My Warning to All Of You About To Start Homesteading


Many watching this channel are looking forward to moving onto their new homestead! But before you run out and get chickens… watch this video first!

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Owning livestock is one of the best parts of homesteading! But in todays video I warn you… before you get them on your new homestead, settle in first.

Caring for livestock is time consuming, as well as mentally and financially consuming! You may want to run out and get chickens on your farm right away, but allow yourself time to get settled first, make sure the infrastructure is all ready, and then bring on some livestock.

And when you do add livestock, be sure to do it slowly. Just 1 or 2 different kinds at first, and a few animals at a time.

Homesteading, self sufficiency, farming, these lifestyles are marathons, not sprints, so run them slow and steady to succeed!

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63 thoughts on “My Warning to All Of You About To Start Homesteading

  1. Get your fruit trees orchard layout designed / trees planted started DAY ONE
    Chickens / Ducks / Goats / 2 Feeder Pigs / Family Milk Cow / all after
    the Fruit Trees are planted – Homesteady Says
    Fruit Trees take time to get going so plant trees real quick – First Thing

    1. Day one, check your outer fences. Animal lose on the property is problem, but getting of it is way worse. Animals and food production are essential to a farm, start there, the house can wait (as long as you can live/camp there).
      Planting trees as soons as possible is very good advice, they take time to get started, even the modern dwarf and already flowering ones you can now buy.

    2. JOHN LONGENECKER “Get your fruit trees orchard layout designed / trees planted started DAY ONE”

      Yep. Make sure you get them in the ground before you even know the lay of the land, sun exposure, water flow patterns during heavy rain! All of that can wait! A year in the life of a fruit tree that won’t even produce anything for about 5 years is just too serious a delay! Saving that year is far more important than doing it right!

  2. We have a lot of infrastructure issue’s. But we’ll get there! So will you. It’s not easy with family, ranch biz, youtube biz, landscape biz! But your doing it!

    1. I love the fencing you have on your goat pens. Those “pickets” are cool, and also your routine of tethering them to wait their turns, it makes it so much easier once they catch on.

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  3. Float valve. Dig a trench and bury the water line. Bungee cord to latch the door. Easy fixes. Beauty shot of the horses. Oh and a compressor to blow out the barn so you don’t have to sweep around everything, works good for the cobwebs in the chicken coop too.

    1. @Dog eat dog “Leaf blower works too! ”

      Leaf blower works BETTER. A compressor, unless it’s a MONSTER, will not move enough volume of air to do that kind of work very well. It will move a much smaller volume at much higher velocity and pressure, and that’s great for small work like cleaning out a chicken coop, but larger areas need higher volume.

      It’s worth getting a professional grade backpack blower, like the Stihl BR600.

    2. @Mark OnTheBlueRidge I think the point is to compress air into a tank and move the tank around to where it’s needed, and from there you only need to open the valve when you need to sweep and close it once you’re done, and refill them when they get empty enough.

  4. It’s a lot easier to complain, while observing the new farm take a peace of paper and pen. Write down all the things that need fixing. And don’t complain, just fix it. I’m currently doing that. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It’s good for viewers to show what to expect and what he regrets. There’s nothing wrong with complaints. He’s giving his viewers important advice about novice homesteading.

  5. It’s so painful to hear this after the fact I have 200 chickens 21 milk goats I live in a camper with no outbuildings or fences an no power or well just a spring. I am living a extream crazy home unsteady life style ! And I’m sing lo e with no friends and no family to help. You are so much further along then me it gives me diarrhea!

    1. @Fly Scroll I’m curious, too.
      I want grow all my own meat n dairy n eggs for self and profit.
      There has to be a Craigslist for farmers looking for business partners/housemates/support.
      I live in Louisville, KY and hoping to find something in Indiana

    2. It would be really nice for a Craigslist spot to find inexpensive Farms that are no longer used but were established with water and outbuildings, to rent or purchase on a contract. I am completely priced out of the market in Illinois. Looking for other areas like Indiana and maybe southern states. To be considered though is if I am planning on selling what I am raising there has to be a market! And griping about things has never changed it, just get it done.

