More Stimulus…? Bear Daily Brief 28 JUL 2020


More Stimulus? Check out the Bear Daily Brief today, 28 July 2020, for more news you can use….

This topic is quintessential to preparedness for all doomsday preppers, homesteaders, survivalists, militia, minuteman, city prepping, rural prepper, urban prepper, normal people, or looking to prepare for SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI or natural disaster. Whether your own personal SHTF is the 2020 elections, economic collapse, civil unrest, martial law, food crisis, civil war, food shortage, EMP or CME, black swan event, or whatever, a prepper needs to be prepared for this topic. ***

Regardless if you’re a Viking Preparedness prepper, Canadian Prepper, into city prepping, or just normal people, you need to be ready for SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI, which is why we’re discussing this topic today. Common prepper concerns are bug out bag, bugging out in general, food storage, security, communications, emergency preparedness, homesteading, budget, gardening, bushcrafting, end times, Torah, get home bag, survival, EDC, and all the things we discuss at this channel. ***

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16 thoughts on “More Stimulus…? Bear Daily Brief 28 JUL 2020

  1. The laws in Saskatchewan allowed the
    psychiatrists to torture me for a three week period, then I would be wheeled
    into a psychiatric appeal panel hearing and allowed to appeal my sanity, which
    is very difficult when sleeping in the wheel chair or if awake with my head
    banging in pain while undergoing the worst possible case of nauseous horror, my
    jaw would be locked open and my mouth and tongue have dried up and turned to
    leather. Because of my condition I would limit my appeal by stating that the
    Bible repeatedly condemns turning trees into decorated idols and that people
    are in fact bowing to these trees when they place and retrieve presents at the
    base of the trees. After years of being tortured by Hindus, white Catholic
    psychiatrist Doctor Gene Marcoux took over torturing me with drugs, and the
    horror he brought upon me with these drugs dwarfed by magnitudes what the Hindu
    psychiatrists did to me. I told Doctor Gene Marcoux that all the different
    drugs he was forcing upon me had death as a side effect, and he just smiled and
    said it was his call. Then eventually this white Catholic psychiatrist Gene
    Marcoux heard me state my defense at one of these three-week appeal panel
    hearings, he smiled and said that I was deluded, because everybody does it
    (turn trees into decorated idols). The Catholics seated across the table from
    us at that psychiatric appeal panel hearing smiled together with Marcoux and gave
    him permission to torture me for another three weeks. That was the law in
    Saskatchewan, they are allowed to torture you for a three-week period, then
    allow you to appeal your sanity, then they allow you to be tortured for a
    second three-week period, then on the final day of the six-weeks of torture the
    victim will be given a depot drug (long lasting psychiatric drug) injection and
    sent on his or her way. The psychiatrists never torture people for a single
    three week period as they are allowed to keep their victims for a second three
    week torture session, back to back, and earn twice the amount of money.

       Then the New Democratic Party (NDP)
    came to power in Saskatchewan, and their first act of legislation was to allow
    the psychiatrists to force medication upon the victims after the initial
    six-weeks of confined horror. Normally they would release me after six weeks of
    torture, then a few weeks later a police officer would approach me and say,
    “You have a long term history of mental illness, you are under arrest.”
    Generally some ignorant Catholic would be offended by my words, call the police
    and I would be arrested for speaking, and returned to another six weeks of
    brutal horrid torture, and the pain and the nausea of the drugs would remain
    for weeks after the six weeks of confined torture. But then the communist New
    Democratic Party (NDP) came to power and they legislated more of people’s
    rights away – they gave the Hindu and Catholic psychiatrists the right to
    torture people with drugs for the remainder of their lives, not just for the
    six week periods with a short interruption, but for every week thereafter,
    people were forced to take psychiatric drugs after they were released from the
    six weeks of confined horror. The NDP came to power in Saskatchewan and removed
    additional rights from the people, then the people in British Columbia and
    Alberta elected NDP provincial governments as well. Then after the NDP were
    voted out of power in Saskatchewan subsequent parties kept the NDP’s new 24/7
    torture legislation on the books. People laughed at me (and assaulted me, and
    robbed me, and libeled me) when I tried informing people in the community that
    I was being tortured by Hindus, now they train Islamists and Sikhs to become
    psychiatrists in our universities, and allow these people to torture Canadians
    without they themselves being Canadian citizens.

       The Canadian NDP went on to elect a
    Sikh to head their communist party, and other left-wing Canadians appointed
    another Sikh to run the Canadian military. People did not know that the NDP and
    Liberal parties were both communist parties, then these two communist parties
    merged the seats they won and took power, they gave Canada’s wealth and all of
    Canada away to the world’s poor and to their Islamic and Chinese buddies, they
    insured that they gave so much money away that Canadians would never be able to
    recover. Indeed, the major right-wing provincial and federal parties in Canada
    are also implementing Communist agendas for they too are using taxpayer money
    to fund their assorted businesses, they too import the third-world to help keep
    wages low, and they too cater to and seek votes from the Islamists, Sikhs and
    Hindus. The Canadians and their children and grandchildren and great
    grandchildren would have to slave away for the remainder of their lives just to
    try to pay the compound interest on the debt the communists created when they
    gave the newly printed money away to the Africans and Asians. See “Kabatoff” in Google Groups.

