Nutrient Survival Vitamin Powdered Milk Review
I recently decided to try the Nutrient Survival Vitamin Powdered Milk. As a product geared toward long-term survival and emergency preparedness, this product promises to provide key nutrition and a shelf life of up to 25 years, which is quite impressive. It’s marketed as the “world’s most nutrient-dense instant milk,” packed with 21 essential nutrients including 14 essential vitamins and 7 essential minerals.

The product also boasts of its all-natural ingredient list, being soy-free, gluten-free, and devoid of any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. As a bonus, it’s made in the USA.

Design and Quality

The product comes in a #10 can, which contains 60 servings of powdered milk, making it an ideal size for emergency food storage. The packaging is simple yet informative, providing all the necessary details about the product including nutritional content, storage instructions, and even some suggested uses.

Upon opening the can, I found the powdered milk to be finely textured and of consistent quality, and it mixed well with water, delivering a nice, creamy texture that’s similar to real milk.

Analysis of Key Features and Benefits

What sets this powdered milk apart is its comprehensive blend of essential nutrients. Beyond being a simple source of calcium and protein, this powdered milk supplies vitamins like biotin, folate, and riboflavin, and minerals including phosphorus and selenium. For those who value maintaining balanced nutrition even in emergency situations, this feature is a definite plus.

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The long shelf life of up to 25 years (unopened) is another notable advantage, providing peace of mind for those stocking up their emergency food supplies.

Comparison with Similar Products

Compared to similar powdered milk products on the market, the Nutrient Survival Vitamin Powdered Milk stands out due to its nutrient-rich formula and its longer shelf life. Many other powdered milk products do not offer this combination of longevity and nutrition.

In terms of taste and texture, this powdered milk holds its own, delivering a creamy, satisfying taste that does not reveal its powdered origins.

Pros and Cons


  • Nutrient-dense with 21 essential nutrients
  • Long shelf life of up to 25 years
  • Natural ingredients with no artificial additives
  • Soy and gluten-free
  • Versatile usage in drinks and recipes


  • More expensive than some competing brands
  • Shelf life shortens to 18 months once opened

User Experiences and Testimonials

Looking at user reviews online, it’s clear that many people appreciate the nutrient density and long shelf life of this product. One user noted that the powdered milk “doesn’t taste like powdered milk” and was good enough to substitute for store-bought milk. Another user mentioned testing the product before deciding to purchase more for long-term storage.

However, some users pointed out that the product they received had a shorter expiration date than promised. This seems to be an isolated issue, but it’s something to be aware of.

Tips and Tricks

For the best experience, try using the powdered milk in various ways. You can drink it plain or use it in cereal, coffee, or recipes. Some users have suggested adding strawberry powder or honey for additional flavor.

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Also, remember to check the expiration date upon receipt to ensure you’re getting the full value of the product’s long shelf life.


Q: Can I place the remainder in a mylar bag with an oxygen absorber to extend the shelf life?

A: No, once opened, the shelf life shortens to 18 months, regardless of storage method.

Q: Can I use EBT to purchase this product?

A: No, the seller does not accept EBT.

Q: Why is this product more expensive than other brands?

A: The higher price reflects the higher nutritional value of the product. This is not just a source of calories, but also a source of essential vitamins and minerals.


In conclusion, the Nutrient Survival Vitamin Powdered Milk is an excellent choice for those who value nutrition and longevity in their emergency food supplies. Its nutrient-dense formula, long shelf life, and quality ingredients make it stand out among similar products.

While it is pricier than some other brands, the value it provides in terms of nutrition and peace of mind makes it a worthwhile investment. This product is especially recommended for those who are building their emergency food supplies and want to ensure they have access to vital nutrients in any situation.

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