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Boots on the ground reports from viewers all over the US and the world telling us what they are seeing on the ground where they are about the food shortages and empty shelves.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we got reports from you guys and Uh some news stories here including a Train derailing off uh Sarasota Airport In Florida we're going to be talking About 30 000 gallon car on its side uh we got uh These things just keep on coming it's Hard to keep track of them how fast They're coming let's jump right into it Folks this video is brought to you by Genesis gold if you are interested in Moving your retirement funds out of Stocks and bonds to something physical Like coins of silver gold Platinum you Want to talk to Jonathan and his team About that once again that's retirement Funds uh from stocks and bonds into gold And silver and platinum all right so This uh this train has derailed uh off Sarasota uh just outside of Sarasota Airport in Florida There were two cars that uh of propane That came off the rails one was Completely on its side there is no Indication that that there have been Releases of gas there have been a whole Lot of other cars pictured on their Sides as well and we're just we're just Seeing these these trained derailments All over the place uh Ohio North Carolina I it's just getting ridiculous To keep up with them and I'm over in Kenya so I'm doing my best to uh keep

Bringing this to you but of course if You're watching other news sources You're just being overwhelmed by just One after the next I understand uh Charles K brings up a dangerous barge Evacuation in Winfield Missouri on the Mississippi River basically a barge came Loose that had Uh basically explosives on board and They were concerned that this would Potentially take out the Lock and Dam on The Mississippi River Which is not a small thing that's a Massive thing right Evacuation was ordered for uh all Residents south of the Lock and Dam for Uh several miles The evacuation has now been lifted uh From that but definitely a big scare out There they were able to secure the barge But One action after the next after the next Um You know some people were just saying Well these things happen all the time And we just don't hear about them If that's true that's terrifying but Also we haven't been seeing these Evacuations we haven't been seeing these Hazardous materials released that's a Big deal when those things happened You know certain Epas and other things like that scream Uh murder right I mean they they're just

Like extremely vocal and upset about Those things and have you been hearing About them no you haven't Even in the mainstream media and stuff Like that these type of evacuations Hazardous materials situations have not Been happening derailments do happen but They haven't been happening with these Frequency with this kind of chemical Loads and such like that Cucv farmer says this fire at steel mill This morning in Kentucky Uh the fly the fire was in the bags uh Where they store the fumes that made That are made during production the mill Is shut down indefinitely we're having a Number of fires at steel mills and metal Mills in the United States uh we had the Uh uh Sorry I didn't actually take notes on This one Um there's uh Cleveland Cliffs had a Fire at one of their Mills uh just Recently there was also another fire up In the Cleveland area that was actually Not Cleveland Cliffs that was a metal Factory that went up uh in the last This was in the last two weeks so just a Number of these incidents happening Especially in that area all kind of in That area Something's going on in Ohio and I don't Know what it is But if you're anywhere near there that

Is a concern and Suspicions are aroused by that aren't They uh Another report from one of you Uh All Walmarts in the Dulles Airport area Are wiped out of roller pads for Painting nine and four inch none three Stores Uh still big holes in fruit and grain Bars no distilled water gallons eggs are 5 12 a dozen five dollars and twelve Cents a dozen so prices have not come Down in the Washington DC area Especially out in the Dulles Airport Area and what's up with paint rollers Hopefully that's not how they're Planning on painting in the airport or Something a small space living here in East Tennessee cat food is getting Harder and harder to find All animal food is hard but cat food Seems to be the worst seems to get worse By the week and we're as we go into These reports folks if you have reports That you want to send in please do just Type the word update on any comment on Any of one of my videos uh use the word Update and then give some sort of Geographical locations and let us know What your store shelves are looking like Or if you have a thing that you want to Pass along news from your workplace or Anything like that or you can if you

Want confidentiality you can email it Directly to me at poplarpreparedness Gmail.com you can always find that in The description down below or on the Channel page Uh Kathy says in the freezers at Walmart In only uh Illinois there was nothing it Was bear So I don't know if that's an outage out There we've been having a lot of freezer Outages uh or if they're Speaking about it's generally bare like There's a lot less stuff but it sounds Like those freezers may just be out Brad says uh the bulk salt over here in New England is one dollar and fourteen Cents a can it was 54 cents a can Double of price in salt Over a short period of time that is Concerning for sure Salt doesn't be in pretty decent Supply Out there But but prices on everything are just Going up Brandon no not that Brandon Another Brandon says there are missing Eggs and batteries at the Super Walmart In West Valley City in Utah and the Canned green beans and vegetables and Potting soil are low So keep that in mind there Lisa in Athens Alabama I've noticed more and More that bacon is losing its vibrant Red looking and it's now looking more Browned due to lack of nitrogen and

Other byproducts packages aren't vacuum Sealed It appears that you can find one or two Losing its sealant while gaining oxygen Sam's Choice sodas now seem to have a Flattened taste at the end which backs Up the shortage of carbonated waters So we are starting Carbonation CO2 for purging Meats as Well as for using and sodas and and Carbonated drinks and such is a Byproduct of of some of the processes That are used for natural gas and as Natural gas prices are up and Consumption on that is up We're getting less CO2 out there and We've been seeing issues of that Particularly in the UK but apparently Some of that's starting to come over to The United States as well Rose C says uh Kroger in North Texas Kroger Brand eggs down to three dollars And 29 cents a dozen from 4.99 however All cage-free pasture raised good eggs Cost 5.99 to 8.99 still so Uh eggs are coming down price and I was Seeing that over uh in the Pittsburgh Area and hopefully you're seeing that in Your areas already if you're in some Places like the UK you may not be seeing Those prices coming down at all for the Foreseeable future in New Zealand same Thing because you lost a lot of laying Hens over there as well Greg the reaper

Says in the UK some of the popular Stores here in the UK Tesco Morrison's Aldi are rationing some fruit and Vegetables to customers citing supply Issues due to problems in Africa and Local suppliers uh caused Supplies caused by Rising energy costs So yeah we reported on this before bad Weather in Spain has drought in Spain We're going to be getting into this in The near future we got some big news Coming out of Europe the water levels Are down dramatically I'm walking you Through some of the numbers on a future Video here shortly that's just The drought in Europe is bad and North Africa is getting hit pretty hard too And then the energy cross energy costs Across uh Europe in uh the greenhouses In uh in the Netherlands as well as uh The greenhouses in the UK are just Getting extremely expensive to run and a Lot of these places are starting to shut Down on that all right folks if you guys Have reports that you want to send in to Get out to other people please do send Those in and we will get this out as Best we can I am still in Kenya for Another week and I will be getting home And I will keep you up to date as best I Can in a few days I'll be having a few Days off that I'll be able to focus more On videos uh getting caught back up on The news and seeing what's going on and

Also on all your comments and uh reports And such so to keep those coming and We'll keep getting them out to everybody In a timely fashion thanks so much for Watching this is Steve Poplar and uh you Might want to check out another video From me over there or I'll see you guys Later adios

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