Minuteman and Prepper Camouflage Options. What Works Best?

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Patreon how you guys doing love you guys Thank you so much for being here i Really appreciate you guys So i figured i haven't talked about this In a while let's talk camouflage Okay I'm not going to get into depth i'm not Really going to go into like gilly suits Um stuff like that Or natural vegetation i'm going to go With Readily available camouflage patterns And some bonus stuff Not camouflage but earth tones so we can See how well they work and this is my Environment so that we can see you know There's a lot of brown if you look Closely there's a lot of brown see a lot Of browns up in that area there's some Greens different things like that so Basically get an idea of what these Camouflages how effective they are what They look like in this kind of Environment so Um so let's get started I got a tote here full of bunch of Different camouflages this is and some Of them are faded you know come on Because i use them um this is marpad Marine pattern Woodland digital yes you may shoot your Bb gun Yes over there So marpat marine woodland so what i'm

Going to do is i'm going to show you Each one here and these are all pants Just because it was easy for me And i'm going to show them to you and Then what i'm going to do is i'm going To try to lay them out on the ground Over here so that you can see what they Look like and i'm just going to lay them Like this for Space purposes because i don't have much Space to show you everything so let's Just take this make sure you're on film All right that's good on film so Let me actually Scoot it over so you can still see those All right and you can see You know and the lighting and stuff like That you can't necessarily tell Really exactly how they look Maybe more like that you can see So let me lay these more like Like that Maybe that's a better representation It's you know it is what it is you can Kind of see Um okay so let's let's stay yes baby Yes you may Okay So let's go old school for a minute Get some good old woodland camouflage Right this is you know us military issue Camouflage You can see the label there Yeah

Um this is these are ones that i wore When i was in back when we still wore These And actually still these are still in Use because they are very effective Pattern in different environments some Of the special operations units are Going back to this actually so Let's throw this over here There you go Look at that That's actually much more effective than That is why because of the bigger Patterns The digital stuff Is what it is I'm not really a super fan of the Digital stuff um But let's let's continue with this Speaking of digital stuff and we're Going to go from old school to new School What am i talking about This is navy Aor 2. I forget the other designation for it Which is area of responsibility number Two because our primary aor-1 is the Desert Currently so The desert one is totally different Obviously it doesn't apply to my ao here Right now so i'm not going to show it to You guys but this is a digital pattern

With digital woodland um you can see it Pretty effective it's actually pretty Darn effective here put this up against Me And if i walked if i walked back in Those woods you wouldn't see me at all Right and you got to cut the mar pat Some slack also like i said it's pretty Faded so that's probably why you're Getting that doesn't look as great Whereas the colors on this are really Vibrant because it's a pair i haven't Worn very much So that does come into play so let's Take these right here Let's throw them right there and let's See Still That's still the most effective i think So let's go on with some more [Music] Let's stick with a military pattern here Before i get off into some More civilian companies but military Wearism and uses them only in special Operations units where they have a Choice though so what is this one this Is one of my favorites i really like This what is this this is flectarn this Is german flectorn camouflage and i Believe this is the newest version of it There are older versions that have more Um just different variations in the Coloration

But yeah this is flectarn and this Company is a good company Oh yeah well of course it is it's Helicon Helicon Or helicon tex i just call him helicon Um cpu pants combat patrol uniform pants So This is really good in a woodland Environment also Imagine me going back in the woods back In there It's a little bit darker though than the Other stuff we've seen so let's check it Out let's see what it looks like over Here and like i said you gotta Understand this is just one example of An environment it's not the end-all Be-all but we're just placing them out Here to see what they look like There we go and also you can understand Is that over there where they're at i Just got a little sliver in me um over There where they're at the sun is Actually hitting different portions of Them i just saw that on the pants right There so also take that with a grain of Salt so let's go on um let me see what Do i got here All right let's Finish off the traditional military Patterns with You guessed it multi-cam Multi-cam these are also i think helicon

Or no no okay these are proper Proper trouser trouser utility combat Army combat uniform So by proper Um there you go see the proper label They make they're good quality pants um One thing i did do is i added A multi-cam canvas type knee pad over The knee pad so i can put the padded Part underneath also but it makes it a Lot more durable for when i'm out Operating anyway So that is multi-cam as you can see It's fairly effective also in this Environment what i like about multicam Though is see how See how you do have greens and you got Browns and you got a variation of Terrain even here it looks wooded and Most people assume green But it's not always green multicam is a Pretty darn good pattern actually pretty Cool pretty good pretty effective so Let's go put it over here There we go let's look at it ah it's Really picking up some shine So that's not necessarily what it looks Like let me adjust it a little bit See if that helps at all Eh doesn't really help so but that's i Mean that's what you see what you see Okay what do i got here this doesn't Really fit the ao but i figured i'd show You guys it because it's one of the cool

Guy patterns a lot of people love this Pattern the tactic cool crowd what is it Is kryptek highlander Kryptek highlander um it is a basically It looks like snake skin kind of like See all the little patterns and micro Patterns very effective camouflage Um so this is Um cryptek and these are actual um yeah Actual kryptek pants Um and they're really light might Hear that lightweight um really cool Stuff like that so let me button them up Here Um and then let me throw them all around Here even though these are more of a As you can see an arid environment type Thing but let's see There you go And the kind of material it's made out Of is a little more conducive to shining It is what it is like i said it's not Perfect all right i'm running out of Space over there so i'm gonna have to do Something let me move the pants up a Little bit and then create some more Space Okay there's some more space Staying on the lines of the Um kryptek patterns We have kryptek mandrake This is one of my favorite patterns i Love this pattern it is not widely Available

