Never Be Cold Again! Turn Your Body Into A Fortress!

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Never Be cold again! Fortress All Weather Gear:

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Never be cold again hey everybody this Is Michael with asymmetrical Preparedness today I want to introduce You to a new company new to me Right here Fortress all-weather gear or Fortress Clothing links in the description below Um great company just started working With them Um yeah is my affiliate link yes it's an Affiliate link I only have two now why Because I don't talk about products that I don't believe in this company is out Of Mount Pleasant Utah Um had a good conversation talked on the With the president of the company Dale For it was over an hour hour and a half They sent me out this stuff this is Their base layer And we're going to build the Relationship hopefully and I'll be able To test a bunch more of their gear so What is the premise behind it Um doing away with the whole layering System and it's not wool it is using Their proprietary insulation Um and let me tell you so far I'll tell You two thumbs up so far Um but one thing some things I really Like about it is that for keeping and Maintaining body heat Um what can you do you can layer up and Use Merino wool there are other clothing Things out there yes but staying warm

You need consumables you need the Firewood you need coal you need oil you Need fuel you need propane something Gonna keep you warm why not get proper Clothing so that you can use your body Heat to keep you warm instead of having To worry about stuff that you can run Out of Renewable right this always keeps you Warm this is their base layer this is Good from negative five to 70 degrees Whoa that's an insane heat range isn't It yeah it is But it's designed where yes you can Sweat in it but kind of like wool you Still stay warm And it is a base layer it's not designed To be worn as an outer layer like I am Right now because it doesn't have Windbreaking capability we're a shell Over it so what have I tested so far What have I found out so far so far I wore it at my house in Washington I'm Currently in comeifornia Um yeah I'm actually really close to the Epicenter of that earthquake in Northern California a couple days ago we just had An Aftershock actually when I was Sitting in the house and um yeah it was Interesting been through them Um well-versed with earthquakes but Anyway so at my house in Washington Um I it was 18 degrees outside and all I Had on was this base layer and a shell

Went outside I was doing stuff in the Garden not really high activity level Um and yeah it worked pretty well it Kept me warm then I went inside where Our thermostat is set on 72 and did Laundry cooked packed a bunch of stuff For this trip down here to commiformia And um yeah sweated in it Then I went outside it was 19 degrees And I stayed outside for about an hour And seeing if it would actually keep me Warm still and it kept me warm I'm not Saying I was toasty warm but I Definitely was not on the verge of Feeling like I was really cold at all so I'm really excited about working with This company like I said I only have two Affiliate programs because I don't I'm Not going to talk about stuff here on YouTube that I don't believe in and so Far so good uh we wore it on the trip Down here through you know Washington Oregon and into Northern California Um temperatures anywhere from The High Teens to the mid-20s to now out here It's like 50 something degrees And it works very well I love it so far Um The whole idea of having heat portable Portable heat to take with you is very Good Um And the one thing I had to say it was Really cool I was talking with Dale the

President of the company the founder of The company Um oh by the way they were on Shark Tank You can check it out there I I haven't Watched that portion I guess they were Successful with it they seem to be very Successful so far Um he told me he's like hey he's like I'm not saying this as the founder or The president of the company he's I'm Just saying I'm telling you that when You start wearing our gear and our Clothing he's like your mind is gonna be Blown And so far it is so far it's looking Really good Um it is when I first opened it though I Was like oh man because it's kind of I Don't know if you can see it's kind of It's kind of thick and so it wasn't what I was expecting from a base layer so at First when I first put it on I felt like Mr Robot you know this these things are And stuff like that felt like I was more Like body armor or something like that Um so it felt kind of odd but something You get used to and you got to get used To the way Um their clothing is designed to be worn Uh so but they all work with you well With that um it's no problem there they Have a full line of clothing I'm not a full line but um they also Sent me a heavy duty of baklava which