  2. My dad, Samuel Kabatoff, passed away on November
    1st 2018, he served as a police officer for the City of Saskatoon for many
    years. About a week before Sam passed away he repeated the story to me, he said
    that there used to be two buildings side by side, one occupied by priests, the
    other by nuns, and that the two buildings had a very narrow space between them.
    The buildings were demolished to make way for the court house on Spadina
    Crescent, and during that demolition there were a number of children’s
    skeletons found in that narrow space. Sam said the discovery of the human
    remains was kept secret as the Catholics in the police force and courts of law
    are above the law and believe themselves to be God on earth.

       Sam’s death necessitated that his
    surviving family members meet with banking officials to remove his name from
    bank accounts, so we went to a branch of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
    where we were directed to the office of an Iranian woman – she was an Iranian
    citizen and not a Canadian citizen – who completed the required paperwork.
    Prime Minister Trudeau recently made it legal for companies to hire foreign
    nationals for jobs in Canada with the companies no longer having to offer the
    position to Canadians first. Saskatoon City Hall is in on this as has begun employing
    Islamists and other people from foreign lands that do not hold Canadian

       Seats at the medical schools at the
    University of Saskatchewan in Regina and Saskatoon are given to hundreds of
    Saudi Arabian and other Islamic students so they may learn to become doctors,
    some are trained to specialize in psychiatry, and they may practice this
    psychiatry (they may torture Canadians) at Canadian psychiatric facilities
    without them being Canadian citizens, and they may even practice the “art” without
    having yet graduated from the college. In Sweden they train the newly arrived
    Islamists to march and become sharp shooters, but the teacher who trains them
    is a Swedish citizen, while in Canada we may now fly in marksmen from Islamic
    nations and give them jobs teaching the skills here to their fellow Islamists,
    without any of them being Canadian citizens. People respond by borrowing money
    to build new and larger torture facilities in the city of North Battleford and
    upgrade the torture facilities in Saskatoon. Many people in Saskatoon were
    sleeping in bushes along the river bank and under bridges, and three levels of
    government (city, provincial and federal) ignored the homeless and instead met
    Islamists at our airport and welcomed them to the city and assisted them with
    housing and other expenses.
       Many of those Canadians who were
    homeless found it rather difficult to obtain employment due to criminal records
    from non-violent marijuana convictions or from other non-violent crimes they
    committed during their youths, often decades earlier. Now marijuana is legal
    but they still have criminal records and continue to be excluded from most jobs
    and educational programs. Khat remains illegal but the Islamists fly the drug
    in daily and distribute it with their network of courier franchises and
    trucking companies. More drugs and violence comes to us from Mexico and Trudeau
    no longer requires visas for the Mexican murderers when they come to Canada.
    The Chinese are shipping enough fentanyl into North America to kill everybody
    here many times over. The Islamists killed Christians in foreign lands and took
    their money, houses and land, then they came to Canada with this stolen wealth
    and were allowed to keep ”their savings” for their own discretionary uses while
    they were given taxpayer funds to start new lives here. See “Kabatoff” in Google Groups.

  3. The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix newspaper and other
    media outlets throughout the western world used comics to teach people that
    Africans and South Sea Islanders were cannibals, they would depict white people
    in a cooking pot while black people or south sea islanders stood next to the
    pot and tended to the fires burning below. This continued well into the 1960’s
    but since then it is no longer politically correct to use the comics to
    denigrate the African people, while the South Sea Islanders are still
    periodically depicted as cannibals. Assorted churches (including the
    Seventh-day Adventist Church) published books explaining how their missionaries
    traveled to these distant lands and civilized the cannibals. The churches never
    quoted Scripture in their publications, nor from their pulpits, nor during
    their Bible Studies, that supported the existence of cannibals, instead they
    would teach of the existence of cannibals in Africa and the South Seas while
    censoring existence of cannibals in the “civilized” west. In 1988 I criticized
    this racism taught by the churches and faced arrest and the beginning of years
    of torture. Hollywood was systematically teaching people to seek power from
    supposedly magical rocks, was teaching people of the great benefits of engaging
    in witchcraft, and taught of the existence of ghosts as opposed to angels, but
    then in 1989 this changed with the release of “Silence of The Lambs” where a
    single cannibal was depicted as being real and active in the western world. So
    in 1989 Hollywood began to be more truthful in their teachings than the
    Christian churches, as the Christian churches continued to censor the existence
    of cannibals in the western world. In 1988 people began paying millions of
    dollars to have me tortured at the University of Saskatchewan (and later at
    Saskatoon City Hospital) for daring to speak of the existence of cannibals in
    the civilized west, then starting in 1989 they began spending millions of
    dollars to watch Hollywood movies depicting cannibals in the civilized west.
    Anyway, Scripture proclaims that God is about to spread you people out like
    dung over the surface of the earth, this is fair and I fully support it.
    Already God has begun to spread many of your apostate children out like dung, I
    not only support it, I think it is absolutely hilarious. Just as you folks
    think it hilarious that I get tortured by predominantly Brahmin psychiatrists,
    I think that the deaths of your children is equally hilarious. See “Kabatoff” in Google Groups.

  4. @22:00 Battle space: I see this life on earth as spiritual boot camp preparing us for the war in heaven. We are all recruits in training. When we leave here we go to fulfill our duty as appointed, much like in the military. Just a thought that has been weighing on me heavily lately.

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