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Battery backups and solar generators are Expensive and I understand that and That's why I do take a chance whenever Someone reaches out to me with a product That might be of interest to you guys I Do want to do a review on it because You have to choose which one you're Going to buy most people can't just buy A whole bunch so channels that can walk You through what's going on but in the Sphere right now you mostly have blue Eddie and you have Eco flow and they're Kind of vying from market share among The big batteries not too many other People are even putting out any big Batteries but there is a new player Mango power is trying to break into the Whole battery big Battery Systems so They have come out with their mango Power e and so we're going to be looking At this unit and we're going to be Talking about mango power as a whole are They going to be able to kind of compete On the same level as Eco flow and blue Eddie to give a a balance to the force So to speak Um so their first initial big battery That they've come out with is the mango Power e it's a 3500 watt hour expandable Battery pack now that's key is that you Can get cheaper per watt hours out there For batteries that are smaller but once You get a big battery you usually start Getting close to about a dollar per watt

Hour and the big thing that you're Paying for is the big inverter the big Charging and discharging capability of The system and with a lot of these Systems you're going to have they're Going to start Separating out the inverter From just the batteries so that's kind Of where you start getting different Kinds of flavors here some of the Companies like blue Eddie really Separates the inverter from the battery Packs completely they're like separate Units but Ecoflow has has for the most part kept Them more together into the same kind of Unit and then they they have add-on Batteries that you can add on to them But basically most of the units that You'll get have a battery in them as Well as the inverter and then you can Add battery packs onto it mango power e Has kind of taken more the Eco flow kind Of mindset to this so this unit is an Inverter a powerful inverter able of Doing three kilowatt hours of sorry Three kilowatts of discharge capability At a time so you can put a pretty on Quite a hefty load on this thing and it Uh it also has 3500 Watt hours of Battery storage on it you can add a Cheaper just simple battery that goes Onto this unit and one of the things I Really like about this is they have the

Dolly system once you get up to this Size of battery pack you absolutely need Wheels this thing is a hundred pounds Before you put a battery onto it this Kind of looks like some of the Eco flow Battery packs where they have the the Trolley handle on them and uh and the Wheels on them you're going to need that Blue Eddie it doesn't seem to like Putting wheels on their things now I Guess they just kind of assume that you Have a dolly that you can use which Maybe works for you but uh for me I Think that if the thing is stinking Heavy it should have wheels on it so Mango power e has wheels with a pull-up Handle and then you put the other Battery pack on top of that and use that That whole Dolly thing the wheels uh Seem like they're heavy duty but they They did seem a little Like I said they are heavy duty but they Didn't seem like they're as durable as I Would expect them to be for being on a 100 pound unit that potentially has Another 50 plus pounds put on top of it So once you start talking about 150 Pound unit the wheels are kind of Plasticky and uh they they just um Like I said I haven't had any problems With them But they wouldn't be as heavy duty as I Would expect so I don't know if that's Something they're going to work on in

Further iterations once again mango Power is coming into the market with This big off initial offering but then They're going to hopefully be putting Out more units in the future tweaking Them as they go so Um overall I'm impressed by the by the Movement into the market but I think at This point you still probably want to Look at your other options too I don't think that they've just come in And uh taken the cake so let's talk Price uh when this compares to Blue Eddie and to ecoflow Delta Pro which are Kind of in the same ballpark Um ecoflow Delta Pro is 36.99 and the Mango e is actually 36.99 as well but There's a 200 coupon code that if you go Down below that you can get off of this Video that's a special sale for this Viewership they're not running a a deal Just for everyone just for uh the folks Watching this video so at 34.99 it is 200 cheaper than the ecoflow Delta Pro And I think that it's got comparable Capabilities to that unit I think that That's going to be maybe a little bit More of a preference thing whether you Want it to be a side sliding kind of Thing or whether you want uh like the Mango which is wide face Depends on partly your usage there but When it comes to the capabilities of it Very very similar and when you compare