Isn't the kind where you want to be Working and exercising in it's one of Those ones where you wear when you're Like really cold and you got to sit for Long periods of time Um they throw in a pair of socks and a Beanie also so I'll be testing those you Know might as well but just the base Layers the pants I'm gonna wear in the Pants right now because it's not you Know warm enough or cold enough out here For it but Um great base layers they also have Extreme cold weather jackets and pants Which I'm really hoping to be testing Those in conjunction with this base Layer up at our Bug out location where It gets down in the negative degrees so That will be a really good test because With that combination I think they're Good for like negative 35 degrees I Forget exactly don't quote me Um still learning about the company Still in testing in progress so right Now it's a thumbs up though I really Like it um the only downside was that I Didn't like it was kind of you know Bulky Um for what I'm used to my thought Process being a base layer but part of It is the fact that I just need to Change my thought process from A bunch of different layers to two Layers meaning this and a shell or this

And like they're extreme weather system Extreme environment pants or coat and or A shell they also have shells they offer Shells But I'm really impressed it's cool Because it's a United States company not They do have some things made in the U.S Not everything's made in the U.S but as Far as I know none of their stuff's made In China so that's really good Um yeah Fortress clothing so this is my Second affiliate because like I said From what I'm what I so far my uh Testing the gear I really feel good About it I'm really excited to get some Of the other stuff and test that out Also so if you're interested in staying Warm no matter where you go no matter What the environment is you got to check Out Fortress clothing like I said the Links in the description below it is an Affiliate link yes I get a percentage Um but like I said before my Patriot Supply the radar food buckets are my Only other affiliate because I've eaten Them and they're good and we stock them And we use them Etc I'm not going to tell you guys a Bunch of BS here Um and I get emails all the time from Companies wanting me test their gear and I'm not even going to bother because I Don't even want to come on here and just Do reviews and tell you that it's all

Bad I I want to If it is bad I'll tell you I'll be Honest with you guys but I want to talk About things and not waste my time here On YouTube telling you that all this Stuff is junk I'd much rather say hey I Tested this thoroughly and this is what You need as Preppers in a bug out Situation if you got to get out or if You're in a tactical situation Um this kind of setup is great A base Layer an overlay or a shell whatever it Is depending on your needs and your Demands uh for keeping your body heat Trapped in Um Fortress is um is in use their Clothing line is in use with some SF Units some special operations forces in The U.S military as well as the U.S Air Force in Alaska Use it and um it's also in beta testing With the Utah State Patrol which is good I'm sure they're going to like it uh and It'll probably should work really well For them so I just wanted to tell you Guys about this company and about these Products I'm really looking forward I'm Excited to test this is in many Environments as possible I'm thinking About even going and jumping in the Puget Sound Where it's like 40 degree water or 39 Degree water whatever it is and then

Getting out and sitting Um and seeing that yes it does actually Keep me warm even though I'm wet and Even though it is wet that's the way It's designed so Um Extreme cold weather is here and or on The way and winter is barely getting Started so if you really want to stay Warm this winter and you want portable Heat and it's also gray man because just Throw any kind of shell on over this Nobody even know you're wearing this They don't need to see that you're Wearing some really nice high-end stuff And high-end pricing wise is not High-end this stuff is very affordable In the military Um I'll probably say maybe save that for Another video when I talk a little bit More about this product but I've used a Lot of stuff and a lot of high-end very Very high-end stuff and this so far at Least compares to it If not maybe even better I'll figure That out with more testing Um so far the testing consists of about Four days of wearing this almost all the Time So and like I said I already stated the Temperature range I've been through and Uh a couple nights ago we were in an ice Storm in uh in Oregon and the parking Lot was literally an ice skating rink

And our car had this much ice just Frozen all over it I had to bust it Apart and get all the ice off to leave The next morning Um in a route down here so Um recommend you guys check out this Company uh like I said the links in the Description below Good stuff please subscribe hit that Thumbs up share the videos comment below Do the things I love you guys have a Wonderful day and blessings to you and Yours

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