    3. @Marie M It would be interesting if, once there, you use a flush toilet with a water tower (you can pump the water up 2-3 meters into a water basin/reservoir). The poop+pee+water would get into an underground chamber, from where you could use a bucket to dump it out into another reservoir where to boil it in, while also covering that dump-boiling-pot with a lid with a pipe which leads to the fireplace, so the flamable gas helps cook the slurry. Once it’s done cooking to kill all the bacteria dangerous to humans, you can use it like normal manure, and even mix it with normal manure. Though you would need to wait until it’s cold, before applying it to the soil or plants.

  6. Best advice I got was to do nothing in your first year. Just observe the weather patterns and water flow, the position of the sun for the whole year, etc. You’ll have intimate knowledge of the property before you design what you really want instead of just patching things together.

    1. Wait a year – who the hell has time for that – the sun rises in the east and sets in the west so now you know where to put you garden. – chickens need shelter and food water and heat. – done

  7. Write the feed name on the scoops in Magic Marker and put the scoops on top of the feed bags. Mount a toilet float valve onto a board inside the trough at the level you want the water and hook the hose to that.

  8. Day 1: build and organize a tool shed
    Day 2: build and organize a woodworking shop
    Day 3: Metelwork shop
    Day 4-5: Feed Barn
    Day 6: Fencing
    Day 7: Rest.
    Day 8 – 50: Water infrastructure.
    Day 51-61: hydroelectric power generation.

    Protip: keep a written journal. And write your observations everyday.

    1. Munem Rabadi
      True. It’s never going to be super clean, super organized nor like farms/ranches on tv.
      Each place is unique to the family and customized to the needs of the animals.
      One day.
      Trial and error.

  9. A lot of people hating in the comments but I appreciate the video. My main thought is that you shouldn’t be stressing over all these quick little issues but just fix them. I think you’re making mountains out of mole hills. Homestead or new house in the city. If you find an issue just fix it. Don’t freak out.

  10. You are living so many peoples dream, myself included, yet you seem like a fish outta water. Don’t fret over the simple stuff, it’s hard work but totally worth it.

    1. I’m a 34year old man that is very experienced with homestead I can build anything with hand tools no power already have a very good horse that can plowe farm land or pull anything needed iv always lived this way my grandma has raised me to do anything on farm you need help I’m your guy I want to live completely of grid build a small cabin for self and help work land I’m very simple man not loud or lazy just want to live with some new friends ready to get it started and live peace of mind and heart not plastic cars Walmart no we’re near me call or text 8504705889

    2. @Corina Simpson What do you mean all you get to do is watch? Why not work for other people on their farms or with your animal supplier connections if you have the know how? Or work for your friend at Weise lumber? You can earn some money and further hone your skills.

  11. You have not idea how affortunate you are. I get angry when people complain. I’m tire of complainers. Enjoy all you have, I wish I could have a homestead and a farm with animals. I know its a lot of work, but If you like to live in a farm it will be easier later

    1. Yep! Out here in the fields
      I fight for my meals
      I get my back to my living
      I don’t need to fight
      To prove I’m right
      I don’t need to be forgiven
      Baba O RIley The who
      They call it the easy life, haha that’s why ever body is doing it NOT! ITS GOTTA to be in your blood, you got to be a tiller at heart, here in canada ottawa area zone 5 , not like virginia, so you have to have stubbornness to keep going

  12. My wife has a few words to say.

    For a guy that has inherited a beautifully set up farm like yours, you have absolutely no right to be you-tubing and complaining about everything. Put the camera down and take a few minutes to fix your hose, put a $10 float valve on your tough and you’re done. Be glad you have an amazing barn and spend a little time fixing the door latch and replacing the spring. How do you think your in-laws are going to feel when they watch what you are putting out on your videos. After all their years of work setting up the farm, you have the easy part. Roll up your sleeves and quit complaining. We can’t listen to you any more, too much whining. You sounds like a spoiled little 4 yr old.

    1. @Glinda Bevans he is informing the uninformed, at no point did it seem like he was complaining, just trying to adjust the mindset if others with the reality of his situation.

    2. norm al well said he seems so immature I honestly don’t think he knows what work really is they all think there going to make a fortune from YouTube instead of hard work

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