Them side to side you're they are Definitely in the same ballpark and then Definitely competitor With that going up against the Eco flow And bluitty that might be comparable So this unit can take 2 000 Watts input Of of charging capability now from solar The problem is and it's not really a Problem in fact actually I would say It's a plus This requires you to bring in 60 volts To 150 volts so normally you can charge It like 12 volts or 24 volts but the Fact that you can't start charging from Solar into this unit until you get to 60 Volts Is at initially kind of a head scratcher If you're pumping in a whole bunch of Juice that kind of makes sense but I Mean if you're only talking about 2 000 Watts It it kind of seems to not make all that Much sense however This will save you on wiring because uh You can then daisy chain all of your Solar panels together and you only need One extension cord Um mc4 cord to get from the end of the String of solar panels back to the unit And then so the unit one goes straight Into that first panel the second goes Into the extension cable getting to the Other end of the the panels so if you Need to get down to 12 volts or 24 volts

And you want to put a whole bunch of Solar panels out you would have to use a Lot of Y Splitters so this actually kind Of makes sense from a not wanting to Have lots and lots of cables and Connectors and everything like that so I'm actually going to say that's a That's a thumbs up on on this the the Issue with that though is if you're Getting Um shade on the panels uh one panel or Whatever it just kind of tends to take Down the whole string of them uh so There'll be a lot less power coming off Of those if you just have one panel Covered so you got to be careful on that Now this unit can charge from zero to Eighty percent within one hour and fully Charged in an hour and a half so if you Plug it into the wall you're looking at Three kilowatt hour uh three kilowatts Coming into the unit so that will charge Up in just under an hour and a half It can discharge at a rate of three Kilowatts so this thing can just dump Power out of it really fast now these Are lithium iron phosphate batteries so They are the batteries that you expect Them to be uh there is no cutting Corners here there's no nickel cadmium Batteries there's no lithium Lithium ion batteries like your cell Phone this is the fire resistant type Batteries and they are they get a lot

More life cycles on them too so The the right kind of batteries when you Start looking at all the different Features it's got on it Um it's it actually has a link up for an E-car so you can charge the thing off of A car But um you're going to have a hard time Charging your car off of this thing I Mean it's doable it's doable it does Have the link UPS to it but it's got an RV port and then it also has a regular Um you know 110 volt Regular lines ac lines so you can Charge car off of it but you're probably Better off doing the other way around Charging this thing off the car But you can do that either way the one Big thing that I do see here that is Very impressive is that it can actually Discharge at 240 volts split phase but You do need to have an adapter for that And it's a 250 adapter but The fact that it can actually do 240 Volt split phase is something that most Of these units in this category either Struggle with or can't do So if you're trying to run something Bigger like your water heater or you're Trying to run a washer or dryer or an Oven or pumps or or welding machine you Need that 240 line and This thing can do it now I'm going to say that the use case for

This thing is not going to be are you Looking for a 3500 watt hour battery Pack this is your your unit If you're trying to replace Your your home or a portion of your Home's power And this is a building block that you're Going to add some components to this Unit can make a lot of sense for you With if you're just trying to get sheer Just juice and you're going to be Charging smaller things or running Smaller things like refrigerators or Freezers you might want to get several Smaller units that don't have the Inverter capacity of this thing because You just don't need 3 000 watts of Inverter capacity to run a fridge Freezer those type of things if you want To run some heavy duty stuff or if You're trying to run lots of stuff That's where these type of heavy Inverters would make more sense so this Is more of a home power replacement unit Or part of a home replacement unit Depending on uh how much how big your Home is if you have a Above average home you might need Several systems to run your whole house But this thing can expand up to 14 000 Watt hours or 14 kilowatt hours So you can really do a lot with the System you can do some heavy duty Equipment you can do some heavy duty

Tools as well as running a lot of the Appliances in your home like even ovens Electric ovens and such so this has got A lot of perks for it that way but then Also when you start interacting with an Electric vehicle whether it's a car or Whether that is e-bikes this can really Do that for you as well I'm going to be Showing you just kind of how you can Actually connect an e-bike and power the E-bike through solar panels here using The mango but the mango e solar panels To the mango e and then charging the Battery uh in the e-bike off of that as I was sharing before about how this unit Can actually be used for transportation This is the Jaime way e-bike that I did A review on a little bit before and We've got five solar panels out here of Course you can link more you need to be At least 60 volts before you can get Charge going into this unit that is one A little bit of a challenge that means You just daisy chain the solar panels Together and that will you have one long Wire that you're going to have to bring All the way back in order to get so five Panels together 12 volts each that's 60 Volts of voltage coming into the unit Now you could add another 7 12 volt Panels onto this string that would get You up to a 144 volts this can take up To 150 volts of input and that's uh That's a great way to do it because you

