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Minutemen Be ready Hey everybody it's Mike with Asymmetrical preparedness I was out here on patrol Security for the property And I there's different little locations Like I'm in right now where the Huckleberry bushes the trees and Everything kind of grow up and make a Little Hollow area So I'm gonna turn some of them into Lpops listening post observation posts Basically little Bushcraft shelters that Are completely camouflaged so you could Walk right up next to them not even Realize somebody's inside this is the Kind of stuff the U.S Minutemen Should be doing Depending on your area what your Situation is how much property you have Etc maybe it's your bug out property you Could be doing this on maybe it's Private property that one of your tribe Members owns you could be doing this on The point is Getting out and doing the things real World environment real world testing Yourself your equipment your gear you Know how well this is all I got how well Does this knife work to cut all the Things I knew needed needed to cut to Build a shelter This is just a Gerber Prodigy by the way

Nothing fancy it's just a knife it works Fairly well though I don't prefer Serrations but They're inexpensive I forget where I got This one but you know If you're out using your gear you know The capabilities of your knife Because you've tested you've used it You know the capabilities of all your Items You also get used to working Wearing And functioning with your gear on You can also test the effectiveness of Your camouflage Etc when you're out and about we have to Be ready people whether it's a World War We're being pushed into and maybe it'll Come to our soil maybe we will maybe we Will be fighting maybe we'll be fighting Civil War 2.0 Revolution 2.0 Maybe we will just be protecting our Tribes at our Bug Out locations or our Bug in locations Maybe we'll just be protecting our Community maybe it will be Hopefully not but maybe it'll be Fighting tyrannical government There's a lot of scenarios where we as Minutemen need to be ready If we're not we won't be effective If we don't know how to get out and live In the woods in the Wilds in the

Mountains in the deserts in the swamps Whatever it may be That how can we be effective at fighting In those environments if we're not even Used to living in those environments We have to be getting out We have to be using our gear like I said We have to be getting used to the Environments and what works what doesn't Um and I know somebody's going to ask oh What's that jacket you're wearing Um it's actually I think the brand is I Looked at it before the video because I Know people always ask me it's like free Tech it's something I I got it at Walmart I mean it's it's completely Civilian non-military chemo pattern with A little bit of shine to it see how it's Kind of shiny so it's not the best Option I just felt like wearing it today Um I could you know knock the Shine Down Something somehow but um It is what it is just a cheapo it Actually looks pretty cool though I Actually kind of like it Um and it's a uh flechtarn boonie by um Helicon Tex good stuff there good Company I love their I love their gear Um but this isn't about you know all the Gucci gear that everybody loves to talk About they'll want to talk about you Know oh what is this and how does it you Know what's all the Gucci stuff about That and and that and everything else

And all the cool things Um yeah if you have training and if you Have the capability To employ your defensive tools properly In a dynamic environment then maybe There are some things that you can do That would give you just a little bit of Leg up a little bit better chance of Survival but that's not the most Important thing gear is not the most Important thing skills are getting out Building Bushcraft shelters improvised Shelters knowing how to deal with the Weather knowing how to uh Escape thermal Thermal evasion tactics Um Escape in evasion tactics very Important reaction to contact ambushes Hit and run also the prioritization and Identification of targets is important Depending on the situation what's going On is it the Russians invading the Chinese invading do are they sending Convoys around the area that we need to Hit is it area defense is it delay and Denial is it a war of attrition is it Just downgrading the morale and getting The not to want to fight anymore Um you know there's a lot of different Ways us as Minutemen need to be prepared Trained as much as possible a lot of it Comes down to Fitness And one reason why I was just kind of Like I decided to come out here and sit I was going to go I was going to try to

Like my goal was to rock a bunch today And get a bunch of exercise in but I Feel like crap I'm sick and um yeah so I'm just kind of taking a chill day I Did get out here though for this Um found you know I basically identified A couple locations that I'm going to be Improving Um over time it's just I don't really Feel like doing that much physical Exertion and labor today I need to Listen to my body take care of it and I Recommend you guys do that too if you Guys are feeling bad then you know take A day off take you know rest that's Important you got to be smart it's not All about being gung-ho and proving how Much a man you are and working as hard As you can as fast as you can all the Time sometimes you got to take a step Back listen to your body take some down Time so that you can be healthy in the Long run and healthy quicker so that You're not down for as much time so yes I recommend getting out and doing this Thing things like this any chance you Get Add as much realism to your training as Possible Search out those with training uh skill Sets that are appropriate to your area If you live in the high mountains High altitude Alpine Type fighting that You may be in you need to find somebody

From the 10th Mountain division And preferably somebody with SF Background Army Special Forces because The Special Forces guys are trained to Instruct to teach to lead gorilla Partisan Warfare units resistance Fighters then You got the mountaineering aspect on SF They know mountaineering too but then You have a mountaineering expert or say You are in uh I don't know pick your you Pick your group you know your area Um if you can locate a former SF guy Um yeah do so Definitely but anyway even if you can't Find somebody with combat arms Experience if you can't do that then Attend one of many good tactical Training centers in the United States There are a lot of them some of them are You know more about being tact cool some Of them are more realistic Um but there's a lot of good ones out There I don't know all of them and I Don't know where you live and where They're at and stuff like that but Search that out get some good training Come back and teach your guys and your Tribe your family whoever it may be how To employ those tactics how to utilize Those training techniques and procedures To be more effective in the battle space That's very important it's all about Capability and number one capability for

Me is physical fitness and your mental Capability those two will get you much Further than all the Gucci gear or cry JPC you know 400 cry pants or whatever It cost I don't know or our Terex gear And all that stuff no you know get what Works Get good quality gear but hey it may be A condor chest panel with Condor mag Pouches Hey it works uh so yeah be smart about Where you spend your money Um one area though is This area right here That is where you want to spend some Money on these things Because those things will definitely Definitely make you more effective In a dynamic Non-progressive environment So think about that get out and do Things be active find things to do Identify terrain identify micro terrain Terrain features I'll always be looking Always no matter where you at whether You're driving whether you're walking Whether you're out hiking no matter what It is always be analyzing the terrain Around you it may be man-made terrain it May be natural terrain identify those Features so that you have it in your Mind so that you say okay if I get Ambushed right now Where would I go how would I react

Contact or if I had to set up a hasty Ambush right now how would I do it I know and it's not something that you Need to you don't need to worry it's not About constantly oh my gosh what am I Going to do where do I go you know I Gotta identify all this stuff and keep All this stuff in mind because I'm about To get attacked no that's not the case But you're training your mind to get Used to analyzing things picking terrain Features out where's concealment where Is cover where are Escape Routes where Are terrain features that allow you to Break line of sight so that you can golf Whatever you're wearing and look Different and just walk into town or Etc To escape and evade Always be looking always be using your Mind And work on your Fitness Have a wonderful day But please subscribe Hit that thumbs up share the videos Comment below I love you guys and Blessings to you and yours

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