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OnScene Daily Reports and Alerts: (Free Trial & 30% discount with the code POPLARPREPAREDNESS)

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the popular Report I am coming to you from Nairobi Kenya but we are going over world news Happening out there we have a major uh Chemical issue out in Australia we got Cyber attacks uh in uh Denmark we have a Lot of stuff to cover flooding protests Riots in different places and a lot to Cover let's jump right into it This video is powered by on scene alert They are a great partner organization That I get a lot of information from They send out several Newsletters basically a week with news Updates this is one of them the excerpts Of one of these you can find them down In the description down below if you Sign up using my code you basically ends Up being like about seven dollars a Month and they will send you emergency Alerts when there's something happening As well but this is one of the weekly uh Briefings they send out three of these a Week so in North Dakota we have this Nuclear Um Facility that is losing officers six Officers are being relieved of Duty and They uh they are oversaw over 150 Minuteman three intercontinental Ballistic missiles so just the Compromise of our nuclear Strategy of being able to do a Counter-Strike against those who may

Attack the United States that's Something that just From a military perspective is sacred It's like that needs to always be there Needs to be no doubt whatsoever in Anyone's mind that we will do a massive Counter-Strike if someone were to attack Us with nuclear missiles Um this is the minute Air Force Base as Well as the The 91st missaling as well so very Concerning out there uh hopefully They've gotten it taken care of it over In Copenhagen Denmark So apparently Muslim activists took down nine Danish Hospital websites now once again Hopefully those websites are more just a Convenience factor for customers and Patients and their families but still There's there's enough stuff that goes On through their websites their Public-facing websites that those being Down is a is a big deal Patients families not being able to find Information that they need and patients Who are looking at elective surgeries And stuff like that so apparently Because the the burning of the Quran This is why this is retribution there Again there's no no freedom of speech Out there there's there's different Societies clashing

An explosion at a Pharma company in India Once again uh most of our Pharma come From China the precursors and then a lot Of them are put into capsules in like India and they're branded from India but The the materials are actually produced The the insides of them are produced in China but then they get packaged up in India or in other places but India is a Big place for Pharma for around the World Cheap labor there and everything like That so we are kind of watching the Pharma chain out there aren't we in Pakistan there's a 14 injured in Baluchistan in Pakistan and that is uh Basically we're seeing the Taliban there Are apparently allegedly being supported By the Taliban over in Afghanistan so Now that they've more or less started to Control Afghanistan they first started By kicking us out and then they had to Secure the country the outlying Districts and now they're starting to Concern themselves with expanding their Empire into neighboring countries and The most natural one there of course is Pakistan so we are watching that Baluchistan is in like the Northwest Territory it's uh it's relatively remote And has little Pakistani military Presence so it is ripe for the picking In welshpool Australia this is where we

Have a major chemical issue there was a Big factory fire that went up and the Chemical Fallout is uh rather familiar To us isn't it this this is a similar Fallout to what's what's happening in East Palestine Ohio You know people are supposed to remain Inside away from the smoke and fumes but Once again are they should they really Be actually evacuated not just told to Batten down the hatchet so to speak in The Philippines they had a large fire Um 1200 homes destroyed is is what it looks Like so it's nine million dollars but But we're looking at 1200 homes so this Is a lower income homes a lot of people Impacted a very devastating fire fire in Davao City Philippines Then in Paraguay as we look at what's Happening their major flooding Uh four Departments of Paraguay flooded Of course is going to have ramifications On their production of food they are Self-sufficient food wise but and they Export some food but this may damage a Lot of their crops they uh it just seems Like that in South America it's just too Little rain or too much rain in Brazil's Been getting pounded with too much rain Paraguay too much rain and then uh Argentina has not been getting enough Rain allegedly so we got a It's impacting the the crops out there

Argentina is a major exporter Brazil is A huge exporter of food 1500 households affected evacuated by Boat And 2 000 more evacuated as well Precautionary and so this is a little More of a deep dive on the chemical Plant fire I really like what Mike does Over at on scene alert he's he's on top Of it and he really gets some deep stuff Sometimes he gets some breaking news That has pushed out us alerts I've found out about a number of Breaking news stories because I got the Text alerts from him I I turned on the Text alerts the whole country whereas he He has it set up so that you can like Just get the text alerts of an emergency Situation in your area or you can switch On to the whole country if you want to So if there's like a shooting or if There's a disaster that's unfolding that That that's big they they start alerting To you so that's how I kind of picked up On what was going on down in Tennessee With the nuclear fire the uranium fire At the facility for nuclear weapons That's uh that's kind of how I got Tipped off on that was because I got that alert from him so uh Basically just what what was in that Factory and how big of a deal is this Going to be over the long term for the Residents and surrounding area and still

They're still trying to figure that out And whenever there's a chemical fire Whenever there's an issue like that Friends Just because the government doesn't Immediately release something doesn't Mean there isn't something there it just Means they haven't done their research Yet they haven't come to the conclusions Yet they don't like releasing Information early and sometimes they Don't like releasing information if it's Gonna Panic people friends sometimes you Need to be one or two steps ahead of the News coming out you need to kind of read Between the lines and take some Precautionary steps because especially With chemicals there's there's no Playing around with that kind of stuff Some of these really nasty chemicals uh It's better if you know kind of what's Upwind of you if you know what kind of Chemical facilities are around you that Could help you to make a earlier faster Decision protesters 100 000 people demonstrating in Mexico Against the Mexican Electoral overhaul so they're basically Trying to change how the election system Works and a hundred thousand people Marching out there saying we don't want It extremely Skeptical of the Integrity of what is Being done they don't believe it's being

Done to to make things better they uh They're afraid that this is making so That elections mean less and less there In Mexico In Sri Lanka of course they've been Having very bad issues in Sri Lanka There are people protesting there 15 people injured There's uh and this is due to them Postponing elections there And they're very upset about that They're trying to turn their country Around Their government has made some really Bad decisions over the the the recent Past of course banning all chemical Based fertilizers that has come back to Haunt very badly because they went into Food shortage and it collapsed their Government and their economy In Dubai India this is covering India but uh Written in Dubai I guess So they uh there are 30 Sorry hundreds of school girls Iranian schoolgirls in India basically Getting poisoned so these are not Refuge Maybe refugees maybe more like Immigrants so more than 300 were Intentionally poor poisoned and this is Because people unhappy uh Unhappy that they uh were being Educated and of course a lot of people Out there very unhappy with women being

Educated of the Taliban sex and in and The more strict sex of of Islam out There Major Twisters uh hit Oklahoma injured 12 thousands without power still Assessing the damages Thirteen thousand homes without power They're still getting that back online And you know just so glad that that no One was killed and that uh that we're Just talking about structures and damage Out there and not loss of human life but You know devastating and of course just Super super scary have it folks if you Want to check out on scene alerts uh it Ends up being about seven dollars a Month not for everybody but if you want To have more information coming to you That's very holistic gives you an idea Of what's going on out there you can Find them down in the description Down Below on scene alerts works out to be About seven bucks a month I think it's Worth it for me but you guys can check It out yourself I got them to give a Discount to everyone watching if you use The discount code all right folks thanks So much for watching there's another Video up on screen I'll see you over There or I'll see you later Steve Poplar Out

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