& Multiple Industrial Explosions | Updates From Viewers & News Reports

Boots on the ground reports from viewers about what they are seeing on the empty shelves and food shortages at Walmart, Aldi, and grocery stores in their area. Food plant fires and attacks on the supply chain also being reported.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report this is going to be a bunch of Reports from you guys uh from around the Country as well as kind of some news Things that you're kind of pointing out That uh either didn't I didn't catch or I'm not hearing reported out there uh Starting off with leopard women a woman Two gas leaks on fire department Scanners in California Locations Simi Valley California and Thousand Oaks California those are once Again gas leaks it's not in the news at Least not yet this was uh heard on Police scanners Jeff in Warren Ohio a boiler exploded Saturday afternoon now I did not hear About this there's the Bedford uh Mary Points out the 14 injured following Major explosion at metal Factory in Bedford Ohio and that was uh we did Cover that but this is new at Cleveland Cliff's plant in Warren boiler exploded At 253 pm and this is one from Warrenton Township Fire Department a lot of Accidents happening out there folks a Lot of industrial accidents a lot of Train wrecks a lot of we just had the Fire down in Tennessee at the nuclear Processing center where they process the Uranium from the nuclear weapons and Such Angela Says 54 000 plus residents in Oakland

California without power due to Suspicious fire at Power substation as Per the San Francisco Chronicle and Daily Mail just like them to not be Reporting on these things Um now that's that is in the local news But it's not being national news these Power substation fires these uh Accidents that are happening all over With a power grid and the train lines it Looks like a campaign of sabotage that's What it looks like just just from the Outside looking in just there's just too Many coincidences is this all being Orchestrated from the top within our Country or is this people coming in from Other countries doing this to us I don't Know the answer to that but there's a Lot going on Amy in Um the VA in Northern California does Have some shortages in medical supplies And medical instruments used in some Surgical procedures I think part of the problem is a lot of These things are made over in China Possibly Um we're having medical supply shortages Out there for sure you go to the Hospital and they just don't seem to Have the things that they need and they Don't seem to be able to get their hands On those things so that's why I continue To suggest stocking up on basic supplies

At Home Uh because If things go south you're going to be Able to find out of work medical Professionals They just won't have anywhere to work And they won't have any uh any tools or Supplies but if you have the tools and Supplies and the basic setup for them to To do some operations and do some basic Uh Checkups and everything like that You might become the clinic just because You have the facility and the the stuff You might be able to find some medical People out there who Can't go to the hospital anymore to work Farm girl says that they went to a Chick-fil-A last week in Newport Kentucky they had no salads available at All The salad shortage continues and if You've if you've been to the grocery Store you've seen How hit or miss it is both the United States as well as Canada a lot of that Salad stuff comes from California where They've had a lot of problems Tgr With tagash I guess says my husband is a Manager at a Kroger Affiliated store and Normally they get 40 to 84 Boards of Easter candy Their main order came in and had four so

They went from 40 to 48 down to four There is only a very small fill in the Order coming so uh so get any Easter Treats early as they may not come in not A big deal overall but just shows what Is happening in general shipping and Empty shelves East Washington East Washington location you heard it first There's going to be a shortage on Easter Candy What will we ever do All right uh but but yeah We shouldn't be behind on shipping There's plenty of room in the trucks Right now there's plenty of room on the Ships So if stuff is not getting where it Needs to go right now it's because They're not getting it from the Factories Factories or food plants Liz F in Lincoln Nebraska I bought some Mayonnaise from Sam's Club two to three Months ago I opened them this past Saturday even though they were not Expired both of them were bad I guess They were not properly sealed if we got A few more here but if you guys have Updates that you'd like to pass along Yourselves you can either email them you Can always find the email down below Poplarprepareness gmail.com or you can Pop them in any comment for any video Just use the word update somewhere in

There and give some sort of geographical Location Bella Sorry my uh Internet's acting up With an ad Bella That's not a paid ad Bella went to uh Several dollar stores and no veggies No Veggie seeds just a few flower ones left Walmart had tons so far price 199 to 3.99 get what you can as soon as you can We had real bad issues with seeds last Year right everyone decided that they Needed to grow their own food can't Imagine why they'd get that idea but They did get that idea and they started Trying to buy up all the seeds they Could get so We ran out last year so please please Get your seeds if you're going to be Growing some stuff this year put your Orders in make sure that you have that Lined up you probably might want to Check Etsy is a great place I've gotten a Bunch of seeds and cuttings from Etsy if You want to look for organic you know Someone who's actually growing their own Food and they are taking seeds off their Plants and sending them Etsy has a whole bunch of people doing That as opposed to buying the uh the the Corporation seeds they're cheaper but They also don't Sprout as well and who

Knows what's going on with this Franken Seeds too so be careful with with what You're purchasing and buy a whole bunch Right you know get a whole bunch because Different varieties going to react Different ways some are going to go well For you some are not going to go so well For you Judy says tomato paste at Meijer For 24 ounce for a dollar and I got Eight so 24 ounce tomato paste for a Dollar that's yeah that's pretty good Good for here Rose says milk is in short Supply cat food coffee canned cheese but Many items dry potatoes and butter also In Great Smoky Mountains Gatlinburg Tennessee so milk Cat food coffee canned cheese And then Then there seems to be a bunch of dry Potatoes and butter In the Gatlinburg area unite the world Yeah if you guys want to flex all you Have to do is just on your vacation be Like yeah so in Key West or You know in Paris France this is the Shortage you can always Flex if you want To do that just let us know what you're Seeing at the stores where you're going Unite the world says my local IGA in Sydney Australia had stopped stocking Their in-house bread Brown bread they used to sell them for 259 A Loaf now the cheapest loaf of Bread is 350.

M Gomez says eggs 734 for an 18 count Yikes that's a lot I just bought eggs 266 for an 18 count Um Eggs are coming down especially at Walmart so span spam was 375 for one Count chicken nuggets 12.59 for a 70 ounce bag Good word if you guys have reports that You want to send in or things that You're seeing out there use the word Update in a comment and I will see you Guys later there's a video right here You might want to check out I'll see you Over there or I'll see you later Steve poplarop

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