Millions Of Refugees Are Now Moving Across Africa (2023) | Global Famine and Food Shortages Update

1.1 million Somalis have been displaced by the famine and millions more are fleeing the food shortages and impossible food inflation in their countries. This is a humanitarian news story but also a political one as some of these countries are now on the verge of being destabilized.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

CNN is starting to crack they are now Reporting that we are in the worst food Crisis in modern history other news Agencies are starting to follow as well Because in other countries especially in The third world Africa and Asia and South America the food crisis is really Hitting epidemic levels we're we're Going to be walking through some of what It's looking like especially in Africa a Lot of the devastation and there are People starving to death uh in Africa Right now particularly due to some Drought conditions and bad harvests as Well as what's going on in the food System all around the world before we Jump into that Did you know that gold and silver were Money before ancient Egypt And that's the case but yet still a lot Of people today are invested in stocks And bonds particularly they want to loan Their money to places like California Chicago and New York City because They're great stewards of their money if You want to get out of stocks and bonds You want to get into gold silver or Platinum you want to talk to Genesis Gold you can find them down in the Description down below Jonathan and his Team can answer your questions the phone Call is free and they can get you set up In moving over to with your retirement Over to gold silver or platinum

All right so let's jump into What's going on with this CNN And uh Reuters is uh jumping in too Because Whereas in the United States the empty Shelves is is a phenomenal that's mostly Focused in on manufacturing breaking Down Delivery Systems breaking down and And just suppliers having to shift Products around they're not getting uh Certain uh chemicals or certain Ingredients that they're used to having And so they're having to change the Formulations all this kind of stuff like That but when we look at places like in Africa you can't have the price of food Double in the United States without it Doubling in other places too and the Problem is in other places people were Already barely getting by as it was Um some of the places that where people Are the most food insecure they are now Literally starving to death Reuter says this across Africa from east To west people are now experiencing a Food crisis that is bigger and more Complex than the continent has ever seen This is coming from diplomats and Humanitarians That's a big deal now some of this uh Report is coming from Zero Hedge because Uh they did a compilation of a number of These uh news articles Um showing that the news media the

Mainstream media is actually starting to Report on the food shortages Particularly in other countries Um we've been saying that for a long Time to the first to be impacted are Going to be the lowest and poorest of of The people in the world and we're seeing That in real time now here again Most is more complex bigger and more Complex than the continent has ever seen Remember all those famine videos that You saw back when we're trying to bring Relief to uh Mogadishu and Somalia Back in the 90s and then then we had Famine back in the the 2000s as well and Just The images were just startling and and Heartbreaking and yet here we are And they're saying it's worse today than It was back then There are more people starving now there Are more people being displaced uh do The famine right now if you if you don't Know this because you why would you know This it's not being reported uh widely But this is the sixth year where they Have been in drought in East Africa Somalia Ethiopia Kenya areas these areas Have been devastated six years of subpar Reigns have devastated their crops year After year after year Right now due to the famine that's Happening in the Horn of Africa Somalia And Ethiopia particularly 1.1 million

Somalis have left their homes to find Food elsewhere 1.1 million have left their homes to try To find food somewhere else 590 000 Ethiopians have left their homes Seeking food elsewhere they are they're Seeking out Refugee camps within the country they're Technically called internally displaced People and they're not refugees until They cross a border but between the two Countries 1.7 million people have left their homes And left their livelihoods left their Farms left where they can get food and Are completely dependent upon the Generosity and humanitarian efforts of Others Across East Africa The those who are in Acute food insecurity as defined by the UN and the world food program have Increased 60 percent in the last 12 Months The number of people on the verge of Starvation in East Africa has increased By 60 that's not quite double But that's a massive increase in West Africa it's dire as well but not quite As Um as going off the charts crazy because They've had a little bit more consistent Rain but that's increased by 40 percent Over there if you are having trouble at

