Oklahoma Tribal Land Supreme Court Decision


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42 thoughts on “Oklahoma Tribal Land Supreme Court Decision

  1. I don’t normally comment on these things but this is going to change a lot of things. The Murphy case in of itself is a pretty interesting read.

    1. I know first-hand that tribal politics is a microcosm for the corruption of government. If our government is synonymous at all we have gigantic huge catastrophic problems!

    2. Well, its not like the tribal government has any more hope in it than state government. So. Why does the government want this ? It simply means you are now owned by the FBI and BIA.

  2. A Welsh poem of the 15th century tells how Prince Madoc sailed away in 10 ships and discovered America. The account of the discovery of America by a Welsh prince, whether truth or myth, was apparently used by Queen Elizabeth I as evidence to the British claim to America during its territorial struggles with Spain. So who was this Welsh Prince and did he really discover America before Columbus?

    Owain Gwynedd, king of Gwynedd in the 12th century, had nineteen children, only six of whom were legitimate. Madog (Madoc), one of the illegitimate sons, was born at Dolwyddelan Castle in the Lledr valley between Betws-y-Coed and Blaenau Ffestiniog.

    On the death of the king in December 1169, the brothers fought amongst themselves for the right to rule Gwynedd. Madog, although brave and adventurous, was also a man of peace. In 1170 he and his brother, Riryd, sailed from Aber-Kerrik-Gwynan on the North Wales Coast (now Rhos-on-Sea) in two ships, the Gorn Gwynant and the Pedr Sant. They sailed west and are said to have landed in what is now Alabama in the USA.

    Prince Madog then returned to Wales with great tales of his adventures and persuaded others to return to America with him. They sailed from Lundy Island in 1171, but were never heard of again.

    They are believed to have landed at Mobile Bay, Alabama and then travelled up the Alabama River along which there are several stone forts, said by the local Cherokee tribes to have been constructed by “White People”. These structures have been dated to several hundred years before the arrival of Columbus and are said to be of a similar design to Dolwyddelan Castle in North Wales.

    Early explorers and pioneers found evidence of possible Welsh influence among the native tribes of America along the Tennessee and Missouri Rivers. In the 18th century one local tribe was discovered that seemed different to all the others that had been encountered before. Called the Mandans this tribe were described as white men with forts, towns and permanent villages laid out in streets and squares. They claimed ancestry with the Welsh and spoke a language remarkably similar to it. Instead of canoes, Mandans fished from coracles, an ancient type of boat still found in Wales today. It was also observed that unlike members of other tribes, these people grew white-haired with age. In addition, in 1799 Governor John Sevier of Tennessee wrote a report in which he mentioned the discovery of six skeletons encased in brass armour bearing the Welsh coat of arms. George Catlin, a 19th century painter who spent eight years living among various native American tribes including the Mandans, declared that he had uncovered the descendants of Prince Madog’s expedition. He speculated that the Welshmen had lived among the Mandans for generations, intermarrying until their two cultures became virtually indistinguishable. Some later investigators supported his theory, noting that the Welsh and Mandan languages were so similar that the Mandans easily responded when spoken to in Welsh.

    Unfortunately the tribe was virtually wiped out by a smallpox epidemic introduced by traders in 1837. But the belief in their Welsh heritage persisted well into the 20th century, when a plaque was placed alongside Mobile Bay in 1953 by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

    “In memory of Prince Madog,” the inscription reads, “a Welsh explorer who landed on the shores of Mobile Bay in 1170 and left behind, with the Indians, the Welsh language.”

    1. That is a fascinating story. Thank you so much for sharing that. Yes, it does appear that nearly every civilization was here before Columbus. The Vikings also dating back to the 12th century I believe.

  3. SCOTUS can find the time to release control of half of Oklahoma to Indians but they kick the proverbial can down the road indefinately on any 2A infringement issue… that’s where we are now?!!?

    1. They never had control to begin with. The Indians owned the land. Don’t you like private property and small government? Cause thats what just happened here.

  4. 23:26 This is ridiculous you are going to have to have tribal police rolling woth every local/state law enforcement officer in this are of the state, otherwise you are going to have dirtbags claim that their “rights” were violated.

    1. That’s how this all started. A guy got arrested, tried, and convicted in a state court. He was sentenced to 1000 years for raping and murdering a 4 year old.

  5. TAX FREE , they’ll change that really fast when everyone realizes that they don’t have to pay tax on reserve. Open up a smoke shop tax free tobacco

    1. Yes they will. Did you know the Eastern Band of the Cherokee have a lot of money floating in and around them coming from tax revenue? Why do you think the Eastern Band are so wealthy? Don’t let them fool you, they are one of the biggest resort campgrounds with hotels and cabins, and benefit directly from Knoxville, Dollywood and I-40. You break a law anywhere near Qualla, and you are subject to the state or federal laws.

      You have to look at it this way, either every person in that area of Oklahoma either just became a member of the tribe or the tribe will have to have someone in charge of all the economy of Tulsa and the surrounding area, which means even now, Tahlequa has now become Muskogee……

      Do you really think the Western Band are really going to like being part of the Muskogee? This is now conflicting between the Muskogee and the Western Band, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. But I would say that Oklahoma isn’t going to change at all.

  6. I read the decision to reverse. I have to say they make a valid point. Now it is up to Congress to make a decision & pass legislation to determine what will happen in the future. With all the racism chaos going around, I’m betting they will side with the Native Americans as not to appear racist. Then it will be up to the Native tribes & OK to negotiate an agreement.

  7. Oh, giving land back to the confederate allied Indian tribe…in addition to snuffing out 1.8 million possible presidential votes in RED state, and the eradication of districts/seats in congress…this is what we are doing now America? Geez! I must be in the twilight zone…but nothing to see here folks!

  8. This is a Coup D’Etat. No one has been elected yet, and America is being taken apart and taken down.
    Like pastor Joe Fox said, this is the end of the constitutional republic.

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