MEGA Prepper Stock Up! 😳EVACUATING The FARM! • It’s Getting Bad!


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It is Tuesday and our our town is in the Red along with several other towns and The whole state of Louisiana too is in The red Um so we’ll see how bad this storm is we Are getting ready for Pretty big storm According to Ryan Hall y’all so I’m Gathering up all of our gas cans so then We can run on out to town now while they Still have gas just in case you never Know with Texas storms We’re just storms in general you just Never know if they’re going to be really Calm and you know just a trickle or Devastating so we are preparing for the Worst and hoping for the best type of Situation we’re going to be stocking up On gas and propane today so join us as We do that and Lord willing this will Inspire you to be prepared for natural Events I don’t know how big the storm’s gonna Be so everybody’s saying Brian Hall’s saying that He doesn’t know how big it’s going to be So I don’t know And Ryan Hall y’all hasn’t been wrong So we’ll see They had to Get the tractor jumped because the Battery Died on us while we were away and now we Just got to put it on trickle charge so

They’re doing that This one is empty Well I know one thing we’re good on Firewood so the one cool thing is one of Our Generators is dual fuel so it is It can take gasoline or it can take Propane All right so we got one two three four Five Gallon Gasoline tanks one diesel tank And one two three four five Propane tanks okay This is the alternative to Tractor Supply Atwoods All done All done at Atwoods didn’t have to see Any drag shows going there so that was Good got two big old mineral tubs one For the cows one for the horses Now now we’re off to Go get some Gasoline propane and Diesel Foreign Y so we got all of the Gasoline Diesel and now off to get some Propane Nice All right so we got everything that we Needed for the day I think we got our Propane we got the diesel we got the Gasoline we got protein tubs let’s get On home alrighty y’all so it is Tuesday

And our our town is in the red along With several other towns and the whole State of Louisiana two is in the red Um so we’ll see how bad this storm is Right now it’s been raining in and out All day Um and I’m filming this today and I’ll Be posting this today on Tuesday the Family is going to be Um going and sleeping in a hotel in Another city is that City in the red or No that City’s not in the red so anyway They’re going there me and Dad are going To stay home because We need somebody needs to stay here and Mom and the kids are kind of scared that They’re going to actually get hit by a Tornado this time I don’t know why but We got propane and we got gasoline and We got it before the storm hit Um so I would highly recommend for Anybody that is in these red zones this Is going to be your last day Um I would go out and get it now so then While the storm is in action you’re not Out there in the storm uh while like if There is a tornado warning trying to get Gasoline or diesel or propane or Something so Um Lord willing there will be some People watching this and they’re like I’m all good I’m ready to go so uh I Think everything’s ready here on the Farm we’re buttoning down we’re getting

All the critters fed mom and the rest of The fam are going to be evacuating the Farm at three o’clock we are me and Dad Are going to stay here because we really Don’t care but anyway Lord willing you Y’all will be safe out there as the Storm rolls in the beautiful thing about Living in this day of age we were able To know that this we still don’t know How big the storm is going to be but Everybody’s saying it’s going to be Pretty big so I don’t know I have no Idea but if it is bad it’s pretty cool That we were able to get ready for it Several days in advance so anyway y’all This is the stuff that I’m stocked up on Our ponds 100 full so we got plenty of Drinkable water thousands and thousands Of gallons of drinkable water and then We got a whole Pantry full of food and Then all we got to do is keep our Freezers Um going and we’ll have a couple years Worth of meat so anyway We shout we should be fine unless the Tornado takes out the house then we got Bigger fish to fry and uh so and if we Do see a tornado touchdown anywhere Close to here I will be filming it Hopefully Um so love you all so much go check out The Food Forest in the box it is for Sale right now everybody is is buying Them up so thank you all so much for

Doing that and I think that’s it so Thank you all so much for watching Today’s video we’ll see y’all later Bye-bye and I forgot one family member Grammy’s going to be here with us too Right Remy probably in this corner Scared for his life he hates thunder you Can see it in his face right now do you Hate Thunder huh He hates Thunder at least you’ll have Your best friend chainsaw there Keep you company Nehemiah 1 3 the Lord is slow to anger And great in power and will not at all Acquit the Wicked the Lord hath his way In the Whirlwind and in the storm In the clouds are the dust of his feet

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