The supermarket as one of the richest People in the world if you're in the United States Australia people in the United States just don't starve to death I mean you literally have to be on the Streets rejecting help in order to Starve death or be a minor that's that's You know you're being abused or Something like that then there is food Available Now that's changing a little bit and It's getting more difficult to access That food I grant it and it's a lot more Expensive if you're paying for it but It's a whole different it's it's Different completely a whole different Level when you're talking about people Who are having to abandon their homes Not for like a day or a week or Something like that they are packing up Everything that they own onto their Backs and they are walking to a camp Where they will at least get a minimum Ration of food and they're living in Tents they're living in temporary Shelters This is a crisis level in Somalia Hospitals are now reporting that they Are regularly having mothers coming in With children who have starved to death This is literally happening right now I'm going to be heading to Kenya in just Just over a month I'm going to do my Best to to like without certifications I

Can't go as a correspondent or anything Like that but we'll be asking questions Of folks in Kenya it's about as close as I can get safety wise I'm also going to Do some Bible teaching there training Pastors working with an organization That's training pastors doing fantastic Work some more of that will be kind of Reported over my Bible Channel bold Faith Bible if you're not already over There but this is Crisis crisis Um The U.N and world food program as much As I I do not like a lot of the Mismanagement and the Inefficiencies and the politics of what Goes on there their budget has not Increased and yet the price of food in a Lot of cases has doubled and yet we're Hearing that they basically need to feed 60 percent more people in East Africa 40 Percent more people in West Africa Across the world prices of food is Increasing the prices meant on the the Giving to humanitarian work is not Increasing You do the math on that this is Getting ugly in poor places on the Planet if there are Charities that you Know and and are good Charities that you Are giving to That help people overseas Um or missions work or or whatever

That's that's helping people Um you might seriously consider I know I Know things are tight now I know Finances are tight for you but they're Getting even worse for people in other Countries and such so just just just Something for consideration Um with all that said how is this going To affect us Um it's not all about us but you know You and I are concerned about us with Countries in East Africa that are Becoming destabilized you can't have Massive populations moving around the Country uh looking for food without this Seriously undermining the political Stability we're always seeing this with Multiple car bombings this uh this past Week in Somalia we're seeing Somali the Somali tentative Um Peace Accords there's some tentative Treaties and stuff like that we're Starting to see those starting to fail The the old rivalries the old uh Conflict we're seeing the Somali Government uh tottering will it fall in The coming weeks and coming months I Don't know but that is a huge Um security issue for Kenya of course uh The Ethiopia is already under so much Stress and Ethiopia's got that conflict Brewing with uh Sudan and uh in Egypt Over their uh their new Renaissance Dam Of course to water issues with the lack

Of rainfall that's even a bigger issue These days so we have a lot of issues Going on the Horn of Africa Um and just across the border and just Across the water you have uh you have uh Yemen right over there too this this Whole area is just primed to just Explode with conflict and and and we're Going to see that kind of spreading Across the world out when the food Prices go up like this when there is Food instability governments have a Tendency to start falling and we saw This in the Arab Spring and we are Starting to see the beginning stages of That today as well so is that going to Impact you it probably will Maybe not Immediately directly but it's going to Start generating more insecurity and Instability in the world and the human Suffering Um I hope does impact us and I hope that We can help as best we can and there's There's so much going on in the world Out there and sometimes it's best for us To kind of take our eyes off of our Problems and our issues and realize that There's a lot of people who have things A lot worse than we do Um honestly pretty much everyone Watching this video you you have it Really well Um I I'm not saying it's easy I'm not Saying that you don't have heart breaks

And struggles but compare to some people In like India living on the streets People in Africa who are having to leave Their homes and live in camps who have Seen family members die It's It can be a different world All right folks um if you found this Video be useful or helpful you might Want to check out another video from me There's one right here I'll see you over There or I'll see you later Steve Poplar and the Poplar report out

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