Can get a lot more power kind of flowing Into the unit of course when you have One string if you have any one of the Panels kind of shaded it does kind of Cause some problems but right now we Have 144 volt Watts coming into the unit And that is charging it but we can Plug in our e-bike And this will start charging the The e-bike itself it's a fully charged Right now but it is getting it is Getting juice from the uh the unit the way big dog is at principle a Cargo bike it is able to carry have a Cargo capacity of 400 pounds uh persons As well as cargo it's got that back rack Which is great for just putting uh Anything from soil to uh to boxes on and You can strap them down that back cargo Seat can be used for people potentially Though I can't say that's necessarily Recommended but uh it it would be Theoretically possible to get people on That back seat it is able to do very Well off-road and able to get up to a Top speed of about 30 miles per 25 to 30 Miles per hour depending on your Pedaling or not and able to move across Country pretty fast and holds a charge Really well I can't reiterate how Important it is to have off-grid Transportation when we run out of diesel When we run out of gasoline being able To get on an e-bike and get to where you

Need to go even with just a limited Amount of cargo it's going to mean the World the fact that you can go 40 to 80 Miles on a round trip and charge that Off solar panels and carry cargo or People with you to get from point A to Point B is going to mean a lot when People aren't going to be able to move Their cars at all or if the price of Gasoline or diesel are just so expensive That it makes sense that you use Electricity to move from point A to Point B special if you already have Solar panels in place so there you have It the mango power e all in all I'm Going to say that I think that this Edges out the blue Eddie and that it is Is very comparable to the ecoflow Delta Pro but I think with the 200 cheaper Price tag I think it's definitely Something you should definitely consider One other thing that we should talk About is the app it does have an app Ecoflow has an app too so the the app is Useful a way to integrate with your with Your unit now the app did have some Issues on the first production run now They've said that they've gotten that Solved in the second production run but Uh and that's what they're shipping out Now so now they have the second Production run where the app should be Fully Before it was having an issue of

Connecting I saw at least one other Review online where they had a problem With that too I had a problem with that Too and it was something to do with the Production so that issue should be Resolved but I want to make sure you're Aware of that In the end this is a unit for Replacing the power in your house this Is not a small investment and that's Definitely understandable if you want to Go ahead with it we have they have the Sale at Christmas time and they don't Have a sale now but with this video the If you use the code the Poplar report 200 you do you do get 200 off of that so That's a special sale I asked them I Said you know uh there was that Christmas sale can you give us a similar Uh kind of cut in cost and they said Yeah we can do that and so that's where They gave us the 200 offer viewers of These videos and uh if you have any Questions about that go ahead and pop Them down in the comments down below uh If I think this is a great fit for some People for other people you may want to Go with several smaller battery packs if You're just charging little electronics And that kind of thing but if you're Looking for a whole power whole home Power solution you're going to to need a Bigger battery pack with a bigger Inverter on it I am a little bit uh I

Still don't know if I like the the Wideness of the mango E i I do think I I slightly prefer the Narrowness of uh of the ecoflow Delta Pro that I think that's a better set up But that's a preference thing depending On how you're going to use it so some of You may prefer to have the wide front to It depending if you have things wherever You do with these things please do make Sure that you store them in any battery Pack any lithium iron phosphate battery Pack or lithium ion packs for sure make Sure you're storing them in a place Where if they were to catch fire that They would not cause significant damage As well because these battery packs on a Very rare occasion have been known to go Up and that's just all battery packs Across the space uh one went up here in Pittsburgh and uh It's very hard to put those things out The fire department had a lot of trouble Getting the thing out luckily that house Was not damaged too severely because it Was in a relatively good place put it in A garage put it in some places Relatively fireproof and for any kind of Long-term storage away from your your Home and where you're sleeping and Everything like that all right if you go Down to the description down below or The pin comment you can find the the Code the Poplar report 200 and the link

To go to there you can also go to Jaime Way and check out their e-bike over There so that is a great combo they work Great when I was testing them out and I'm excited to kind of use them in the Future that way but thanks so much for Watching if you have found this video Useful or helpful you might want to Check out this other video right here I'll see you over there or I'll see you Later Steve Poplar out

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