Milk Is Going Bad Before Gets Home | Food Shortage Updates & Empty Shelves Reports

Boots on the ground type reports from viewers all over the world telling us what they are seeing regarding empty shelves and food shortages in their areas.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the popular Report we got reports coming from you Guys from around the world we have uh South Africa checking in Australia Checking in we've got some serious Issues with Logistics going on partially Due to financial collapses out there of A major Trucking firm that does a Refrigerated uh products and uh what's Going to happen with that and all the Products that they moved that's a big Deal we're going to get into that as Well as a whole bunch of other reports Let's jump in to Northeast Wisconsin Madam K in Northeast Wisconsin says milk Is now going bad in two days and has an Expiration date for many more days this Has happened to me three times and again Also with cottage cheese ground beef Tastes different I've seen issues with Ground beef where I am here in Pittsburgh Um and that's uh that's that's very real There not sure what they are doing to The food here but it is spoiling very Fast we are seeing a lack of quality out There and what exactly is going on with All this stuff why is food going bad so Fast that is a a legitimate question out There I've heard it from a lot of you And we're destroying that out there what Is going on with meat as well as chicken And dairy that is causing it to be so Short dated it's going bad whether

There's issues in the logistics chain Where Refrigeration is being lost or What I don't know Parrot Africa Who lives in South Africa says stats Show South Africans are now buying Groceries on credit this is coming from Discovery A Discover card no Discovery Bank sorry So now it's food with interest for many More middle class folks in South Africa Inflation is killing us And unfortunately it's it's just bound To get worse South Africa is having Major electrical problems Their their power generation is just Dropping off and as they delay Maintenance on their power units in Order to kind of keep the lights on as Best they can it is causing more and More problems that are accelerating Aradia in um in uh sorry a ustralia Scott's refrigerated Logistics is going Through insolvency and it could result In more than 500 million dollars worth Of frozen food being rich at being at Risk and it being binned after a giant Australian Trucking Company collapsed so We have 500 million dollars worth of Frozen Goods that are up in the air in Australia whether they will actually Find their way to the shelf or whether They will be thrown away is uh is a Matter of what happens next with some of

These Um when the when the power gets shut off If they're if the refrigeration gets Shut off to where these things are Stored they just lose value but the Power company doesn't want to keep Powering a warehouse that they're not Getting paid for right Corker X says Eggs are back this morning at my Food Lion near Williamsburg Virginia had a Display full of eggs and the price for 12 white store-bought uh store brand Eggs was 229. Last week they were 409 per dozen And we're seeing those prices kind of Spreading folks egg prices are dropping Dramatically but remember this is kind Of like a whiplash the prices went up so Much that people stopped buying eggs and Because they stopped buying eggs they Suddenly got stuck with a whole bunch of Eggs The shortage is still there but what we Did find was that when prices went up That much people really did stop buying Eggs so expect there to be a second Whiplash where it goes back up because People start buying eggs in a hurry and You might want to be one of them that Goes out and buys the cheap eggs and Stores them up remember you can freeze Them by cracking them open and freezing The the eggs you know get rid of the Shells but you can crack them put them

Into a ice cube tray and then you can Freeze them and then pop them out of the Uh ice cube tray into a Ziploc bag you Can also pour you know scramble them up And then pour them into Ziploc bags and Then freeze them that way you can freeze Them in multiple different ways you can Water glass them if you replace the Bloom on them by using mineral oil you Can water glass them if you put the Mineral oil on them make sure you follow Directions on how to do that properly So but the egg price may come spiking Back for another bit but it does seem Like that if it goes up too much that People will stop buying eggs again so it Should find a happy medium somewhere Between where they are now and the price That they were is where they will land Price wise for a while until they can Start replacing the hens that that do The laying Sandy says things are getting Crazy we had two masked men rob a city Carrier a postal carrier in Indian Ridge Road at gunpoint they took the llv which Is the delivery vehicle right and his Arrow key that opens all the postal blue Boxes in the City Johnson City Tennessee And all of the mail That's crazy uh Eclipse Sorry energy cross from our local Electric Co-op has gone uh from about 2.1 cents per kilowatt hour to 3.9 cents Per kilowatt hour an increase of 56

Percent people here in Virginia Piedmont Area are struggling but there is and This is sarcastic right there is only a Six percent inflation Whims inquisitive says I'm Canadian from Ontario I don't know if it's just my Region but we aren't having many issues With food on the shelves price is up a Little but no problem with supplies we Did have a awoke Council that used up a Bunch of our money on promoting evil but We got rid of the council and things Seem fine now Well I hope that things are fine for a Lot of people out there in the future Right uh but uh it's still not Normalized out in a lot of places yet And we're seeing some other issues kind Of poking their head up right uh pins Runner says Aldi in Lake Wales Florida No meat last week coolers were taped off With a sorry sign Katie says Petco is well stocked on Canned food this week so if you're Looking for canned cat food you might Want to check out Petco they may may be Good or maybe just local it may uh it May be that they are getting better Supplies Kathy P says this is crazy but there is No cornstarch at any store where I live Am in the United States Anyone else seeing this problem sounds Silly but important to an oldster who

Old stir who uses it for to thicken Things with if you're seeing corn starch Issues out there let us know of course Any updates that you send you can either Use the word update in a comment try to Give us a geographical location uh Better a little a little more localized Than the United States if you can okay And then also you can email them Directly to me at Poplar preparedness you can find that of course on The channel page if you're looking for That or in the in the description as Always Uh Walmart uh Super Center in Hamburg New York no 40 pack bottles of water That's from Jackie Rose C says Kroger in North Texas store Brand eggs were 259 a dozen down from 4.99 so we are seeing those prices Spreading someone kind of pointed out The derailment in Springfield Ohio I Reported on that last week parrot Africa Also says that the USA wants South Africa to cease future military Exercises with China and Russia of Course South Africa is part of the brics Society and they probably will not Listen to the United States on that and Then of course someone pointing out the Bank run in Silicon Valley I did a whole Video on that yesterday folks keep your Eyes out there and let us know what You're seeing if you're seeing things at

Your workplace if you're seeing Shortages if you're seeing issues with The production let us know about that You can always email me directly if you Want to keep more Anonymous just say you Don't want me to use your name and we Will do that all right folks thanks so Much for watching if you found this Video useful or helpful you might want To check out that video right there or You can always subscribe if you have Been unsubscribed by the powers that be I will see you guys later Steve Poplar

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