A lot of places but as you can see it is Very effective it This and the next pattern i'm going to Show you are my two favorite patterns For my ao for my environment There you go good stuff here i love this Stuff all right where am i going to Throw it i will throw it right There Still i'll tell you what i'll be honest With you guys i still think that works The best um even though you can still See it It still it breaks up the outlines and Stuff the best so and then along with That i think That pattern which is the Flectarn Works pretty well and like i said Lighting comes into play and when we're Done i'll take the camera off the tripod And i'll walk over there and i'll show You guys closer Okay so this is overall my favorite Pattern for my ao And this is atax fg which stands for Advanced tactical Advanced tactical concealment system Fg forest green It is a non-digital Pattern made up of a lot of Organic patterns and then sub patterns In there creating depth And stuff like that that's what russian

Special forces really love this stuff um They use this stuff a lot also the atax Fg So let's throw it on the ground and see What it looks like Where do i have room right in front There we go I'll show you a little bit closer all Right and then just for comparison Feature i figured i'd throw this in There it's not really a camouflage but It's a leaf suit It's a leaf suit pants what i like about This is when you're moving around it Creates motion which sometimes motion is Good sometimes it's bad if you want to Appear natural sometimes this works this Is a very not really good version of a Ghillie suit but in some applications This might be useful So let's uh let me see where do i got Room Um that's over there so over here i have Room There you go What's what's nice about that is you see That and that's kind of cheating because It's not really a camouflage pattern the Depth created by all the little leaves Gives it um Texture so the texture on that Really helps it blend in where none of These have texture so it's kind of Cheating but um so those are the

Camouflages And Let me see how am i going to do this i Think what i'll do is i'll pick up all The camouflage And then i will put down Some earth tones actually no i'll just You know what i'll just put the camera Down a little bit more like this and Throw some earth tones up here up front So let's talk about yes you may go over There so earth tones i really like earth Tones as you see i'm wearing brown you Know brown car heart work pants just a Brown t-shirt that's what i really like So i really like these pattern these Pants these are the 511 And they are the capital pants You're okay baby girl there's nothing Out there You may walk over there it's safe These are the 511 capital pants and i Believe mud brown So Let's uh We got space right here just kind of Throw them down like that For comparison All right These are my favorite tactical pants Hands down ever made i love these pants These are the helicon Made in poland Helicon

Urban line so these are helicon urban Line love these pants these are my Favorite tactical pants hands down ever Made With the exception of ones that are like Three or four or five hundred dollars a Pair These are about eighty dollars a pair so Budget favorite tactical pants but no in Reality you know if i'm gonna spend my Money on something i'm not going to Spend more than 80 for a pair of pants i Mean not when there's options like this Out there so this is helicon um urban Tactical pants and this is one of my Favorite colors this is um Adaptive green adaptive green that's my Favorite ball cap is an adaptive green Also so let's see how well this works Just throw them out there adaptive green Yeah It would be better with them on me out There in the woods all right so Here is another pair of pants this is The These are the conquistadors From um mtac Not m-tec M-tac Which is a ukrainian company a ukrainian Tactical gear company So these are tactical pants um and yes They have the european style slim fit Um

That's why i don't really wear these out And about these are just training and Yard pants because of the way they fit i Don't want to feel like i'm wearing Skinny jeans but in a tactical Environment they're actually very Comfortable and very useful And you know they have different here's The little Little label i can show you guys mtac Od green so this is just an example of Od green There you go od green Okay back to another pair of my favorite Tactical pants which are the helicon Urban tactical pants and these are in Um I forget if these were called mud brown Or coyote tan I believe they're mud brown Hey i don't know but they're uh they're Brown ones So these i love these pants like i said I love these pants All right so let's just Throw those down right there And there you can see All the pants All the different colors all the Different camouflages so let's here let Me i'll do a kind of a A self-made um Self-made selfie stick here where i just Hold it i'll get a closer view of them

So you can kind of see The different pants from a different Angle That shows you maybe some of the Patterns more effectively that's a Pretty good angle right there that shows You the patterns a lot better and look At the look of the cryptek right there Look how good it looks How well that works in the environment Works really well As well as The atax fg It doesn't look so great right there Because of the background is more Conducive to the The organic and the bigger breakup Patterns of the um Kryptek But That's a good representation and then Showing the Earth tones which i really like earth Tones Obviously not as effective as a Camouflage but there we go All right so let's go back over here Put myself back on my My stick My tripod And I hope you guys enjoy the video Um This is just a

Show of what the different camouflages Look like with these different Camouflages look like i'm not saying you Necessarily need camouflage or anything Like that what i prefer For us as preppers not military and for Shtf you know into the world as we know It kind of stuff is i prefer earth tones Um complemented with things like the Leaf suit as a quick overall or a quick Just pull over Option And like a solder's gillies and or full On ghillie suits Because that gives you the option to add Natural camouflages it's much more Effective and if you're in a situation You're out operating you know you're out Doing the tactical things and um Something happens and then you gotta Like ditch all your gear and walk into Town you can't ditch your gear and walk Into town wearing this kind of stuff or They're gonna be like hey look at that Dude right there wearing a multi-camera Or whatever it is um Whereas if i ditch all my gear and walk Into town you know dressed like this They'd be like oh hey look at that uh You know that dude just got off work or Something like that right That's what i like about earth tones I like having the option of camouflages I love camouflage i'll be honest with

You but i don't really ever wear it that Much i guess i just like looking at it Like hanging in my closet and having Options so anyway i love you guys thank You so much for being here i really Appreciate you guys Have a wonderful day and blessings to You and yours

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