch of mining companies and then they They get uh the precious metals they get All that from those companies directly Uh over the years they they get interest Basically off that so I think that's a Great move physical gold silver Platinum It's it you have it it's not like it Devalues it it's not like it stops Having value I think that's why I talk About Genesis gold so much here Um and then There are other strategies where you you Know invest in funds that make use of Like the volatility index the vix uh There's opportunities to do that kind of Thing if you're more sophisticated There's there's options contracts but Make sure you know what you're doing Okay uh because there's ways to kind of Position for our stock market crash and Uh you know talk to people who know what They're doing kind of can teach you or Or who can uh kind of make some Investments for you or whatever but Protect yourselves folks if you have a Lot in the stock market the bond market You want to probably have what's called A hedge right where the insurance policy Goes up significantly to offset the Losses that you have over here or

Get into some place safe A Safe Haven There's layoffs companies are shutting Down locations stores but the market Doesn't seem to think this is the case The bond market is crashing the smart Investors are running for cover I think you would do well To heed some warning and take a look at Your retirement funds take a look at What's happening because this stock Market crash that's coming is going to Impact uh Companies they're not going to be able To raise funding so they're going to Have to start laying off more and more People there's going to be a lot less Money in the Shoppers pockets and that means that the Stores are going to get hit in their Earnings even harder because no one's Going to be able to spend any money Because they don't have the money this Is a cycle this is how a recession works If it feels like a recession Which it does We're probably in a recession You should be investing and you should Be preparing for recession that's my two Cents on things this isn't investment Advice of course this is me telling you Kind of what I'm seeing out there and You you need to make some smart choices Talk to an investment professional if You want to actual tips or or positions

But I'm just saying be careful review Your positions review what you have talk To somebody who knows what they're Talking about and let them know kind of What you're concerned about and how to And ask them how to protect yourself all Right folks if you have comments about That I'm sure you do pop them in the Comments down below let us know what You're thinking and I will see you guys In the next video there's one right up Here I'll see you over there or I'll see You later Steve Poplar out

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